Patriot’s Prayer

Patriot’s Prayer
By Larry Nichols

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.

I come to You in prayer to ask for Your guidance and strength to help preserve the greatest nation on earth, a nation which was founded on Your Name. The time has come for more of us to join the fight against the evil that has control of our country. Our nation is being torn apart by power and greed; yet the efforts I make seem to fall short of bringing justice to those who wish to destroy us. It is now clear to me, O Lord, that the battle is spiritual. I have learned, through trial and error, that I alone cannot do away with such evil; I have no way to conquer the powers of darkness except to call on Your Name.

Forgive us as a nation for having betrayed our country, the gift You have given us all, and for having allowed it to fall into the hands of leaders who serve neither You nor the people they promised to represent. This is a prayer for patriots, Lord, acknowledging that all true patriots throughout our country declare themselves to be believers in You. We understand that we are not capable of fighting the devil; but You are, and You enable us to win in Your Name!

I hate what I am seeing and, worse still, I hate what I’m feeling because there seems to be no end to the evil coming out of Washington and being brought home to us; so, Father, I seek Your Face. I ask that You bring forth Your loving, good angels to stand beside me and all of the patriots in this land. I am sorry that we the people of our great nation have waited far too along and allowed too much to happen that displeases You; but I am here today with repentance, seeking remedy, a clarification of Your plan, and my small part in it.

I have seen You deliver miracles and I simply ask if it might be possible for You to grant us another one. I can say here in this prayer, Father, that we are not worthy of Your favor when our voices calling Your Name have been few. I ask Your forgiveness of me and my sins; and, Lord, I also ask You to forgive our people in this country for collectively committing sins against You. I pray here, today, that You will come to us once again and give us the hope and the power to get our country back again.

Father, I need You to help me have the strength to persevere and to do my part in the salvation of our nation. Father, I beg these things of You, not for myself, but for our children and grandchildren who will have to live under this evil, godless government if we do not act now. I don’t come to you as often as I should and I don’t live the life of righteousness that I should; but if there is a way to help me and others who believe we are patriots, then allow us to see Your plan and our part in it—what each and every one of us must do.

We used to be a nation of laws; but Father, today, the laws apply only to those who are not in the Establishment Elite. More egregious than that is the fact that we have removed You and allowed evil to permeate our schools, institutions and government. That’s where I know we have gone wrong. Maybe we have not slandered Your Name. Maybe we have not officially as a country moved away from You but we have committed the greatest sin of omission that I have ever seen or heard when we deny that You are the foundation of our nation.

As a patriot, I declare that, with Your help, we will once again make You the Rock that will save us and make us strong again. Bless President Trump: guide him and surround him with good counsel so he may do Your work. Now, please help me as I try to get others to stand with me in a commitment, stronger than ever, to put Your Name at the top of the power structure in our nation. Father, these things I ask in Your Name as a patriot who is trying to find my footing and do my part with Your guidance.


If you can’t come to Washington, DC, but want to help with prayer walking around and in our government buildings, to reclaim the thresholds for God, you can “let your fingers do the walking” around the buildings with a map. [Remember, God told Ezekiel to draw a map of the capital city and lay siege to it (Ezekiel 4:1, 2).] Here’s a link to a map so you don’t have to draw your own. Let’s take this government back for God!

Map of Washington DC for prayer,-77.0204379,16z

If you want to pray by name for our Senators and Representatives, Wikipedia has a list of all members of Congress, the leadership and the committees. Here is the link. Print out as much information as you want.

Wikipedia: 116th United States Congress

Never Socialism

Never Socialism Campaign

Check out the new script on the SCRIPT page & make the calls!

This is a MUST DO project!



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Script to Support Trump to Protect our Borders

Check out the Scripts page for your latest assignment.

Support Trump to Protect our Borders

Your assignment now is to call the White House every two hours


and say, “Go Trump Go! Build that wall! Don’t stop!” Then just hang up.

Unfortunately, the Comments line is closed during the government shutdown, so send one email to

It would also be a good idea to send the message in a tweet to @realDonaldTrump.

Call the House Representative from your own district. I don’t know if you can use the Congressional switchboard to ask for him or her (202-224-3121) but you can find both Washington, DC and home district phone numbers by googling his or her name or going to, click on “Member” in the upper right corner to search by name or state. (I suggest you keep the numbers when you find them as you’ll want to call often.) Again, call each number and say, “Build that wall or we will send you home,” and then hang up.

Thank you for helping Larry to complete his tasks when he pushes himself far more than seems humanly possible and pays a high price for what he does. Thank you, too, for contacting President Trump and your Representative. Additionally, thank you to all who buy the CD, portrait, or ring. (See them at the Link to Merchandise on the HOME page )



Hello, my name is Sandy. I joined “Larry’s army” about 7 months ago. In the meantime, I’ve talked with both Larry and Mary Ellen and have done what I can to help Larry stay in the Fight for our country.

Folks, we’re in a severe battle between good and evil now. Have you noticed?
1. Washington, the NWO, and their desire for socialism and the destruction of our freedom and way of life. Satan has taken over our House, Senate, and even past presidencies. I believe the American People bought us a reprieve by electing Mr. Trump.
2. The destruction of our education system, the decay of the family structure, technology, and, well, even our churches.
3. We were warned about this in His Holy Word. Don’t believe it? Well, perhaps some serious introspection is required.
4. The corruption of our voting system. Perhaps we deserve what we’re about to get.
5. We need protection of our borders, but Congress refuses to do anything about it.
6. The coming intent to impeach President Trump.
7.  Many natural disasters: earthquakes in increasing frequency and magnitude, devastating storms, signs in the heavens, climate control, etc.
8. Increasing protests with little or no resistance, mass murders, and what else?
9. Increase in deficit spending (of course, in the trillions now; and China owns most of that debt.)

My point is this: Larry is a true Christian now and is still alive, sharing his knowledge and endless dedication to fight this mess in Washington. That is his God-given purpose and there’s no other person anywhere who can and will expose the corruption and help us stop it.

I’m very awake and aware of what’s happening in our country. How awake are you? Are you willing to put your life on the line for righteousness, Jesus Christ, and our freedom as Larry has done? From all Larry’s pleas for help, I suspect not. Why?

Now, if everyone who wants to be part of “Larry’s army” could regularly donate $1, $5, $10, or even more, we can make a big difference in what Larry needs to do. Are you willing to make phone calls to Representatives and Senators? That would be great! I’ve given what I can, and I am very grateful for those who can do more than I can. This is a worthy cause!

Please donate: is his PayPal account. An account is easy to set up. Be sure to donate by clicking on “Send to friend or family,” not a business or corporation. Ok, folks, I’m trying to help. Now it’s your turn. Do something! Our president needs our help to avoid impeachment.

Blessings and prayers for all, in Jesus’ Holy Name,

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to thank everyone for all you may have done this year to help our country return to what it was meant to be, whether you made phone calls, shared my programs, put up signs, talked to others, etc. Every little bit helps.

You might use the “test” in my last post as talking points with family and friends today. I pray the questions will help you have a reasonable conversation.

President Trump will need our help now more than ever since the Democrats have taken back the house. I see he has asked us to call Congress about funding the border wall.   If we are to help him set things right, we need to grow our numbers. Please join the conference call if you are willing to work. We are discussing things we can do. We need more people who care about the country.

If you care about stopping the slide into socialism/communism, it really is important to support us.   Dealing with the corruption is my job; but I can only continue with your financial support.   The Clinton cabal has cut off all my other means of support.  So I now need to depend entirely on you.

Remember, Venezuela was the richest country in South America and the fourth largest economy in the world until they embraced socialism (and now look at it).  Someone on our team got this in an email from a relative in Venezuela before their fall: “It’s about participation with any time you may have available. I can assure you, if every other citizen does not get involved, we will be in the hands of the Chinese people, without any money, within the next 15 to 20 years.

The issue is to find people to get involved, to keep calm and do the things you are able to do at your own pace with patience and intelligence. Only participate and allocate the time you have to spare, if you have any available.

Every little bit counts!


Take This Test to Learn About Yourself

If a person is in our country legally, is he or she considered a legal citizen? Yes or No

If a person is in this country illegally, do you consider him or her to be a legal citizen? Yes or No

Do you believe the word “Illegal” has real legal meaning? Yes or No

If you believe it has legal meaning, do you believe it references a crime?
Yes or No

If a person that you do not know comes to your home and demands to be let it and allowed to live in your house, would you call the police? Yes or No

Under the same parameter of the previous question, do you refuse to let them move in and eat your food, take up space and cause increased living costs to you? Yes or No

If you answered “Yes” to at least four of the six questions, you should be concerned about the illegal immigration issue at the border. If you answered all of them with yes, you should be concerned if you have also been touting the idea of letting them into our country because you truly do not believe in welcoming all of them.

