Larry is now with the Lord, but he fought hard to save his country until the end.

He was truly an inspiration & will be sadly missed.

He showed that each of us is a ONE MAN ARMY & really can make a difference!

The world has lost a true freedom fighter!


Larry Nichols knew what needed to be done to retain freedom in America!

He’s designed plans and scripts for what needs to be done now to save our country.  So if you’ve ever wondered what steps you can take to make a difference, Larry had the experience to know what works best, and provided solutions that work!     Join us in this epic battle for freedom.

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When people ask, “Who is Larry Nichols?” the answer should be simple; but it’s not.  Larry Nichols is a regular person, like anyone else, with one exception: he knows too much about our political system and the people involved in running our nation.  Larry Nichols was thrown into the national arena when Bill Clinton ran for the presidency his first time, and Larry has been there ever since.  When Bill Clinton was in Arkansas, Nichols worked to get him elected governor and then worked harder still to keep him there.

If you don’t know Nichols’ name, you at least know about his work to tell the American people who Bill and Hillary Clinton really are.  While governor, Bill Clinton had many problems that Nichols had to cover up, including: Clinton’s use of drugs, his pathological lying, and his womanizing.  These issues in a small Southern state would be career-ending flaws and, therefore, it was a herculean task to deal with.  It was only when Nichols found out about the network of cocaine trafficking right in Arkansas that he realized he could no longer turn a blind eye to what was going on.  Worst still, Bill Clinton’s best friends were running the cocaine out of an airstrip near the small Arkansas town of Mena.

When Nichols discovered the criminal operation, he told Bill Clinton he could not have any part in that.  Additionally, since it was Bill’s friends running the operation, Nichols told Bill Clinton he had two weeks to stop them or Nichols would. That situation put Nichols on the outs with the Clintons and in the middle of an incredible journey that still goes on to this day.  Because of his being a part of the Clinton machine and his knowledge about the cocaine distribution by Bill’s circle of friends, the fight was on.  Larry Nichols was the person who started releasing the truth about Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Almost all of the scandals including Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick and, of course, Monica Lewinsky, were brought to light by Nichols.

In addition to the women were the several scandals of Whitewater, the cattle futures, and more; but the one that poses the greatest danger for America was giving to North Korea the nuclear equipment to generate power which also allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons.

Larry Nichols is credited with causing Bill Clinton to be impeached and his terms as president to be tarnished for all of history. Unfortunately, Nichols’ work did not end when Bill Clinton left office because another Clinton was preparing to run for the presidency also; and, of course, that was Hillary.  It was up to Nichols, once again, to tell our country about her. Thankfully, enough people realized who she really was and, in the end, caused her to lose her 2016 bid for the presidency.  It was the scandals and the true stories about the Clintons that have finally been successful in stopping them in their insatiable lust for power.

Now, however, Nichols is trying to inform the country of a soft coup that is trying to impeach President Trump and, ultimately, overthrow our form of government.  Once again, through his inside contacts and sources, Nichols is involved in trying to save our country before it’s too late.  From involvement in the investigation of the Clinton Foundation to his efforts to help the nation understand how deeply corrupt our government is, Nichols recognizes the important role each and every one of us must play to save our nation from a threat greater than any we have faced throughout our history.

For those who don’t know about Larry’s history of exposing Bill & Hillary Clinton and putting the bad guys in Washington behind bars, you can also watch the Clinton Chronicles online.



     Patriots for America

We need patriots today more than ever! If you haven’t noticed, we have a government that has totally run afoul of what it was meant to be and what it is supposed to do. As a matter of fact, it is doing what it is expressly designed not to do and is not doing what it was designed to do; which begs the question: why? What went wrong and, more importantly, how do we get it right?

The challenge, when looking at our government, seems to be overwhelming; but the truth is we solve it one person at a time. Individuals make up our nation. When the individual is silent, the government is able to do anything it wants without fear of reprisal or penalty.

Today, as an example, President Trump is trying to get confirmation for his nominee who will head the Veterans’ Administration. All of a sudden, in come allegations of his wrong-doing, including drinking and passing out pills. The irony is that he was there during Obama’s administration and Obama gave him an outstanding score for his duties. Now, simply because he is recommended by President Trump, we find him to be an undesirable. The bottom line is: his name will be ruined in front of the whole world. It will be passionately mocked and made out to be unworthy despite his years of distinguished service.

I hope you see how, every day, we get closer to that day when it will be hard to find people willing to accept a job when an appointment comes up for President Trump or any future president. Who in their right mind is willing to let their entire life’s work go down in flames with a smear campaign? The Senate is not doing this to smear him, but to smear President Trump. He is nothing but an innocent casualty.

One day, at this pace, there will be no one left to take the jobs that need confirmation. Why? Because our government has become so divided and so corrupt that it can’t go on. Do you hear me? I did not stutter in saying that. In fact, at the rate we’re going, our government cannot survive! It is up to each and every one of us to do our part to try to get us back to some semblance of sanity.

