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When people ask, “Who is Larry Nichols?” the answer should be simple; but it’s not.  Larry Nichols is a regular person, like anyone else, with one exception: he knows too much about our political system and the people involved in running our nation.  Larry Nichols was thrown into the national arena when Bill Clinton ran for the presidency his first time, and Larry has been there ever since.  When Bill Clinton was in Arkansas, Nichols worked to get him elected governor and then worked harder still to keep him there.

If you don’t know Nichols’ name, you at least know about his work to tell the American people who Bill and Hillary Clinton really are.  While governor, Bill Clinton had many problems that Nichols had to cover up, including: Clinton’s use of drugs, his pathological lying, and his womanizing.  These issues in a small Southern state would be career-ending flaws and, therefore, it was a herculean task to deal with.  It was only when Nichols found out about the network of cocaine trafficking right in Arkansas that he realized he could no longer turn a blind eye to what was going on.  Worst still, Bill Clinton’s best friends were running the cocaine out of an airstrip near the small Arkansas town of Mena.

When Nichols discovered the criminal operation, he told Bill Clinton he could not have any part in that.  Additionally, since it was Bill’s friends running the operation, Nichols told Bill Clinton he had two weeks to stop them or Nichols would. That situation put Nichols on the outs with the Clintons and in the middle of an incredible journey that still goes on to this day.  Because of his being a part of the Clinton machine and his knowledge about the cocaine distribution by Bill’s circle of friends, the fight was on.  Larry Nichols was the person who started releasing the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Almost all of the scandals including Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and, of course, Monica Lewinsky, were brought to light by Nichols.

In addition to the women were the several scandals of Whitewater, the cattle futures, and more; but the one that poses the greatest danger for America was giving to North Korea the nuclear equipment to generate power which also allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

Larry Nichols is credited with causing Bill Clinton to be impeached and his terms as president to be tarnished for all of history. Unfortunately, Nichols’ work did not end when Bill Clinton left office because another Clinton was preparing to run for the presidency also; and, of course, that was Hillary.  It was up to Nichols, once again, to tell our country about her. Thankfully, enough people realized who she really was and, in the end, caused her to lose her 2016 bid for the presidency.  It was the scandals and the true stories about the Clintons that have finally been successful in stopping them in their insatiable lust for power.

Now, however, Nichols is trying to inform the country of a soft coup that is trying to impeach President Trump and, ultimately, overthrow our form of government.  Once again, through his inside contacts and sources, Nichols is involved in trying to save our country before it’s too late.  From involvement in the investigation of the Clinton Foundation to his efforts to help the nation understand how deeply corrupt our government is, Nichols recognizes the important role each and every one of us must play to save our nation from a threat greater than any we have faced throughout our history.

For those who don’t know about Larry’s history of exposing Bill & Hillary Clinton and putting the bad guys in Washington behind bars, you can also watch the Clinton Chronicles online.



Wake up, America!  It is nearly too late to save our freedom!

Common Sense

America: Where have you gone? What has happened to you? What have you become?

If people born years before World War 2 were to come back today and see us, what would they think? Those are the questions they would ask (“Where are you, America? What have you become?”). There is no way they could recognize America and us today. If our Founding Fathers were to come back, they would probably ask themselves: “Why did we do what we did? Why did we save our country from oppression only to see, today, that Americans are under the same thumb we were, just on different sides of the ocean?”

Our Founding Fathers used two methods to evaluate and create the nation we’re supposed to be. First was their experience of having lived under a tyrannical government far away. But the other tool they used was common sense. If we were able to ask any one of the Founding Fathers how they designed the plans for America, I am certain they would not boast of their brilliance; they would not brag about how they achieved such a success. They would probably say it just took common sense to realize what America was, what it could be, and above all else what it should never become. 

In today’s world, the computer has taken over and you don’t need to learn anything by memory; you simply have to learn how to turn on a computer and go find it. We now have a whole new generation of young where all they have ever known is the computer, what it can do, and what it can do for them so they don’t have to do it. Unfortunately, for every step taken by the computer, a step in the other direction has been taken, removing common sense.

Folks, a computer is not a brain; a computer has no emotion; and, probably worst of all, a computer has no soul. When I look at America today, I see the markings of the computer and the brand it has placed on all of us. I fear that, as we become more dependent on the computer, this nation gets further away from having a soul.

The tyrannical government our Founding Fathers faced was across the ocean in England; so you might say we can’t draw a comparison because we are not under the rule of a foreign country. We are, however, under the rule of an entity that is just as removed and just as distant. This new power center that rules all of us is in Washington, D. C.—a place that no more reflects the values, the principles, and the identity of the average American than did the King during the period of our Founding Fathers. Greater still, Washington, D. C., has no soul.