With the choice of calling the police about someone who is forcing you to share your home, if you are willing to house someone, then you can say we should let the illegal aliens come on in. If you won’t let them come to take over your own home, then you have no right to expect all of us to pay for them.

If you believe the word “illegal” has legal meaning and refers to a crime, then you recognize that, before anything else happens, the illegal person has already broken the law. Would you let people steal purses from little, old ladies? Is it acceptable for someone to embezzle money? “Illegal” infers crime.

Before you waste your breath having a conversation with someone about immigration, you need to know if the person is rational. With some people, no matter how valid your point is, they don’t care. Some people are fixed in their attitudes and will never change and/or they just enjoy confrontation. Spot that argumentative person as early as possible. Don’t waste your breath. More importantly, don’t let people like that break your will because, if you talk to enough people like that in a row, it will challenge your own personal attitude.

In a similar manner, do not spend all of your time talking strictly to people who agree with your position on this issue or other things. By doing that, we are only talking to each other and not growing our group.

I would ask any of you who can, please go on any and all talk shows to pose this test. Try to make people think! The object of this exercise is to give you talking points that are simple and, hopefully, easy to understand and pass on to others. I cannot believe rational people sit back and agree to let in the people in the caravans.

What is an invasion? What do you think these people are doing? We already have enough people here illegally from Central America so that, if they chose to pick up a rock, the ones already here would be a formidable army. They could take any town they wanted! Believe me, the MS 13 gangs know about Hitler.

Hitler had a better plan. He could give soldiers crystal meth and they would not be afraid of anything. He could order them on death missions. They would do anything! What made them stop was, at the end, the war was lost. On one occasion, the commanders were fed up. There was a huge battle and the soldiers fought hard until they realized they were shooting at nothing at all! (They learned that keeping the soldiers on crystal meth was not good.)

The Central American gangs have money, guns, and drugs. It is not good to mix drugs and guns! Just imagine MS 13 orientation where they are connected to drugs and told to cut people into pieces (which they do). We already have that scenario ready to go off in America. It’s incredible that we are already trying to deal with immigration problems and considering adding more. Can you name the reason the immigration of the caravans will not work? How about why it is illegal? Do you know why it will cost phenomenally?

Congress is only looking at what immigration will do for them (votes to keep them in office) and not what it will do to us and for us. Ask your Representative or Senator what they are doing to deal with immigration and ask what immigration does to help them. Ask how it helps you and me. They do not think about it in regards to us. Note the warning signs involved with the costs.

Every illegal allowed to stay in America costs at least $5,000 to $12,000 per year, if a good citizen. If they get into trouble, costs go way up! (E.g. prison can run $100,000/year!) Remember, we pay for schooling, doctors (often in hospital emergency rooms which are more expensive than an office visit), and other welfare. Remember, too, only one person fills a job slot. If an employer can hire cheaper workers, he will; and an American won’t have a job.

When Clinton was president, Tyson built a chicken plant in a small town in Southwest Missouri for 2,500 workers. The small town was excited about getting jobs and offered Tyson free taxes, etc., for 20 years. The plant was built and Tyson brought 20 buses of Mexicans to work there. There were NO jobs for the citizens of the town.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with our government (or Constitution). It is the people running the government who are bad. Even our immigration policies for legal entry are OK. A big problem is when employers create problems if they do not hire Americans.

Thank you for your time.



Click HERE to see Larry’s recent videos on what we need to do.

We MUST Engage to fight how the Deep State will DESTROY the Election Process and how best to help Trump defeat the Migrant Caravans.

 Please watch the videos, share them, do what he suggests, and get others to engage to help us stop the evil coming.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the Democrats intend to raises taxes and Larry warned that our country was done if the Democrats took the
House with the midterm elections.

Larry knows the details of plans to undermine our Constitution, and he can prove what he knows. I saw someone on Facebook today say that they will change our election process after what happened in AZ, FL and GA.

Larry knows that plan, too, and is very concerned about Abrams in GA taking her case to court (and her sister is a judge).  Remember, rulings from
the Bench constitute rule by the elite, not by our Representatives.

I hope this wasn’t our last free election! It is time to join the team in activism. Larry’s video last night suggests three things you can do. Please get involved.

In just two months, the Democrats take over the House and they will move swiftly to stop President Trump and us!

Fight with us. Share Larry’s recordings and this website.

Put up lawn signs. Invite neighbors over to discuss the state of affairs.

If you haven’t lately, please contribute to this effort as Larry can no longer afford to work for free with what needs to be done. NO ONE knows all that he knows and there are things only he can do. So please support his efforts.


Larry pleads with us to take ACTION, make a COMMITMENT from now until the mid-term elections to talk to at least 1 person every day and explain what President Trump is doing for all of us.

Help FIGHT to save our country before it’s too late!

Then ask them to do the same and make sure everyone votes
Republican in this election.

We are up against the biggest criminal cabal on the planet who will do anything to steal the election however they can.  So fight back NOW!  VOTE!


For anyone who is being contacted by any militia or other private groups or even by border employees requesting you to go to the Mexican border to help stop the migrant caravan, PLEASE DO NOT GO, as you may precipitate an international incident.

So unless you hear a request for help DIRECTLY FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP, do NOT go there!

Kavanaugh History

Larry Nichols is asking that you read the following bombshell article:

It looks really bad and raises red flags about Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court because of his being such an elitist, Establishment player, willing to cover up the truth for the sake of his career.

[Note: Larry mentions in his autobiography ( 28 Years To Nowhere ) this article’s author Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who helped Larry spread the truth that led to the impeachment of then President Bill Clinton.]

Larry will soon follow up with another letter to explain why Kavanaugh’s nomination is actually good. [Hint: we are learning how the system works and how corrupt it is.]

This is a very dangerous time for our country, so please make sure you are registered to vote.  Additionally, send this letter or the link to the article to everyone you know.  Remember: it looks bad but is a good thing for right now.

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Kavanaugh Crisis

Visit our Scripts page to see a way to save our country today.

To All Who Care About Our Country:

We are about to face a Constitutional crisis! To hear the issue in Larry’s own words, check out his YouTube recording yesterday at Larry Nichols Official Channel: “Larry Nichols EMERGENCY Message to Mitch McConnell on Kavanaugh”

Larry and the good guys in Washington, D.C., are very concerned about all the talk about treasonous deeds; but do they have the courage for what needs to be done? The reality is bad!

According to Larry, “They have us.  At any moment they can call for a vote to change our form of government!” Yes, as the legislative body, Congress can do that. If they call for a vote to transform our government, if they vote for Constitutional reform, or even to do away with the Constitution, the Constitution will no longer be the prima fascia government and there will be no need for states to ratify the change.  EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE!

Without the foundation of our Constitution, we will have nothing until Congress establishes an in situ government; anything and everything will be possible. Without a Constitution, the military will be under no oath and generals could dictate policy.  Instead of the current soft coup (with the propaganda of the media), we could have a hot coup with tanks in the streets!  Don’t get Larry started on the disruptions in law enforcement!  The Progressive Council could hold everybody in check by selectively using parts of the Constitution during the transition.  (No Constitution=no 2nd Amendment!)

Go to the Scripts page to see what you can do NOW to save the country.


Do We Live in a Democracy?

A democracy is ruled by a majority which can maintain unlimited power with no protection for the minority.  The principles of self-interest and greed in human nature mean the risk of the majority ruling with tyranny and absolute power.

In contrast, our Constitution (Article 4, Section 4) defines the US as a republic, granting all citizens equal treatment and protection

If you remember the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, you know you also pledge allegiance “to the Republic for which it stands….” At the end of the Constitutional Convention (1787), Benjamin Franklin is attributed as saying our Founding Fathers gave us, “A Republic, if you can keep it”

 In fact, we have a constitutional republic where the people elect representatives who are supposed to govern according to our Constitution which has established a separation of powers with the legislative, judicial and executive branches of our government and it limits the power of each branch

Why is it wrong to say we live in a democracy? Alexander Tytler (1747–1813) was a lawyer, writer and professor at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, during the establishment of our sovereign nation. He is considered the source of this statement on democracy: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse [generous gifts] from the public treasury [ie: when politicians discover they can bribe the public with the people’s own money]. After that, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses because of the loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

Historically, a democracy cycles from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to apathy, from apathy to dependency, and from dependency back into bondage

Roosevelt’s vice-president noticed the attitude of the elite in Washington sliding into socialism as long ago as the beginning of World War II. He warned that their personal agenda would bring a loss of individual freedom. His contemporary Norman Thomas claimed the Democratic Party had adopted the Socialist Party’s platform and prophesied in 1944 that, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened”

Are we seeing our country fall under the spell of media propaganda similar to what led to the rise of Adolph Hitler? Are people duped into voting against what is in their best interest? Was Obama’s promised “change” actually the beginning of a coup d’etat? Are we branded as a “fringe” element to silence the voice of truth?