Soon, you will start hearing from the Democrats and even some Republicans that our form of Constitutional government is outdated and must change. I know that sounds far-fetched, but the stage is being set. Are you one of millions of Americans who are sitting back, watching our government fail and wondering what can be done? When the proposal is made that we need to transform our government into a new, more modern, workable entity, far too many people will agree. Now is that really what we want? I am not going to embarrass you or anyone by asking if that is what we really need, because the answer should be obvious: Absolutely not! It is not our Constitutional form of government that is broken and outdated. It is the people that we have continued to send back to Washington.

Somehow, too many believe that, even though our elected officials have failed in the time they’ve been in office, we’ll send them back and they will make it right. Let me remind you that, if you do the same thing over and over and expect the outcome to be any different, you are crazy. I can tell you, today, that we must be crazy because we continue to send to Washington the same people who have done the same thing over and over again and yet, somehow, miraculously, we believe that they will do better.

For well over 200 years, starting late in the game as the world goes, a nation was born and has grown to be the idol of the world for one reason: our form of government works. Sadly, in the past years, We the People have failed at our job in making wise, sober judgments about whom we send to represent us in Washington. It is our failure! Failure, however, is neither a destiny nor a destination. We can change. We the People can wise up. We can stop being manipulated and led as “sheeple” wherever they want us to go. You may not have thought about this for a long time, but it needs to be restated: our government works for us, for the people. We do not work for it. If our Founding Fathers were miraculously to come back today and see what we have become with our government in Washington, I can only imagine the heartbreak and shame that they would feel.

Today, let’s all make a pledge; let’s all make a commitment to each other that we are going to change and understand that our government is a reflection of us! Because we have allowed ourselves to place other matters above choosing the right person to represent us, we are paying the full price today. Nevertheless, there is still time to change; but it will require you, each and every one of you, to become patriots. To be a patriot doesn’t mean you have to run in front of a hail of bullets to achieve a goal or mission. Being a patriot means that you love your country and that you are willing to do your part to keep it safe and strong. Grow the country, not the government; grow the people, not Washington, D.C. Take the pledge. Take it! If you do, however, remember there is responsibility attached to the pledge. It is not just words. It requires deeds and actions.

Although we are not on a battlefield where the deeds and actions are far more dramatic, we are in a battle that requires courage. As long as there are young men and women all over the world, putting their lives at risk to defend us, we owe it to them to take care of the country that they are defending. We need your help.

We have formed an organization we call ‘We Are Not Them’. This organization wants to find people, good people, just average people, to run for office. That’s where the government must change. We must drain the swamp of career politicians and replace them with ordinary people who will serve a short time and go home. The participants with ‘We Are  Not Them’ are dedicated to the principle that there has never been, nor is there today, any form of government anywhere in the world that can match our representative republic.

Do not be deceived. If you haven’t seen it or noticed it yet, I think it’s time somebody should tell you that your government is in the middle of enduring a coup. Yes, I said a coup. It’s known as a silent coup or soft coup because it is not one where it is being overtaken by tanks and planes and the military in a violent takeover. The coup of which I speak comes from within; yes, from within. People in high positions have secretly manipulated and moved into a place where they have the power and they can close down our form of government from the inside. For those of you old enough to remember, I’d like to paraphrase a speech by Nikita Khrushchev at the UN. He picked up his shoe, slammed it down and said that the Soviet Union will not have to fire a shot, but we would be destroyed from the inside. He was right.

It is happening today, just as he said. We are being destroyed from the inside. In many ways, that is a more sinister way of destruction than a more aggressive military takeover because it is slow and, as it changes, people give up and quit; and then all is lost. We who partner with ‘We Are Not Them’ are dedicated to making sure that that never happens! We need your help.

If you want your country back, you have to commit to being the American that you are supposed to be. Stand up for what is right and stand against what is wrong. Your voice must be heard. It is not something that gets heard every two years in every election season. You voice needs to be heard every day. As you are with friends, business associates and family, use your voice wisely. By that, I mean don’t offend or be overzealous, but tell the story of a nation that is being destroyed and that we have to stop it!

‘We Are Not Them’ will endeavor to make sure you have the latest, truthful information, the things you need to know, the things that you can pass on to others. You need to learn what is happening. You need to hear what is being done so that you can see the direction we are headed. Then use what you learn to help others understand.

Join us today. Be part of a group of people with no hidden agenda. We are here simply to save a country in peril: our country! We need your support. Help us. We don’t have money being funneled to us by the millions from the government or special interest groups. All we have is you, and people like you, who are willing to invest in trying to save our way of life before it’s gone. Let me add that the price of saving our country before it’s gone is way less than the price we will pay one day to try to get it back; so folks, help us.

We can save our nation and, as our president said in his campaign, then and only then can we make America great again.

‘We Are  Not Them’ needs your help to get our message out. To do that requires money; so we ask that you join us, help us, and let’s work together to get our country back. We need contributions for our efforts to help candidates and all our team does to help “drain the swamp.”




















© Larry Nichols 2018