Washington, D.C., has set itself up as an island so that it can rule our entire nation and yet we the people have no part in it. Now there are those who would argue that we elect the people that go to Washington and so we do still have a part. That might have been true in the days when elections could be run fairly and honestly, but not today. When we, who desire to apply common sense, look at decisions coming out of Washington that rule our lives every day, we would just have to walk away and shake our heads because common sense does not apply. How can there be common sense when you have people in Washington (the people leading our nation) who, for their own selfish reasons, want our borders wide open where ANYONE can come in and take the jobs that sustain our families and our way of life? How can anyone believe common sense comes out of Washington when terrible horrors happen? In Florida, when 17 of our young were murdered, leaders in Washington immediately wanted to attack honest, upstanding citizens and take away the right to bear arms. I could go on for hours talking about policy issues, one after another, where common sense is missing as we are ruled by the leaders in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D. C., is an island all to itself. In fact, it is all about itself. It is all about whatever needs to be done to We the People to aggrandize themselves. In Washington, there are people who have created, if you can believe it, a lifelong career of being a politician serving in a job that originally was intended for a person who wanted to serve the people of this nation. A common sense overview should make it very plain to see that leaders who serve their constituents no longer exist.

The purpose of this article is to give one more try at waking all of you up! Our President Donald Trump was duly elected as President of the United Sates; but the far left, this small group of boisterous, fanatical people have made it quite clear that, no matter what we did in electing President Trump, they are going to dismantle our efforts! They don’t want him to be president. What is sick about this situation is that there have been many times in my life, and I’m sure in yours, where we have had presidents that we may not have liked or agreed with; but we knew they were elected and they were there to serve. On issues where we disagreed, we did fight and do what we could to stop them, but never was there a commitment literally to stop a person from being president, in all truth, before he even took office—as is the case with President Trump.

You and I must go back to our Founding Fathers and one of the tools they used to create this nation—common sense. If you will view this through eyes committed to common sense, surely you see that we are being destroyed. Our FBI, our Department of Justice, and all branches of government in Washington, have people embedded for years who are there today with the sole purpose of stopping President Trump. That’s right: they are there to stop President Trump! What common sense should tell you is that it is not President Trump they are trying to stop, but it’s us—all of the millions of people who chose President Trump over his opposition.

Where are you America? Why are we sitting back and letting a few, loud fanatics turn this nation into something we couldn’t want in our worst nightmares? They are stripping us of our rights and stripping us of our freedom! You better hear this: they are denying us our right to have a soul; so I say this to all of you: stand up now, join with us—join with We the People who elected President Trump for the purpose of having somebody different from the standard politician in office. Stand up and let’s stop this madness! If you don’t stand up, and I’m speaking to each one of you that is reading this, if you don’t stand up now, I assure you, very soon (sooner than most of you can even imagine), you are going to be on your knees begging for whatever little crumb Washington will allow you to have.

I know, many of you may be asking, “What do you mean by ‘stand up?’ How do we stand up? What do we do?” Well, the best thing I can tell you—no, the only thing I can tell you is: use your voice. Use it! Use your voice in public gatherings or private settings. If you walk around with your head down as though you were ashamed, folks, you are ashamed. You may think you are not ashamed and just avoiding conflict. That sounds innocent enough except for one thing: that small, radical group on the left know that. They know you want to avoid conflict. That’s why their voices are heard and you wonder why yours isn’t. I can tell you why your voice isn’t heard. It’s because you are not using it!

We are in a war for the soul of this nation. We are in a war to try to keep our nation governed the way it was meant to be governed. Although we are not using bullets and bombs, sometimes the spoken or written word, or video clip on TV, can do so much more damage than a bullet or a bomb. So I must ask you to stand up and let your voice be heard. I will admit, I am disillusioned, disappointed, and yes, even heartbroken—not about my country, but about us. If we want to keep being sheep, then keep your eyes on Washington, D. C., because they WILL shear all of us; and there won’t be anything left! I know there are some of you who think I am overreacting, overstating the problem. Well I’m not. Let me give you something to think about that might get you motivated.

In the 2016 primary, did you know half the people in this country who voted, chose to vote for either a self-proclaimed socialist in Bernie Sanders or a person most people acknowledge to be a communist in Hillary Clinton. That’s half of the people who voted! That’s how close we are to achieving what Barack Hussein Obama wanted, which was a total transformation of our country. Is that what you want? It better be, because that is what you are going to get if you don’t engage and start speaking up. Start using your head to think things through and using common sense to help you make judgements for what to do, what to say, and when to do and say it. Time is short. The end is close. If you can’t see it, then you’re not looking. If you’re not looking, I guess it’s because you don’t want to see. Just because you don’t want to see it or believe it, that will not stop it.