In what stage of the historical cycle would you say we are? Has a majority become dependent on the government? Do you see Obamacare as a forced universal health care system accelerating the transition to socialism? Thomas Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have”

As we look forward to another election, it is vital that we be vigilant in becoming aware of what our elected officials are doing and it is important for you to convince them that ignoring their duty to their constituency will mean losing your vote! Use the freedom you still have to get involved in saving our country from the coup to overthrow our constitutional republic and replace it with socialism.

Join our conference calls, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. CT.

The number is 712-451 0725, access code 492215#.   We discuss current events and how to get involved.

Walmart Boycott

Please share this post.

1.   It won’t be long before we are called upon to make phone calls to stop the impeachment of President Trump. We need to grow our team/”army.” Please invite everyone you can to join our conference calls Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 p.m. CT at 712-451-0725   492215#. We want people to get to know Larry and get instructions.

3. Walmart’s sale of “Impeach Trump” Tshirts is proof of their involvement in the coup (along with the media and Deep State). After the backlash when they sold “Black Lives Matters” Tshirts, it is surprising that they would repeat such obvious political bias.

When you see a major story like this in the media, ask yourself two questions:

a.   Is this true or is it misdirection?

b. With media attention on this story, what story is being hidden or covered up?

You can be sure the cabal does NOT want you to know the truth about the investigations that will lead to prosecutions when Trump’s fair judicial nominees are approved. (That is why it seems like nothing is happening. As Larry says, “Who ya gonna call [for prosecution]?”

Would you like to protest against Walmart’s public bias against the President?


Walmart’s Ethics Helpline 800-963-8442 (ext. 1 for English) or 844-422-1575 (customer service)

 Post this tweet to @Walmart on Twitter:

“With your decision to defeat Pres Trump by selling anti-Trump propaganda, you obviously don’t need business from me, my family or friends. As long as you promote or sell such products, take me off any customer list you may have me on. #BoycottWalmart

Ask others to retweet it.

· Their mailing address is:

2100 SE S ST
Bentonville, AR 72710

· Walk into a Walmart store near you, ask for the manager, and politely give him the message that you do not appreciate Walmart’s support of an impeachment of President Trump and you are joining the boycott of the store. You understand Walmart is complicit in the coup to overthrow our government.

Whatever you do, be sure to walk out empty-handed! (Need I point out that your protest and boycott is nullified if you shop there?)


2018-06-25 Conference Call with Larry

Mark Taylor: Military tribunals. What he says does make sense now that we got it straight.

Several things have happened in the past few days and most of it is not good. I will start first with Maxine Waters and Joe Scarborough. For some time, we’ve talked about rubbing your thumb and pointing finger together and how close we are to losing our country. [Rub your thumb and finger together. See that space between them? That is how close we are to the end of American as we know it!] Maxine Waters’ calling for people to catch any member of Trump’s staff eating out or at store and verbally attack is beyond the pale. It truly is. That’s bad. Then I hear Joe Scarborough coming out full-throated, saying you need to get after anyone who even voted for President Trump–go after anyone who voted for President Trump! I asked someone today who is in a position to know that it seemed to me it would be inciting a riot, it would be agitating the public recklessly. He agreed.

You should know you can’t go after Waters because she is a Member of Congress and their laws are different from what we have to follow. Correction can only be sought legally by Congress through the Ethics Committee and, of course, nothing happens there. What Scarborough said is prima fascia evidence of inciting a riot or causing aggressive public discourse. Scarborough is not protected by laws pertaining to Congress. Show me a federal prosecutor we can trust to prosecute him and a federal court and judge we can trust to adjudicate the case. Of course, the answer is that there are none! So here we go. We are closer than ever, yes, we are closer than ever (hear me) to coming actually to blows in this country! We are about to start drawing blood in this country.

Do you all get what I am saying, how dangerous this is? What can we do about it? Larry, what can you do about it? Our problem is, folks, with people of our persuasion, of our morals, religion, etc., we don’t like to make a scene or get into confrontations. That puts us at a disadvantage. What’s going to happen when Maxine Waters, Joe Scarborough, and others promote this? You will start seeing case after case getting bigger and bigger. What will happen soon, I fear, is that a liberal nut is going to go postal. Someone will get hurt, maybe killed. When someone does that, it is only a matter of time until someone in the extreme on the right (and we have crazies, too) will go postal in retaliation; and then here comes the blood.

I’ve asked you for years to study history. We have a situation where history tends to repeat itself. I’ve often wondered about the days leading up to the Civil War: How could our nation do this? These weren’t strangers involved but Americans like us. They were us! They thought like us. We are just like them. How could we come to a time where there is neighbor versus neighbor, father versus son, etc. How could they get that way until there was a war in this nation and everyone who died was American? I fear we are seeing it again now. It doesn’t take much when you have all the kindling ready and piled up. It won’t take much of a spark to light it. That’s where we are. I caution all of you that we have a job to do. If we don’t do it, we will lose our country as I have warned and promised you would happen. I get no satisfaction from saying that, but if we don’t do it, we will lose.

What must we do? Our Founding Fathers gave us three weapons for this day: they knew one day we’d face a threat of a government taken over by tyrannical elements. Their best weapon for us was not the Second Amendment but our voice, our voices collectively and our vote. They knew to give us those three things and a way to defend ourselves. They gave us a great way of life, if we will honor it. It is no longer liberal versus conservative. Now we are in the full throes of battle for the soul of our nation, a battle between conservative, moral, Christian persons and the Progressives.

The Progressives are not liberals—they use liberals. Progressives fully intend for us to become a quasi-socialistic/communist nation. They fully intend for us to be that. They will use the liberals and every segment of society they can confuse and arouse in order to get their job done. We, you and I, we are left with a position where the Progressives are now moving fast and hard. They smell victory. They smell death and they are coming at it! Do you hear me? They smell death. They see a country dying and they’ll take advantage of it and jump all over it. They have the pieces of the puzzle in place—all of it. They have control of our court system and our legislature. They have control of different divisions and departments of government—every bit of it. They are missing only one component and that is the presidency. They are working as hard as they can to eliminate President Trump. When they get rid of him, they will take us down in a heartbeat.

What can we do? When you are being attacked, do you know what to do? Fight back and fight back hard. The enemy chooses the weapons. You choose the battlefield. What I am telling you is they are using Maxine Waters and Joe Scarborough and all these people making fun of you, attacking you, embarrassing you so they can humiliate you. They will do that. Here is what you must do: Don’t wimp away and lower your head in shame. Don’t feel silly or think that you have to take it quietly. Stand proud and do the one thing they will not believe you will do: stand flat-footed and declare that you would vote for him again and again and again. Say: “I did not vote for a crook or a criminal. If you didn’t figure out by now who and what Hillary is, then you are the fool—and you dare to attack me? Do you dare attack me and claim that our president was colluding with the Russians when, after nearly two years, not one speck of evidence has turned up? True, Manafort was indicted for tax fraud in 2010, but what does that have to do with Trump? Nothing against Trump has stuck.”

As to the IG Report, please note that the focus on immigrant children is to keep people from paying attention to the IG Report. There are two versions of the IG Report: the one released and the real one that might give up some significant information. Even in the fake report, you can’t deny what Strzok and Page said. They don’t want the public to figure that out. They don’t want those people accidentally to mess up and hear the truth in that part of the IG Report. They are willing to turn this nation on its ear and make a big deal of saying that Trump is a Nazi and a thug when that has not one scintilla of fact about it.

Strzok was sent to Human Resources to put him in charge of all historical documents! So if you were trying to hide relevant documents and keep investigators like Nunes’ Committee from seeing the real information, you would need someone in control of that material. What better man could there be for that job than the man who, in his own words, said, “We will stop Trump,” and then put him there to clog the system?

WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! We are in a soft coup. Why can’t we tell the truth? The media is in on it. In fact, the media is the first component of a soft coup. In a regular coup, the capital is surrounded with tanks. In a soft coup, the media takes over with propaganda. If you are old enough to remember, remember Pravda. They were totally in the throes of controlling propaganda by the state. Under Hitler, people were under propaganda by the state. If you think we as a nation are smarter than the Germans, it may be hard for you to believe the Germans bought into Hitler and his idea about a superior race and the Third Reich; but maybe not hard to believe if you realize that is all they heard: the media, media, media. Six million Jews died in The Holocaust. We heard about that, but I expect you didn’t hear much about the twenty million killed in Russia that Stalin murdered. Did it happen or not? I know it did. But if you weren’t there then, you think it didn’t happen because you didn’t hear about it, since the media didn’t tell you about it. Media propaganda works!