So I ask everybody who voted for President Trump to use common sense and just understand he has not had a chance, since he set foot in the Oval Office as President, to do the things that he said he wanted to do when he was running. He has also not had the chance to do the things we want him to do that were the reason why we elected him. They have shut him down! Don’t feel bad for President Trump. They are not shutting him down; they are shutting us down.

When they make fun of President Trump, and joke and laugh at how unsophisticated a politician he is, remember they are not laughing at him. They are laughing at us, and I’m tired of it. I’m so tired of the abuse being thrown at the half of the nation that voted for President Trump. It’s time to stand up and let these sophisticated bullies know just who we are. It’s time! Where are you? I guess it’s like the start of this article. Where are you America? Where have you gone and what have you become?

Now if you can say honestly to yourself, in the presence of God Almighty, that you have done everything in your power to try to resist losing our nation, then you are safe. Keep it up. But I will bet if you are truly honest to yourself and in the presence of God, you will reflect and see you’ve actually done very little.

Some of you may be wondering, “Well, tell us what to do, Larry.” I will tell you this: use common sense! It’s not hard. The challenges before us are great, but the solutions are not hard if all of us get back in the game. Then, just as we did when we elected President Trump, against all the odds, against the mainstream media and all of the prognosticators that assured us he could not possibly win, he did. Nevertheless, if we want him to stay President, if we want him to honor the commitments he pledged as a candidate, then common sense should tell us he cannot do it alone. He needs our help!

What you can do now:

Share this website with everyone you know  & please donate,  if you can.  




Today, we find Paul Ryan stepping down, not just from his role as Speaker of the House, but he is getting out of Congress completely. He says it is so he can spend time with his family and children who are still in school. On the other hand, for years, when members of the House or Senate are in trouble, they resign; and the line they always use is to spend more time with their families.

What’s really going on is how things have changed for the worse in Washington. Because of Bill Clinton and President Trump and the emphasis on extra-marital relationships, it is now standard operating procedure for the Democrats and the mainstream media to make sure that their opponents all get exposed and destroyed. Consequently, many members of the House and Senate have chosen or will choose not to run for office again and risk suffering the humiliation and the destruction of themselves and their families.

There will be 8-10 more members of the House who will soon announce they are leaving as well. What does this mean to you, me, and our country? Well, it’s simple. As it stands now, the Democrats will make a sweep in elections this year and take control, once again, of the House of Representatives. Of course, then Nancy Pelosi will once again be Speaker. The damage to the Senate, yet to be known, will probably be the same. When that transition happens, President Trump has two fundamental problems that not only will have an effect on him but will have an effect on all of us.

First, his entire agenda will be affected when the things he planned to do, the things he promised in his campaign to do, the things that he has stayed loyal to do, will be finished. The Democrats will stop him in every issue! As bad as that is, they will also have the power to go back and close out programs he has already implemented. Then, of course, the second problem he has with the House under control of Pelosi and the Democrats is that his impeachment will be a fait accompli (accomplished fact).

Are you ready to be scared? Are you ready to hear something that should make you tremble with fear and shame? Well, hold on, it’s coming! As I have tried to stress for months, even before he took office as President, it is imperative that Trump be impeached! Now, hold on and listen. If those in what we call the Deep State are to fulfill the original agenda brought forth by Obama and succeed in their plan to transform our form of government, they have to get President Trump out of office. They will not just hold him back from accomplishing anything; he must be removed! Once he is out, they will move at a speed we have yet to see, and change our country from what it was meant to be to what they plan for our nation to become.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at the beginning of the beginning of the end to our country as we have known it and as our Founding Fathers intended it to be. One man, President Donald Trump, is the key to whether we have a future the way most of us envision our country should be or whether it is finished. As you know, he is surrounded by enemies. Everywhere he turns, there is an enemy waiting to get the magic trick that will lead to his destruction. Now, some of you may say there is nothing new here because you have known about this for a long time. Well, there is a part you didn’t know or, at least, I expect you haven’t considered.

All of the things being done to Donald Trump, to stop him, to humiliate him, to show the public that he’s not qualified to be President, that he’s too stupid to run a nation, yes, all of that, you’re not understanding correctly. It’s not President Trump that they want to shut down. It’s us! It is us! They are saying, as loudly as any person or group can say, that we the people of America must be silenced—we who finally got fed up with the criminality, the deceit, the lying of Washington, and decided it’s time to bring somebody into the White House who is not a part of the system. They want to make sure that we and our voices are not heard, that our votes are not counted, and that our dreams for our children and grandchildren are never achieved. This is all about us!