We are sitting here as a nation in a country where 99% of people get 100% of what they consider national news ( which they need to know in order to make decisions about themselves) from the 6 and 10 o’clock news which is just a pick-up from central feeds—it is simply propaganda. Eventually, if that is all you hear, let’s see if it again will work today as it did with Hitler and Stalin. If all you hear is that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat HRC in 2016, eventually you believe it. Right?

Now, you may think we are better than the Germans or the Russians during the time when Stalin was killing 20 million; we are great and won’t fall for propaganda. If that’s the case, why is it that 50% of the nation already (and maybe 51% today) know what they should have known about who HRC was, but voted for her anyway! That includes 51% to 70% of Americans, depending on poll. Some polls show the number is as high as 78% of people in this country who believe there was collusion between Trump and Russia! It is propaganda. Propaganda! Now, they are moving on the most sacrosanct part of it all—YOU. They have opened the barn door: if you stand up for Trump, they will make fun of you, protest you, spit on you, and get in front of your yard with signs. How many others will continue to stand up when you see that?

I’ve looked hard for real men. We have to stand up and be Americans. If we don’t act like Americans, then quit saying we are American. Don’t come around me saying you are a patriot. Don’t do that. If you won’t walk the walk, don’t talk to me. The day is coming when, for each one of you, reckoning is coming. Someone will challenge you and make you feel like a fool, but challenge them back on their belief of propaganda. Make them face the truth! Confront them with the truth. Don’t do wild, crazy stuff—just tell the truth.

[Someone said truth is getting hard to figure out. Everyone knows the Clintons are guilty, yet they go free.]

As long as they are allowed to go around free, the fact that they are not prosecuted is proof that we are no longer America. We are to be a nation with the same laws for one and all. America was never established for an elitist class above the law. As long as they do not even prosecute Hillary and Comey, then our nation is finished and everything we are supposed to be is finished.

[How do we back our leaders? We can pray, but what else?} What we have to do is really crazy. We are looking for the magic bullet, the one thing that cures the problem. The problem is actually you, I, us. What do we do? It’s simple. We act like we are still American. We don’t bow down. We don’t give in. We don’t walk away because someone is making a scene, trying to shame us. I am not ashamed of what I feel. There is no man or woman who can stand in my face and talk to me like an idiot. If you want socialism, you are the idiot. If you want communism, you are the fool. You think you are so smart, but you are dumb. If communism is so hot, why did the Soviet Union collapse? History is replete with failures from making the same mistakes over and over. This time we have to realize we have to deal with the politicians. When you have a town hall meeting, show up! Please show up and, when lies are told, stand up and tell the truth. When someone, or even a majority, shout you down, then let them shout.

Watch out, it is coming near you, coming to meetings where you would never dream it is coming. I am begging you, don’t lose your voice. If you lose your voice, then we lose ours collectively. We already have difficulty voting with rigged machines. We can deal with that; but we can’t lose our voices. If you lose your voice, just move into Dachau because that’s where you are going.
[Someone has called for kidnapping Sarah Sanders’ children and threatened Barron Trump and President Trump’s granddaughter.]

That’s the problem I have tried to warn you about. Whom will you call to deal with these issues? [i.e. where do you go for justice?] [Listener: I wanted Trump to say something in his South Carolina rally to call him out and say you will be put in prison. Put these people in jail while waiting to go to trial. They ought to be in jail for those threats!]

It is also a problem for Sessions and Trump—they feel as you do.

Throughout modern history, people making less severe threats have been thrown immediately in jail. For years, if you said something like that, you’d have the Secret Service banging on your door. You can’t turn to the Secret Service today. This is where we have got to get involved now. It is up to us now. This Deep State has become so pervasive, so fully entrenched, so deep throughout the system that they have people like Strzok every place. This is one time you can be president and you can even say, “Do this,” or “Do that;’ but whom will you call to do something about this awful situation? You’ve seen how they will shop for federal judges –even going as far as Hawaii to find a judge to overturn the president’s ruling. Congress can rescind an executive order if they act within 30 days. This coup is no accident. People behind this coup have planned every step of the way, dotted every “I” and crossed every “t.” We let it happen! For too long, we watch TV ads, choose the person you like and then vote for him or her and then think we have done our job and can leave them alone and let them rule; but they do what they want in OUR NAME.

Then along comes a guy like Trump. He’s smart but not the smartest on earth. Nevertheless, he’s been able to sit back and look realistically at stuff and ask if it makes sense. For example, we give money to countries that hate us and try to kill us. If that makes sense, then why should we have borders? He has done logical, not magical, stuff and they say he’s the devil. That’s why you should know we are in the war of a lifetime! They are trying to take our country! They have a good jump, a head start, on doing it. We are starting to wake up, but we are late to the party and they are blocking hard! They are putting up an incredible blockade against allowing Americans to hear the truth. Look at the extremes to which they are going.

We will go into “business” soon—we will soon have to make calls to save our country. Today, I just heard the death bell ring, you know? I saw Maxine Waters say “go after Trump’s cabinet and staff”) and was told about what Joe Scarborough said (to go after anyone who voted for Trump). It hurt deeply because I’ve seen this day in my nightmares and seen it in other countries; and I don’t want it to happen here.

I will be given the word. We will have a select group of Congressmen to call and make sure they block Trump’s impeachment. They can’t impeach Trump in the House if Republicans stand their ground. We know many won’t, but we will be given the ones to call, their phone numbers, and what to say. You will have a script. Don’t be ugly when you call. I ask you to give to your country 10 minutes a week for two or three weeks to make calls and read a script. It will make a difference! We all need to do it. I can’t have you say you will and then you don’t. If you say you will, we have to know you really will.

There has been controversy over the idea of military tribunals. I asked Michael to talk to Mark Taylor about whether he had a prophecy about tribunals or whether it was just something he was thinking about. Under Constitutional law, there is no way to have military tribunals for civilians. They cannot be done as portrayed on the internet, with 35,000 sealed indictments handled by military tribunals. It just can’t be. Michael asked Mark about this. Tell us, Michael, what he told you.

Michael: Mark had a prophetic word that there would be tribunals. With unrest going on, the left is screaming so loudly because they are losing their power. It is slipping away from them. More than what they do, listen to what they are saying. It will cause trouble in pockets across America. By Executive Order, the president can call for using the military for martial law in a particular area where a big official lives if there is an uprising. Trump can use the military for martial law and people living in that area would then be under military jurisdiction. It is the only way, but it is possible because the heat is getting stronger.

Larry: If a crisis arises, the President has power to instigate and put in to practice the FEMA Provisional Government Plan, which is martial law. With that situation, Taylor could be right. We hope it does not happen. That is the difference with hearing what he said and getting it confused about transferring cases to a military tribunal. But if a region or state goes under martial law, you just joined the military, so tribunals would be appropriate.

Let me assure you, in the times we are in, we should thank our Lord and Savior every day for Donald Trump being president now. Had Hillary or another won, we’d be going through the transformation of our government. The military can’t arrest civilians unless we are under martial law.

[Question: Can’t a civilian be classified as an enemy combatant? We may ask for martial law and not know it.]

Take Chcago. Crime can get so bad with these gangs. I worry about MS-13. They come into our country and a gang of 30-40 crazies can go on a relentless killing spree and the community will beg for government protection. If you can’t leave home or stand near your door without getting shot, you will beg for help. It doesn’t take something sinister to bring martial law. With these sanctuary states and cities, it won’t be long before they are begging for help.

We have recordings on YouTube (Larry Nichols-Official Channel) you can share with your friends. Invite friends to our conference calls (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 8:00pm CT 712-451-0725#  492215#). It is important to know you are welcome to ask questions. I consider you friends. Feel at ease and ask any question you like.

I have three rules for what I share: I have proof, or I cite my source, or I say it’s my opinion. I won’t lie to you. It hurts that so many who are conservative in nature are buying into wild conspiracy theories. That will kill you when trying to talk to others and they think we are nuts.

Michael: I would suggest that you be sure of your sources of information. The one who best talks about himself is Donald Trump. Watch his Facebook and Twitter pages to get what he is doing. Certain individuals put stuff on the internet but be careful of those promoting what is not the truth. Be sure your sources really know what they talking about. On my website, our cry is unity in prayer, voice and hope. That is what we do. There is a link on our website to Larry’s. I talk to Mark Taylor weekly. He is the real deal. He doesn’t just say things; he delves into God and what he says is true. His prophecies are from the word of God. Watch and see if what he says unfolds.