When Hillary made her statement that everyone who supported Trump was part of a “Basket of Deplorables,” she messed up because, in stating that, she literally admitted how they truly feel about us. It’s about us! It’s about you and me. I don’t know about you anymore; but I will not be bullied by a group of people who think they are the cultural elite of the world. They think that any of us who get up and go to work each day, who work with our hands and build things or manufacture things, are not smart enough to participate in our form of government. And, yes, I call them bullies. When you hear the word “bully,” many of you think of some big, overgrown kid picking on a smaller child. Maybe that’s your definition of bullying. Well, you forget that bullying can also be done by people who think they’re incredibly smart and the person they’re attacking is a fool. The left-wing, radical groups, driving the media and much of the agenda for our nation, consider themselves the cultural elite. Never has there been any group of people as smart as they are—ever. At least, that is what they believe; and, therefore, we should not be allowed to have any part in the decision-making process of how our country is to be run because governing is exclusively their domain, not ours.

The day President Trump is impeached, they will come fully armed with the media, with their computers, with their rigged polling data, and they will convince us that we are out of step with today’s world. According to them, we as a nation must change because we can no longer rely on a piece of paper called the Constitution. They will make sure that everyone in this country understands that the Constitution has outlived its usefulness; and, for us as a nation to succeed and to grow, we will have to change significantly to be able to survive in this new world.

I know some of you are thinking that I’ve gone too far, that my vision of what they plan to do is too morbid and certainly not possible. My only defense to that type of thinking is to suggest you go back five years. Think about the things, during that five-year period, when you and others have said this or that is not possible for the government to do, only to find out they did it. The most recent example of that, of course, is the raid on President Trump’s private attorney Cohen, violating client-attorney privilege in a way that has not been done before. By the time the legal pundits get through, they will prove to us all that oh, yes, it’s legal. They will say it’s not such a rarity, even though it has never happened before. Now watch the media and the pundits make sure that you understand they have every right to do what they did; and their lie will stick.

I have given you a nightmarish picture of where we are and where we are going. Now look around you; see your children and grandchildren or something that you love so much that you will stand up and protect with every ounce of energy you have. At this time, I promise you, you have no choice. Oh, you may have excuses to avoid getting involved; but that’s all they are—excuses. Those excuses may, in your mind, justify your doing nothing; but be forewarned: when the history of America is closed and no longer exists, when you lay in your bed at night and see the changes that have occurred; and when you measure the liberty and freedoms that you will no longer have, your excuses for not getting involved to protect what you love will offer you no comfort.

I have never wanted to say publicly what I have in this article. I have prayed, I have hoped, yes, I have worked to try to stop it; but today I realize I can’t stop it for you. I can’t stop it for your children or your grandchildren. Not me: I can’t! But I am talking right now to the person who can; and that is you. One more time, I am going to beg you to get up off your ass, put on your suit of armor provided to you by our Lord and Savior, and stand tall. Until they totally win, you must NEVER give up or give in! I like to think that I am doing my part; and I would like to think that there are people around me (there are) who are going well beyond the efforts of most in doing their parts. But it is now up to you. I know some of you are sitting there asking, “Well, what can I do?” Are you waiting for me to give you the answer and wanting it to be simple and easy? Well, I will give you the answer in the next article. I will tell you what to do, but it will not be easy and it will not be simple.

Make your choice today. If you are content to let this plan of the elites happen, to see your country destroyed right in front of your face, then don’t bother reading anything from me again. However, just because you may not want to do something, don’t go and try to convince others that they shouldn’t participate—that would make you a traitor. And I guess, simply stated, if you are not going to help us fight to save this country, whether we lose or win in the end, I don’t want you around me. I love my country. I love my God. I love my children. I love my grandchildren. I love yours; so, as long as there is breath in my body, I will be doing all I can to stop these people from destroying the greatest country ever to have existed on the earth!

Once you read this, if you are with us, with “the Deplorables,” then send this around to others. I will tell you right now what I’m looking for. I am looking for the 50% of the people of this nation who stood up and said they have had enough and voted for President Trump. He is alone now; he is surrounded by evil; he is surrounded by traitors. And you know what? He went to Washington to represent us. He went to protect our way of life and, to his credit, he’s trying to do that every day he sits in that Oval Office. He needs us to stand with him. He needs us to tell the media, to tell the Democrats, and to tell the turncoat Republicans that we’re with him and that we will be with him until our country is safe. We will not leave him; and we will not allow this group of leftists, who, in their minds consider themselves cultural elitists, to harm a man that simply wants to protect us. If you are with me, then join up. No, you don’t have to sign up for anything, or run around like a chicken with its head cut off. By joining up, I mean stand up and let it be known that we put President Trump in office and we fully expect to keep him there.

There is one last thing that I want you to do today. This won’t hurt you. This won’t cost you anything. If you really want to save our nation, I want you to pick up the phone and call the White House (202-456-1111); and I want you to tell the one who answers the phone, or tell the answering machine, that you stand with President Trump and that “they” will not get him unless they go through you. Now, folks, that will mean a lot. We need to let President Trump know we are here. We see what is happening to him. We understand the pain being brought on him for trying to represent us. It will not hurt any one of you to say, “We are with you; we appreciate what you’ve done for us; and we will be there for you.”

So, with that I am done today. If you are with us, watch for the next article. And if you are with us in spirit, call the White House and also share this website with everyone you can; because we have to find the people who voted for President Trump and let them know what’s really going on with their country.

What you can do now:
Call the White House to tell of your support for President Trump: 202-456-1111


     Patriots for America

We need patriots today more than ever! If you haven’t noticed, we have a government that has totally run afoul of what it was meant to be and what it is supposed to do. As a matter of fact, it is doing what it is expressly designed not to do and is not doing what it was designed to do; which begs the question: why? What went wrong and, more importantly, how do we get it right?

The challenge, when looking at our government, seems to be overwhelming; but the truth is we solve it one person at a time. Individuals make up our nation. When the individual is silent, the government is able to do anything it wants without fear of reprisal or penalty.

Today, as an example, President Trump is trying to get confirmation for his nominee who will head the Veterans’ Administration. All of a sudden, in come allegations of his wrong-doing, including drinking and passing out pills. The irony is that he was there during Obama’s administration and Obama gave him an outstanding score for his duties. Now, simply because he is recommended by President Trump, we find him to be an undesirable. The bottom line is: his name will be ruined in front of the whole world. It will be passionately mocked and made out to be unworthy despite his years of distinguished service.

I hope you see how, every day, we get closer to that day when it will be hard to find people willing to accept a job when an appointment comes up for President Trump or any future president. Who in their right mind is willing to let their entire life’s work go down in flames with a smear campaign? The Senate is not doing this to smear him, but to smear President Trump. He is nothing but an innocent casualty.

One day, at this pace, there will be no one left to take the jobs that need confirmation. Why? Because our government has become so divided and so corrupt that it can’t go on. Do you hear me? I did not stutter in saying that. In fact, at the rate we’re going, our government cannot survive! It is up to each and every one of us to do our part to try to get us back to some semblance of sanity.

Soon, you will start hearing from the Democrats and even some Republicans that our form of Constitutional government is outdated and must change. I know that sounds far-fetched, but the stage is being set. Are you one of millions of Americans who are sitting back, watching our government fail and wondering what can be done? When the proposal is made that we need to transform our government into a new, more modern, workable entity, far too many people will agree. Now is that really what we want? I am not going to embarrass you or anyone by asking if that is what we really need, because the answer should be obvious: Absolutely not! It is not our Constitutional form of government that is broken and outdated. It is the people that we have continued to send back to Washington.

Somehow, too many believe that, even though our elected officials have failed in the time they’ve been in office, we’ll send them back and they will make it right. Let me remind you that, if you do the same thing over and over and expect the outcome to be any different, you are crazy. I can tell you, today, that we must be crazy because we continue to send to Washington the same people who have done the same thing over and over again and yet, somehow, miraculously, we believe that they will do better.

For well over 200 years, starting late in the game as the world goes, a nation was born and has grown to be the idol of the world for one reason: our form of government works. Sadly, in the past years, We the People have failed at our job in making wise, sober judgments about whom we send to represent us in Washington. It is our failure! Failure, however, is neither a destiny nor a destination. We can change. We the People can wise up. We can stop being manipulated and led as “sheeple” wherever they want us to go. You may not have thought about this for a long time, but it needs to be restated: our government works for us, for the people. We do not work for it. If our Founding Fathers were miraculously to come back today and see what we have become with our government in Washington, I can only imagine the heartbreak and shame that they would feel.

Today, let’s all make a pledge; let’s all make a commitment to each other that we are going to change and understand that our government is a reflection of us! Because we have allowed ourselves to place other matters above choosing the right person to represent us, we are paying the full price today. Nevertheless, there is still time to change; but it will require you, each and every one of you, to become patriots. To be a patriot doesn’t mean you have to run in front of a hail of bullets to achieve a goal or mission. Being a patriot means that you love your country and that you are willing to do your part to keep it safe and strong. Grow the country, not the government; grow the people, not Washington, D.C. Take the pledge. Take it! If you do, however, remember there is responsibility attached to the pledge. It is not just words. It requires deeds and actions.

Although we are not on a battlefield where the deeds and actions are far more dramatic, we are in a battle that requires courage. As long as there are young men and women all over the world, putting their lives at risk to defend us, we owe it to them to take care of the country that they are defending. We need your help.

We have formed an organization we call ‘We Are Not Them’. This organization wants to find people, good people, just average people, to run for office. That’s where the government must change. We must drain the swamp of career politicians and replace them with ordinary people who will serve a short time and go home. The participants with ‘We Are  Not Them’ are dedicated to the principle that there has never been, nor is there today, any form of government anywhere in the world that can match our representative republic.