Larry: Another thing to watch for is what leaders do with language and words. For example, if you want to pass the Sledgehammer Bill, the name scares people and it gets voted down. If you change the name to the Ferris Wheel Bill, it is the same bill but when you changed title, it passed. Watch out.

[Question about Alex Jones.]

I’ve done Alex’s show for years. Bless his heart. He’s into sensationalizing. That gets us in trouble. If others listen to you and someone tells them to look at Alex and his new conspiracy, we can get shut down and people won’t listen to you anymore. Some of it is planned disinformation. We have to stand for the truth. Believe it or not, there is plenty to stand on. It maybe slower than something conspiratorial, but it will bear itself out.

[Question about people in the CIA running for office. Is that true?]

Larry:  No!! If someone is active in the CIA, he can’t run for office for 11 years. If someone from the CIA is running, he must be old.


UNDER ATTACK – CHAPTER 10 – Last Chapter

The Role Each American Must Play

If We Are To Win Back Our Freedom

Victory in Pennsylvania!

Only a small number of people tend to vote in primary elections as well as special elections at the local level; therefore, a highly motivated, well-organized effort at the grassroots level can achieve amazing results. Don’t take my word for it; just look at a recent election in Pennsylvania.


On March 20, 2014, reported a story with the following eye-opening headline: “Scott Wagner Beats the GOP Establishment!” Scott Wagner is a conservative, Republican businessman. He was backed by a grassroots conservative organization called Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania, or CAP. This organization is not affiliated with the Tea Party, and was actually formed several years before the Tea Party movement.


Although establishment Republicans changed the rules so Scott Wagner’s name would not be on the ballot, and they spent $350,000 to defeat him, this conservative Republican was able to achieve victory. Scott Wagner was a write-in candidate, and yet he won an astounding 48 percent of the vote in a three-way race. The establishment Republican received only 27 percent, while the Democrat garnered 26 percent of the vote. Conservative Republican Scott Wagner, with the support of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania, actually made political history.


What is the lesson here for the Tea Party and like-minded conservatives? The lesson is simply this: Establishment Republicans and Democrats can be soundly defeated by a grassroots effort when voters are highly motivated. The Left knows that an emotionally charged voting public is the key to victory. That’s why they inflame women with phony reports of sexism, enrage blacks and Hispanics with false claims of racism, and infuriate gays with pseudo reports of homophobia, etc. Unlike the Left, we must arm voters with facts, not lies, and with anger, not hatred. The key to victory for conservative Christians is the generation of a fact-based, “righteous anger” among the voting public.


While conservatives have been successful in electing some Tea Party-backed politicians at the federal level, the federal system is so corrupt that it is nearly impossible to change it from within. For this reason, we must focus on local elections. We must concentrate on state legislatures. If we can fill state chambers with Constitution-defending conservatives, we can fundamentally transform Washington, D.C. from the outside.


Recently, Congressman Mike Rogers, a Republican from Michigan, stated that he will not run for re-election. Rogers stated that he can be more effective in changing the federal government from the outside as a radio talk show host rather than working inside as a Congressman. This is an astounding statement from a U.S. Representative who holds the powerful position of Chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Just stop and think about that for a few moments!


We must also remind our families, friends, and neighbors of the horrors of Obamacare. Commit to memory the fact that, under Obamacare, millions of Americans have lost their healthcare plans. These people paid for their plans either directly as individuals, or indirectly through their employers; and those who lost their original healthcare plans are now paying for millions of people who chose not to pay for a healthcare plan. What a disaster! Remind everyone that millions of Americans lost their healthcare plans after Obama boldly stated about three dozen times that no one would lose their plans as a result of Obamacare. This repeated falsehood can justly be called the “lie of the year.”


Your Assignment:

Victory In Your Home State

Forget what you know about politics. Don’t run against candidates but run against the enemies of a free election. Run against the likes of Steve LaTourette, Karl Rove, and the RNC hierarchy. All three are political enemies of conservatives. They raised millions of dollars for the sole purpose of destroying the Tea Party. Republican Steve LaTourette, for example, was financed by labor unions. As you may know, labor unions are a core constituency of the Democratic Party. Therefore, although he began his career as a moderate, Steve LaTourette certainly had the appearance of a Democratic mole operating subversively within the Republican Party. In fact, at his death, he was called the second most liberal Republican in Congress. No Republican should have supported this traitor from Ohio! It was also reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had pledged $50 million to establishment Republicans in order to crush the Tea Party and elect “centrist Republicans” in primary elections. Obviously, your most dangerous political enemies are those who are raising millions of dollars to destroy the Tea Party and truly conservative candidates.


Don’t worry about incumbents. We cannot outspend them. But we can send out millions of tweets, Facebook messages, and emails; and every message must be the same: Establishment Republicans work to rob conservative, Tea Party- backed candidates of free and fair elections. They work to crush true conservatives and the spirit that energized the Tea Party. Establishment Republicans want us to submit! Repeat this message over and over again, and do not make the mistake of assuming that all voters know that establishment Republicans work to destroy us!


Every conservative must help spread the messages found in this handbook. We must tell our fellow, conservative Christians that establishment Republicans have declared open warfare against us, and we have no choice but to fight back. They can spend millions of dollars, but they cannot buy your vote if you are not willing to sell it; so let them spend millions of dollars that will have little effect.


Because the Tea Party is made of up many diverse groups, the Establishment will have difficulty fooling us and stopping our movement. An example of where money spent does not guarantee success was the special runoff election for the 6th Congressional District of Georgia (June 20, 2017) when Republican Karen Handel spent $4 million and soundly defeated the Democrat Jon Ossoff who spent over $23 million (’s_6th_Congressional_District_special_election,_2017).


If we follow the plan in this handbook, we can beat establishment Republicans just as our fellow conservatives did in Pennsylvania. Victory was achieved before, and the time is ripe to do it over and over again. We must make our social network our information super-highway. We must encourage others to spread the word and inform like-minded Americans that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce pledged up to $50 million to those who work to destroy us. Through our social networks, we must motivate others to attack this problem at its source. Stated simply, we must cut off their money supply.


How do we do that? In our hometowns and neighborhoods, we, and those in our social networks, must visit the local Chamber of Commerce and express our personal dissatisfaction with their leadership at the national level. If they are unaware, we must tell them of the millions of dollars their national leadership has committed to the destruction of the Tea Party. Squads of Tea Party members must visit local businesses around the nation that publicly display their membership in the Chamber of Commerce. Inform managers of those businesses that you, your family, and your friends will no longer shop at any business that is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


If we can get local businesses to call the national Chamber and complain, we can have a huge impact. Keep in mind that many businesses belong to a local Chamber simply as a matter of tradition. If many fear a loss of customers, they may leave this anti-Tea Party organization. This must be done at the local, state, and national levels. Do not underestimate the power of this action. If a small but powerful group of gays can force a CEO from office, a small but dedicated group of conservatives can achieve equally amazing results.


Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla, the company which operates the web browser Firefox, was forced out of office in April of 2014. What was his offense? He donated $1,000 to back Proposition 8, which defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman in the state of California. By forcing a CEO out of office, a small group of gays got big results, and so can we! Remember, the Tea Party is an army: As dedicated warriors, we must challenge and defeat our political enemies at every turn. When they bring money, we bring people. When they boycott, we have a bigger boycott. We are in a war, and we must fight on every front.


The weakness in both major parties is turnout. In most counties and states, we can outnumber the opposition if we increase our turnout. We must go to churches and talk to the pastors. Churches are a great political asset in general elections. However, we don’t have large numbers, so we need the churches to augment the Tea Party vote in primary elections as well. We must motivate the pastors. They must not get involved in campaigning because that’s the job of the candidates. The job of the pastors is to put God back into government and stop the spread of Islam—without getting involved in politics.


Ten Steps to Victory at the Polls

If every Tea Party member follows these ten simple steps, victory at the polls is guaranteed! (Remember, “Tea Party” represents any conservative group.)

One: Make a list of all members in your Tea Party group.

Two: Make a list of all the people you know in other Tea Party groups.

Three: As soon as possible, spread the word about this handbook to all members of your Tea Party group and other Tea Party groups.

Four: As your personal tool to fight this battle, make daily use of social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc., to spread the messages in this handbook.

Five: Every Tea Party member needs to pick a favorite message from this handbook and bring it up in casual conversations. For example, if the message in Chapter Four appeals to you, talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers about the fact that the Pledge of Allegiance has become a lie; or talk to them about Chapter Six, and let them know immigration is not about jobs but about cancelling out their votes!

Six: You have my permission to make copies of this on-line edition of this handbook and circulate them among like-minded people. (Because we offer this updated edition of the book at no charge, a donation through the website would certainly be appreciated.)