Do not be deceived. If you haven’t seen it or noticed it yet, I think it’s time somebody should tell you that your government is in the middle of enduring a coup. Yes, I said a coup. It’s known as a silent coup or soft coup because it is not one where it is being overtaken by tanks and planes and the military in a violent takeover. The coup of which I speak comes from within; yes, from within. People in high positions have secretly manipulated and moved into a place where they have the power and they can close down our form of government from the inside. For those of you old enough to remember, I’d like to paraphrase a speech by Nikita Khrushchev at the UN. He picked up his shoe, slammed it down and said that the Soviet Union will not have to fire a shot, but we would be destroyed from the inside. He was right.

It is happening today, just as he said. We are being destroyed from the inside. In many ways, that is a more sinister way of destruction than a more aggressive military takeover because it is slow and, as it changes, people give up and quit; and then all is lost. We who partner with ‘We Are Not Them’ are dedicated to making sure that that never happens! We need your help.

If you want your country back, you have to commit to being the American that you are supposed to be. Stand up for what is right and stand against what is wrong. Your voice must be heard. It is not something that gets heard every two years in every election season. You voice needs to be heard every day. As you are with friends, business associates and family, use your voice wisely. By that, I mean don’t offend or be overzealous, but tell the story of a nation that is being destroyed and that we have to stop it!

‘We Are Not Them’ will endeavor to make sure you have the latest, truthful information, the things you need to know, the things that you can pass on to others. You need to learn what is happening. You need to hear what is being done so that you can see the direction we are headed. Then use what you learn to help others understand.

Join us today. Be part of a group of people with no hidden agenda. We are here simply to save a country in peril: our country! We need your support. Help us. We don’t have money being funneled to us by the millions from the government or special interest groups. All we have is you, and people like you, who are willing to invest in trying to save our way of life before it’s gone. Let me add that the price of saving our country before it’s gone is way less than the price we will pay one day to try to get it back; so folks, help us.

We can save our nation and, as our president said in his campaign, then and only then can we make America great again.

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Rosenstein Must Be Fired

If you consider yourself moral, conservative, and even Christian, you must unify with others and participate in government. Seventy-five percent of Congress, both in the House and Senate, are neither conservative nor socialists; but they are complicit with socialistic restructuring where they remain in positions of power. Remember, in socialism, there are some who live well while everyone else is impoverished.

Even the most uninformed realizes the die is cast: our present government is not functioning to the benefit of the people who voted for those in office. Our government is not functioning properly. It’s not! It is the people in control of our government who have taken it down and destroyed its viability. They try to assuage our concerns by getting us to believe that the structure of our government is not applicable in today’s world.

People don’t realize yet that the war against President Trump is not actually against Trump but it is against us! We wanted a president who came from outside the political realm. That’s why we elected him. We did not vote for purity or a pope but a strong leader. We want him to lead our nation out of the mess in which it is, and has been, before there is no chance to change it. In his first 18 months in office, President Trump has done an incredible job of living up to what he pledged; and his agenda would be further advanced if it were not thwarted by the Establishment elite who want us in a position to serve the leaders instead of their serving the people as they should.

If anyone truly believes in the fundamental system of government that we have had since the nation was founded, then we all must come to the aid of President Trump. There should be no doubt that, when President Trump was trying to get his tax reform package passed, in an attempt to help “We the People” in America, the Establishment elite did everything they could to stop even that. Do you see that our leaders in Congress neither care about us nor work for us?

As President Trump attempts to develop a turn of events, for the first time with the rogue nation of North Korea, the Establishment elite are trying to stop him from even this worthwhile deed. By intensifying the misguided attacks coming from the Mueller investigation, there should be no doubt in any true, conservative mind that the Establishment elite cannot possibly allow President Trump to achieve such a worthy goal for not only America but also the world.

Simply because they can’t allow President Trump to be successful in any area that might strengthen, and even increase, his public base of support, the mission of the Democrats since his election, and even before he was sworn in as president, has been to impeach him. The Establishment has even gone so far as to deceive the American people with the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. He was appointed for one purpose: to investigate the possibility of collusion between President Trump, or his staff or campaign, and the Russians to effect the elections of 2016. As many knowledgeable and learned legal scholars have made abundantly clear, a Special Counsel, by its definition, is appointed to investigate a specific crime. However, to this day, the specificity and scope of his investigation has been skewed into areas that should be prohibited by law.

The Deputy Attorney General of the DOJ Rod Rosenstein has not only allowed the misdirection of the Special Counsel’s investigation but has also directly violated the Constitution by withholding and/or redacting documents that have been requested by the Congressional Oversight Committee which, by our Constitution, is bound to observe, inspect, monitor, and ensure the proper operation of the United States DOJ and FBI. It should be incumbent upon Congress to deal with Rosenstein or anyone else who continues to violate our Constitution directly.

Rosenstein’s public pronouncements and his continual violations of his duties with the efforts of Congress to obtain critical documents, must lead to only one of two ends. First, Congress should start immediately and impeach Rosenstein for the stand he has taken and his failure to comply with the Constitution. Unfortunately, the control of our Congress in the hands of the Establishment elite will make that procedure impossible and force the only other proper action to dismiss Rosenstein. Therefore, the President of the United States, in an act of his compliance with our Constitution, can formally discharge Rosenstein from the DOJ.

Let there be no doubt that the Establishment elite media will take this as a chance to smear President Trump and to use it against him as they try to convince the public that President Trump is trying to hide something through this action. Few realize that it is, in fact, the job of the President to fire or dismiss anyone in a position of authority defined by the Constitution who is in violation of our Constitution.

Once again, this is where I call on all Americans who believe in the foundational principles of our nation to withstand and push back the Establishment elite from being able to convince the people of the United States of America that the president, through this action, implies, in any way, misconduct on his part.

For far too long, “We the People” have sat back and not been active in the management and operation of our government, relying simply on the fact that we vote and pick our elected officials. Once that’s done, too many think they have completed their task. That has not proven to be enough in any time or under any conditions of our country. Your voices have been silent while the voices of small, self-interested groups have been allowed to carry the day. This can be no more! If your voice is silent today, then you, yes you, have been complicit, through an act of omission, with the successful dismantling of the greatest nation in the world.

The first act to push back against the destruction of our country is, by design, simple. We need you to send a message to President Trump and let him know you stand with him. Tell him he is not alone, and you intend to be there for him as he has dutifully tried to be there for us. I’m sure President Trump is stuck in the nightmarish world of the bubble that encapsulates Washington. Now more than ever, he needs to know we are here, we are watching him, we are proud of his achievements thus far, and we will do our parts to dispel any notion that we have become less than supportive of his efforts.

Contact the President in the following ways:

Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

White House: 202-456-1111

Email: www.whitehouse.gov/contact

The next task for us is a bit more complicated. You must express when, and only when, the occasion arises, your opinion of the job he is doing and the despicable efforts to stop him by the Establishment elite. Support our president, wherever possible, with your voice. You must use your voice!

If we all stand together and proclaim our support for our country and the foundational principles that we have all enjoyed, then we must show others our concern about how the elite Establishment have worked systematically over time to tear it down. State your concern that the Establishment elite are not just members of the Democratic Party, but Republicans as well. I need not name them; you know who they are. If you don’t, then watch and see the people out front, leading the effort.

To the reader of what I have just said, I would like to share with you who have no power, no position, no authority, no massive amount of funding, that I am like you. I guess it is best said that I am nobody; but if I can use my voice or pen to express my views, that should be proof enough that you can as well. This is written on the National Day of Prayer. I hope that those who truly believe in our nation and president, as well as the evil with too prominent a role in Washington, also believe with me that God will hear our prayer, and will save our land, as He promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Let me say to those Christians who believe that they need make no effort, who think all that is required is to sit back and pray and then God will do all the work, I believe you are wrong. God, in many ways, has made it clear to a true believer that words without deeds are dead. My explanation is that God expects us to do work ourselves with His divine blessing. If, and only if, He sees our commitment through our works, then He will do His part and see His will be done.

Pray for our nation. In your prayer, don’t forget to ask God to give you the strength and wisdom to do your part.

Thank you.

Larry Nichols

May 3, 2018

Here is a sample Tweet to send to @realDonaldTrump. Invite others to do the same. You may also use it as a script for a call to the White House. Post it on Facebook, etc., to ask others to contact President Trump with this message.

Pres. Trump, I stand with you fully. I agree with Larry Nichols & respectfully ask you to do your Constitutional duty & fire Rosenstein for his total contempt for our Constitution & his failure to comply fully with Congressional Oversight.


A Patriot’s Prayer
By Larry Nichols

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.

I come to You in prayer to ask for Your guidance and strength to help preserve the greatest nation on earth, a nation which was founded on Your Name. The time has come for more of us to join the fight against the evil that has control of our country. Our nation is being torn apart by power and greed; yet the efforts I make seem to fall short of bringing justice to those who wish to destroy us. It is now clear to me, O Lord, that the battle is spiritual. I have learned, through trial and error, that I alone cannot do away with such evil; I have no way to conquer the powers of darkness except to call on Your Name.

Forgive us as a nation for having betrayed our country, the gift You have given us all, and for having allowed it to fall into the hands of leaders who serve neither You nor the people they promised to represent. This is a prayer for patriots, Lord, acknowledging that all true patriots throughout our country declare themselves to be believers in You. We understand that we are not capable of fighting the devil; but You are, and You enable us to win in Your Name!