Seven: Make a sample ballot and, in simple language, tell prospective voters the candidates who need their vote.

Eight: Make a list of 10 people, and recruit them to go to the polls on Election Day. If necessary, help arrange transportation. Give each person a copy of your sample ballot. As an added benefit, this process can help to expose voter fraud. (If your combined lists indicate, for example, that 200 people voted for a Tea Party-backed candidate in your district, and the election results show that only 100 did so, we have caught them red-handed!)

Nine: Go to nursing homes, private homes, and apartments in your community and talk with your elderly neighbors. Let them use your sample ballot as a guide, and help them fill out their absentee ballots. Offer to mail their absentee ballots for them.

Ten: Hold meetings in your home and discuss the contents of this handbook. When everyone becomes well-informed, have each person in your home group hold meetings in their own homes.


A Final Note

This may seem challenging to you, but consider what is at stake. We are literally fighting for political survival, and time is very short! Take a minute to think of the American soldier in Afghanistan, or elsewhere, who is fighting, not for political survival, but for his personal survival. He is most certainly afraid, but he will do his duty, even if it costs him his life. The challenges we face pale in comparison to the challenges he faces. No, each one of us must do our duty. No excuses!


In closing, if every person who reads this handbook follows these 10 steps exactly, we will win. At the first printing of this handbook (April, 2014), we found that a Republican primary was just a few weeks away in many states, so there was a need to disseminate the information quickly. (The eBook version of the first edition of this handbook is still available at By sharing this handbook, you place these important tools in the hands of other voters immediately. By design, this handbook can be read quickly; so people can take this information and digest it without being overwhelmed with details.


As the author, my mission was to give you an effective tool for victory. Join with me in spreading the information in this handbook with others through your social media networks. Invite others to our website ( Time is critical. If you are truly a Tea Party warrior, fight for the ideals in which you strongly believe. If you are a moral, conservative, Christian soldier, fight to preserve our nation in the image of God as it was intended by our Founding Fathers.



The Righteous Are As Bold As A Lion 

(Proverbs 28:1b)

We must now face the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced because many of us do not recognize the means used to advance them….The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst (J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director, Elks Magazine, August 1956). The above quote, like most of the material in this chapter, has been excerpted with permission from the book, Welcome to Soviet America: Special Edition (Michael T. Petro, Jr., 2012).


Although the above quote by J. Edgar Hoover was written around 60 years ago, it is just as relevant today as it was in 1956. Both then and now, Hoover was right in pointing out (as quoted above), “The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst.” This chapter was written to encourage the reader to do precisely that. We must all acknowledge that evil exists, and that it has been corrupting the very fabric of our society for many generations. We must acknowledge this publicly as well as privately, just as other bold Americans have done.
Political correctness, which is just another label for cultural Marxism, must no longer prohibit us from boldly telling the truth. In Proverbs 28:1, we are told, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth; but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” For far too long, we have been timid when we should have been bold. For this reason, Jeff Snyder titled his book, Nation of Cowards (, and Judge Andrew P. Napolitano titled one of his books A Nation of Sheep (Thomas Nelson, 2007).


Judge Napolitano describes how we the people are being led down a very dangerous path where the federal government bypasses the U.S. Constitution to rob us of our rights and freedoms. He warns us that too many Americans are just silently standing by as the federal government systematically destroys the very freedoms it was designed to protect. Furthermore, Judge Napolitano asks if you are a sheep or a wolf. Are you a sheep that will stand by silently as your freedom and dignity as a human being are destroyed or are you a wolf that will fight for your God-given rights? Clearly, “We the People” must become as wolves. We must now be as bold as a lion, as instructed in the Bible. If we do not fight for our rights now, they will soon be lost forever! In the election of November, 2016, we came perilously close.


Welcome to Soviet America!

In 1932, William Z. Foster, the National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA, wrote a book titled Toward Soviet America. In his book, Foster described many Communist goals and objectives that would be pursued to realize the communist dream of constructing a Soviet America. Few Americans took Foster seriously. Few Americans took the warnings of J. Edgar Hoover seriously. Those who did so were ridiculed. That ridicule was compounded by extreme frustration as one published Communist goal after another was achieved, while the bulk of the American people lived in blissful ignorance and denial. (Has anything changed?) Most Americans simply could not believe the sovereign America founded by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the other Founding Fathers could ever be subverted and transformed into an American version of the now defunct Soviet Union. Surely a self-governing America could never resemble the Soviet slave state operated by genocidal maniacs like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Nikita Khrushchev!


Thankfully, increasing numbers of knowledgeable Americans today are asserting unequivocally that the evidence of an encroaching Soviet America can no longer be denied. Conservatives who once laughed at those who warned of an impending Soviet America are no longer laughing. Many have been left stunned and bewildered. Some report a sense of unreality regarding the events that are unfolding before their very eyes on a daily basis. Only now, six decades later, are they beginning to understand what J. Edgar Hoover meant when he said the American mind has been presented with a criminal conspiracy that is so monstrous, so evil, that we cannot believe it actually exists; we cannot believe that this evil is within our midst and accomplishing one diabolical goal after another, decade after decade—right in front of our eyes!


The evidence for the existence of the “evil” that J. Edgar Hoover spoke of 60 years ago is overwhelming and many prominent individuals are publicly speaking out—as boldly as lions! Let’s review some documented quotes from a wide variety of astute observers of the human condition who have concluded that William Z. Foster’s dream of a Soviet America is, indeed, becoming a reality and that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s assessment was, undoubtedly, correct.


Gerald Celente, the Founder and Director of the Trends Research Institute, spoke to George Noory in 2008 on the late-night program Coast to Coast AM. After observing intrusive, heavy-handed federal involvement in the private U.S. banking system and the private financial affairs of the American people, Gerald Celente proclaimed, “This is becoming the USSA: the United States of Soviet America!” Clearly, he was describing a fundamental characteristic of the “Soviet America” predicted by Communist William Z. Foster in 1932. In a return appearance five months later, Gerald Celente transposed a few words and stated, “We’re becoming the USSA: The United Soviet States of America.” Seventy-six years earlier, William Z. Foster predicted that Americans would one day live in “The United Soviet States of America,” using those very words to title the last chapter of his book.


When Rush Limbaugh was discussing with Sean Hannity Obama’s plans for America, Rush said, “I don’t know where—what he [Obama] wants to try has worked. It didn’t work in the Soviet Union.” In addition, Rush reported that liberal Democrats were using the power of the federal government to intimidate him. They were trying to silence him by distorting his words, publicly denouncing him, and sending a critical letter to the management of Premiere Radio Networks. Rush characterized such behavior as follows: “…I think they’ve become Stalinist-like…this is not just liberalism. It’s Stalinist, using the power of the state to intimidate citizens.” Rush made a transcript of this program available to his listeners, and titled the transcript “Stalinists Have Taken Over the Left.” 


In 1960, Billy James Hargis wrote a book titled Communist America…Must It Be? In his book, Hargis warned that powerful forces were at work to create a Communist America. Nearly fifty years later, we find concerned Americans, such as Glen Beck, making the following statements: “We are now more Communist than China,” and, “…both sides [Democrats and Republicans] are running towards bigger government. We’re practically the Soviet Union.” Billy James Hargis further wrote that, “The American people need to see communism for what it really is, whether disguised as liberalism, socialism, progressivism, or modernism.”


Nearly fifty years later Michael Savage stated that, “It’s chilling to see how much we’ve become like the ex-Soviet Union—thanks to liberalism!” (Underlines added for emphasis.)


Finally, more and more prominent Americans are beginning to wake up. As stated at the beginning of this chapter, they are now facing “the harsh truth that the objectives of communism are being steadily advanced” in this nation, and they are coming “to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst,” about which Hoover warned us in 1956.


You Are The Solution!

Tea Party members and other conservative Christians must now follow the examples given in the previous paragraphs. We must call liberalism and progressivism for what they are; today, they are simply euphemisms for communism.


We know that leftists boldly tell huge, bald-faced lies; and they tell them over and over again until millions of Americans actually believe those lies. From the global warming/climate change hoax, which has been perpetrated upon the entire global community, to the lie of “separation of church and state,” and the lies behind abortion, gun control, and socialized medicine, liberals never stop! They lie openly, boldly, confidently, and they demand that honest people believe, or at least pretend to believe, each and every lie! This was a strategy used by Hitler himself: Lie big and lie often and it will eventually be accepted as the truth.


If they can successfully sell their lies, why can’t we successfully sell the truth? We must not be afraid to use the words “Marxist,” “Leninist,” Stalinist,” “Communist,” and “fascist,” when describing the Left. We may ask why the Left is winning the so-called same-sex or gay marriage debate. They are winning simply because too many prominent, conservative Christians are too timid to tell the truth boldly. We must be as bold as a lion (Proverbs 28:1b).