I hate what I am seeing and, worse still, I hate what I’m feeling because there seems to be no end to the evil coming out of Washington and being brought home to us; so, Father, I seek Your Face. I ask that You bring forth Your loving, good angels to stand beside me and all of the patriots in this land. I am sorry that we the people of our great nation have waited far too along and allowed too much to happen that displeases You; but I am here today with repentance, seeking remedy, a clarification of Your plan, and my small part in it.

I have seen You deliver miracles and I simply ask if it might be possible for You to grant us another one. I can say here in this prayer, Father, that we are not worthy of Your favor when our voices calling Your Name have been few. I ask Your forgiveness of me and my sins; and, Lord, I also ask You to forgive our people in this country for collectively committing sins against You. I pray here, today, that You will come to us once again and give us the hope and the power to get our country back again.

Father, I need You to help me have the strength to persevere and to do my part in the salvation of our nation. Father, I beg these things of You, not for myself, but for our children and grandchildren who will have to live under this evil, godless government if we do not act now. I don’t come to you as often as I should and I don’t live the life of righteousness that I should; but if there is a way to help me and others who believe we are patriots, then allow us to see Your plan and our part in it—what each and every one of us must do.

We used to be a nation of laws; but Father, today, the laws apply only to those who are not in the Establishment Elite. More egregious than that is the fact that we have removed You and allowed evil to permeate our schools, institutions and government. That’s where I know we have gone wrong. Maybe we have not slandered Your Name. Maybe we have not officially as a country moved away from You but we have committed the greatest sin of omission that I have ever seen or heard when we deny that You are the foundation of our nation.

As a patriot, I declare that, with Your help, we will once again make You the Rock that will save us and make us strong again. Bless President Trump: guide him and surround him with good counsel so he may do Your work. Now, please help me as I try to get others to stand with me in a commitment, stronger than ever, to put Your Name at the top of the power structure in our nation. Father, these things I ask in Your Name as a patriot who is trying to find my footing and do my part with Your guidance. Amen.


A Different perspective of the Middle East Situation

Many fear the position President Trump has taken by pulling out of the Iranian Deal. In fact, many go so far as to say it could cause an attack on Israel which would be the beginning of the War to End All Wars. I don’t believe that because Iran stands apart from most of the Islamic nations in and around the Middle East. Most people fail to consider the internal conflict between Sunni and Shia tribes. For example, while Iran is Shia, Saudi Arabia is Sunni; and the two have fought each other for centuries. The only time they have a stable peace is when there is a holy jihad against Israel and America.

In today’s dilemma, Iran runs the risk of standing alone. President Trump and his advisors are keenly aware of this fact. Other nations in the Middle East no more want Iran to have a nuclear weapon than we do or, even more, than Israel does. As much as Iran huffs and puffs about our backing out of Obama’s flawed deal and boasts that it will immediately step up its nuclear weapons program, it faces a broader opposition than just Israel and America because the Saudis have declared that, if Iran is to acquire a nuclear weapon, so must they. Believe me; this poses a potentially greater problem for Iran than the United States and Israel.

Most Americans do not understand the difference between Sunni and Shia and why they have fought each other throughout the centuries. The best way I can explain the difference was once told to me. The Shia faith requires its people to pray to Allah through the Ayatollah and the leaders under him. Sunnis, on the other hand, can address their prayers directly to Allah. Consider our own biblical history. When Jesus brought forth the opportunity for direct access to God, this, of course, outraged the Sadducees and Pharisees because they had a good thing going for themselves. They forced their followers to bring to them offerings and wealth whereas Jesus made it easy and, essentially, cut them out of the loop. Of course, they could not allow that! Therefore, as we know in our history, they crucified Jesus to try and maintain their status. You can see that the Ayatollah and the leadership around him need the people to go through him (or them) as the all-powerful. The simpler, more direct way of the Sunnis has to be stopped; so they fight.

I warn everyone who is critical of the potential repercussions from our backing out of Obama’s deal: maybe the internal struggle between the two sects puts us in a much better position than most opponents of President Trump’s position understand. Israel is still in danger of being attacked—not by Iran directly, but by its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and throughout the region with Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist organizations. I suggest to everyone that I agree with President Trump’s bold decision to pull out of a plan that was purposely facilitating Iran, over time, to develop a nuclear program and subsequent weapons. Now is the time to stand firm, for once, as we have failed to do throughout the years. We need to allow the other nations in the region to stand with us against Iran and its tyrannical leadership.

I hope you’ll understand now that the decision Iran must make in retaliation is a lot more complicated than just a single-dimensional decision based off of our actions in America and our commitment to protect Israel. The rivalry between Sunni and Shia is as real as their fundamental hatred of Israel; and it can be used to thwart Iran and its evil ways.



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