We must boldly state in public that we oppose same-sex marriage or gay marriage for two obvious reasons. Firstly, the Bible tells us that homosexual behavior is sinful; and, therefore, a Christian cannot support that which is condemned as sinful in the Bible. Secondly, from among the 45 Communist goals found in the 1961 book The Naked Communist by W. Cleon Skousen, we find that Communist goal number 26 is as follows: “Present homo-sexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural, healthy.” It should also be noted that this Communist goal, along with the other 44 Communist goals, were entered into the Congressional Record in 1963 by Representative Albert Herlong, Jr., a conservative Democrat from Florida. The reader may review these 45 Communist goals at the website WelcomeToSovietAmerica.Net


Is Jeff Snyder correct in calling us a “Nation of Cowards,” too fearful simply to tell the truth? Are we too sheepish to fight for rights and liberties that are clearly delineated in the U.S. Constitution, as Judge Andrew P. Napolitano has suggested? If we are too fearful to call a Communist goal just what it is—a Communist goal—when it has been documented as such and entered into the Congressional Record, then we are no longer living in America, the republic. We are, instead, clearly living in a Soviet-style America where people are afraid to speak the truth.


“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” – Alighieri Dante

US-NK Summit and IG Report

US-NK Summit and IG Report

As most of you know, this day is special because we are close to the first time there has been a meeting between the president of the United States and the leader of North Korea. The significant question is: what can they do to resolve the issue facing North Korea and its ability to threaten South Korea and Japan?This is one of the most unsolvable situations, beyond what we in America can even fathom. What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you.

North Korea is a dictatorship; not only a dictatorship, but a cruel dictatorship. In North Korea, the people are constantly starved and put in work camps similar to the old Nazi death camps. They are afraid; for, you see, in North Korea, even speaking in private at a whisper and making a statement unpleasing to Kim Jun Un can cause someone to be put in prison and then into these death camps for the rest of the person’s life—or being shot! As I said, the population in North Korea is starving at a level greater than almost any other nation in the world. Here is the problem: We in America want to believe that, if we open a relationship with North Korea, the final result of this new treaty or relationship will be not only to shut down Kim Jun Un’s nuclear developments but also that we could help the people of North Korea.

In times past, when North Koreans were starving, they would “rattle sabers” and then we and the United Nations would try to help. Sadly, with Kim Jun Un, like other tyrannical dictators, efforts made to feed the starving people of North Korea never work. The money pledged to help them has to be given to the power structure because we in American cannot go in to give the money directly to the people. We have to give the aid to Kim Jun Un and hope that it relieves the pressure on the starving people of North Korea.

When you think of it, this pattern makes it hard to believe President Trump can come out of this meeting with anything to relieve the pressure on the average North Korean. It is probably one of the great conundrums in our history. As history has shown us over and over again, when we deal with a tyrannical dictatorship, any help or money we could send, the country’s leadership keeps. It is a conundrum to which I see no immediate relief. The problem of interest to most people is Kim Jun Un as a threat to the world with its nuclear development program where North Korea is on the verge of developing ICBM delivery systems that could hit any town or city in America in approximately 30 minutes from the time of launch.

The pressure is on President Trump. To come back and get the support of our government, he is expected to come back with proof positive that Kim Jun Un will not only stop developing technology for nuclear weapons but also have a verifiable plan that he is destroying any weapons he may already have. The mainstream media is primed and ready to attack President Trump for his failure to eradicate North Korea as a nuclear threat. It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that President Trump and Kim Jun Un cannot possibly, in this first meeting, satisfy even for themselves that they have a plan to stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea. Even if President Trump and Kim Jun Un make giant strides toward a plan, with the eventual outcome being the denuclearization of North Korea, the American media and Democrats, as well as the majority of Republicans in Washington, D.C., will say that Trump failed.

How do I know they will do that? It is pretty simple, actually. With the elections coming up in November 2018, an election where the Democrats plan to take over the United States House of Representatives and then impeach President Trump, the Democrats want this meeting between President Trump and Kim Jun Un to fail. If it is a failure, that will “hurt” the Republicans running who speak up for President Trump or use him as a big part of their campaign strategies. It is unfortunate that this meeting is being held now because, as you can see, even if President Trump wins in this meeting, the media and Democrats and turncoat Republicans in Washington, D.C., will proudly boast that he failed. The Democrats have for some time been trying to find something that they believe can break the spell that President Trump has with his base of growing
support. I hope you now see the Democrats, as well as the propagandized media in America, plan to make this a key campaign issue in November.

The situation looks dire, except for one thing: Trump’s staff and Kim Jun Un’s staff have been working on the details for some time now; and President Trump has, obviously, seen something as a function of these staff negotiations that he likes and that he can claim on behalf of the people in America, something that he considers a victory. Do not be deceived! I tell you this day, a few hours before they actually have their meeting and thousands of cameras cover it, no matter what is accomplished, it will be deemed a failure. For those of us that stand behind President Trump, once again, we will have to put up with a lying media and a purpose-driven Democratic Party. If President Trump has not seen something that he likes in these Pre-Negotiation meetings with staff, I believe he would not have gone to Singapore to meet Kim Jun Un.

There is more I want to tell you having to do with President Trump and the up and coming Inspector General’s (IG) Report, but today is not the day other than to give you one bit of information that I think you will find significant. The IG Report will be presented, as we are told, during the time of this conference with Kim Jun Un and its aftermath. Even if there is something in the IG Report that clears President Trump of any potential wrongdoing and if it makes recommendations against James Comey, know that nobody will hear it. Once again, if you know what I do and you realize, in truth, that probably 98% of voting-qualified Americans get all their national news (that they think is enough for them to make decisions about how they feel about the country) from the 6:00 and 10:00 news; but that 4-7 minutes of news is all they will have. When the meeting with Kim Jun Un dominates those 4-7 minutes, the IG Report will be lost. Listen, if the American people don’t wake up and rise up, all will be lost.


What Role Does God Have In Our Government?

“The Constitution was never meant to prevent people from praying; its declared purpose was to protect their freedom to pray” (President Ronald Reagan’s Radio Address to the Nation on Prayer, September 18, 1982).

In 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court banned officially-sponsored prayer in America’s public schools. This was followed, in 1963, by a further ruling of the Court when it prohibited Bible reading and the praying of the Lord’s Prayer in schools. Furthermore, in 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for the Ten Commandments to be posted in a public school classroom. Then, in 1992, the Court ruled it was also unconstitutional for the state to sponsor prayer at school promotional activities and graduation ceremonies. In 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that student-led and student-initiated prayer before a football game was unconstitutional. The three dissenting justices, William Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, and Clarence Thomas, wrote that the majority opinion rendered by the other six justices “bristles with hostility to all things religious in public life.”

Collectively, in the five cases above, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that prayer, Bibles, and the Ten Commandments must be banned from government schools because such cases represented violations of the constitutional principle of “separation of church and state.” However, “separation of church and state” can be found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution. Instead, we find the following “Establishment Clause” in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

The First Amendment further states that Congress shall make no law “prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Again, nowhere in the U.S. Constitution do we find the words, “separation of church and state,” nor do we find a principle upon which the fabrication of such a phrase could be justified. What is clearly stated is that the federal government may not establish a religion, and it may not prohibit Americans from freely engaging in religious activities—such as praying, Bible reading, or posting of the Ten Commandments.

If we cannot find “separation of church and state” in the U.S. Constitution, where can we find it? We simply need to read Article 52 of the 1977 Soviet Constitution which stated the following:

Citizens of the USSR are guaranteed freedom of conscience, that is, the right to profess or not to profess any religion, and to conduct religious worship or atheistic propaganda. Incitement of hostility or hatred on religious grounds is prohibited. In the USSR, the church is separated from the state, and the school from the church.

Similar Articles were placed in previous Soviet Constitutions as well!

A careful reading of the Bill of Rights reveals that it places restrictions on the U.S. Government, but not on “We the People.” In order to transplant the Soviet constitutional principle of “separation of church and state” and construe it in the U.S. Constitution, the “justices” on the U.S. Supreme Court had to ignore or distort both the wording of the U.S. Constitution and the founder’s original intent. In each of the five decisions outlined above, the U.S. Supreme Court violated the clearly stated constitutional principle that Congress, and thus the federal government, shall not prohibit the free exercise of religion—anywhere, at any time. No exceptions are listed.

In addition, the First Amendment further states that the federal government may pass no law “abridging the freedom of speech.” Clearly, voluntary, spoken prayer, as traditionally said at school graduations, football games, and in public school classrooms, would most certainly be deemed the type of “free speech” which the federal government may not abridge.

In establishing the doctrine of “separation of church and state,” the U.S. Supreme Court made reference to a letter written by Thomas Jefferson in 1802. In this letter, written to a group of Baptists and Congregationalists in Danbury, Connecticut, Jefferson was responding to searing criticisms launched against him, including charges that he was an atheist, and even an infidel. Jefferson, as a newly elected president, was essentially telling them to back off, stating that there should be “a wall of separation between church and state.” Jefferson was, therefore, telling them they could not use their religious standing as a basis for criticism of a political figure, given that church and state are separate institutions. Of course, as American citizens, they could criticize Jefferson and other political figures; however, as religious leaders, they could not impose church doctrine or their religious beliefs upon a political figure.

It must also be noted that, in his 1982 book, The Second American Revolution, John W. Whitehead reported that Thomas Jefferson not only founded the University of Virginia, but he also encouraged states to meet, pray, and worship together on campus. Jefferson further encouraged students to meet and pray on campus with their professors. Whitehead also noted that Jefferson authored the first plan of public education, which was adopted by the City of Washington. In this public educational plan, Thomas Jefferson recommended the employment of the Bible and the Isaac Watts Hymnal as teaching aides to help students learn how to read.

As reported by, Congressman Louie Gohmert, a Republican from Texas, said that our forefathers saw the U.S. Constitution as a document designed to protect the church from the state, and not vice versa. Gohmert said, for example, that James Madison, who is recognized as the father of the U.S. Constitution, attended non-denominational Christian worship services every Sunday inside the U.S. Capitol, which is now called Statuary Hall. James Madison was joined by Thomas Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. Two Founding Fathers, both of whom served as presidents of the United States, met to pray and worship God every Sunday on government property. Yes, they prayed inside the very chamber where Congress routinely conducted government business from 1807 to 1857.

In light of Jefferson’s encouragement of students to pray on the public University of Virginia campus (even with the professors), his educational plan that included the use of the Bible (which contains the Ten  Commandments) to teach reading in public schools, and the fact that Thomas Jefferson attended Christian church services on federal government property, how could any honest, rational person conclude that Thomas Jefferson believed in a “wall of separation” that prohibited prayer, Bible reading, and the posting of the Ten Commandments in American public schools or on any government property? How could anyone conclude that the federal government could prohibit the free exercise of religion in this manner when the U.S. Constitution states, in plain English, that the federal government may not prohibit the free exercise of religion? How could anyone conclude that a taxpayer could not pray on taxpayer-funded property?

It should also be noted that the last paragraph of the U.S. Constitution states the following:

Done in convention, by the unanimous consent of the States present, the 17th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1787, and of the Independence of the United States of America the 12th. In Witness thereof, we have hereunto subscribed our names. (Bold letters added.)

Use of the wording, “in the year of our Lord 1787,” clearly violates the “constitutional” principle of “separation of church and state” as defined by the federal government today! Therefore, according to the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Constitution is unconstitutional! The fact that the U.S. Constitution contains the words, “in the year of our Lord 1787,” demonstrates, beyond all doubt, that Court decisions regarding “separation of church and state” were, and remain, conspicuously illogical and, therefore, indefensible.

Because news, information, and education are dominated by the political Left, most Americans are truly ignorant of the role of God and religion in the lives of our Founding Fathers. Most Americans do not know that the founders of our government were deeply committed to their religious faith and the concept of religious liberty.

Does the World Love Your Pastor?

At the core of the Tea Party, we find Bible-based, conservative Christians. They are moral people who wish to see a return to honest, lawful, constitutional government. This, however, will never happen unless we restore God to his rightful place—at the center of our government and our society. Since the U.S. Supreme Court began to remove God from the public sector of our culture in 1962, we have seen continuous growth in government and a steady decline in our personal freedom.

In Deuteronomy 8:19-20, we find that God destroyed nations which turned their backs against Him, and He warns us that we also risk destruction if we follow the same path. Therefore, we must return God to government, but we can only do so through the efforts of godly people. Conservative Christians must work together to achieve this goal. We must approach our pastors and ask them to address this issue publicly.

When pastors are approached, they often state that they do not want to mix politics with religion and, therefore, decline to speak to their congregations about the need to return God to government; but we must remind them of Ephesians 6:12, where we find the following: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” The Bible tells us that, when we challenge corrupt “flesh and blood” politicians, bureaucrats, and their minions, we are not fighting against them, but against the dark spiritual forces operating behind them. It is most certainly the duty of every Christian to battle “against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ask your pastor if he recognizes this as his solemn duty.

Your pastor may complain that his church is registered with the government as a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, he will jeopardize the church’s tax-exempt status if he engages in political activities. The IRS website states that a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization “may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

However, at the website, your pastor can be guided by former IRS agents and tax attorneys. They will inform your pastor that all churches automatically have tax-exempt status with the IRS, whether or not they have 501(c)(3) status. Additionally, your pastor will learn that he can endlessly engage in issue advocacy. Such speech by your pastor is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. According to a pamphlet issued by the Alliance Defense Fund, Issue advocacy, however, may not be limited by government and can be freely engaged in by churches. As long as one does not use explicit words expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate, one is free to praise or criticize officials and candidates— this is called issue advocacy.

According to the Alliance Defense Fund, there is no law that restricts churches from defining moral positions and asking people to vote accordingly.

After educating your pastor, if necessary, hand him a signed petition requesting that he address his congregation with the need to return God to government. Perhaps the petition could include the two Bible messages from Deuteronomy and Ephesians as we have just noted. Have the petition signed by as many like-minded individuals as possible from among the pastor’s flock. The more signatures you garner, the more persuasive will be your petition. You pastor will know that for every single signature on the petition, there may be 10, 20, or more members of his flock who are also concerned about the disastrous course this nation has been following since at least the 1960s. Pastors always take a head count, for they know the larger the number of sheep in their fold, the larger will be the collection offering.

Remind him that pastors played a leading role in the American Revolution, and perhaps God has put him in his current position so he can lead his people in a revival to restore the godly nation founded by our forefathers. Remind your pastor that, like pastors before him, he must be guided by 2 Corinthians 3:17 which states: “Now the Lord is that Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Conversely, when the Spirit of the Lord is absent, there is bondage; and we have been sliding into increasing levels of bondage for many generations. It’s time to reverse course and time for your pastor to lead a revival!

Remind your pastor that he is not here to be liked, but to save souls. Providing him with verses which contain the words of Jesus may be helpful. “And ye shall be hated of all men for My Name’s sake; but he that endureth to the end shall be saved” (Matthew 10:22). You could also add these two verses from John 15:18-19 which say:

If the world hates you, ye know that it hated Me before it hated you. If ye were of this world, the world would love his own; but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore, the world hateth you.

Ask your pastor if the world hates him the way it hated Jesus. If he wants to be loved by the world, he is certainly not following in the footsteps of Jesus.

If your pastor decides he would rather be loved by the world and refuses to help us put God back into government, it may be time for you to seek a new pastor and a new church. You may also remind him that the Bible addresses sins of omission as well as sins of commission. Clearly, if your pastor is not part of the solution, then he is, by default, part of the problem! Whether or not you receive the help of your pastor, you must keep fighting the fight. You must continue to join forces with like-minded citizens and work to return America to its founding principles.

Finally, ask your pastor what he is doing to stop the spread of Islam in our schools and our government? Among Muslims there is no such thing as “separation of church and state.” An Islamic state is a theocracy, and infidels must either convert to Islam or be beheaded. Those who get their news and information outside the so-called mainstream media know that Islam has infiltrated our public schools as well as our government. A simple Internet search will reveal many examples; but now we must ask, why has Christianity been expelled from our schools and replaced with Islam? Why does the Soviet constitutional principle of “separation of church and state” apply to Christianity but not to Islam? What hypocrisy!

Tea Party members make up a small but determined group of American patriots. They must expand their numbers. By enlisting the help of preachers and pastors nationwide, the Tea Party can tap into thousands of churches which contain millions of like-minded individuals. Many conservative Christian Americans are busy making a living and raising a family; and politics is often placed on the back burner; but time is short. It’s time to get them involved in politics. As a matter of fact, it may be now or never!

As noted in Chapter Six regarding immigration, the number of liberal and left-leaning moderate voters will increase dramatically as immigration increases, especially if amnesty is granted. Tea Party voters and like-minded voters may soon be over-whelmed at the polls. As stated in Chapter Four, that is why we hear false claims that we are a democracy, which is essentially mob rule. Soon, we may simply be outnumbered by foreign-born voters who do not share our traditional American values of limited, lawful, constitutional government; and don’t forget how many illegal aliens fraudulently voted where Voter ID laws did not block their participation. As reported in Chapter Six, this is the true purpose of unchecked immigration: It’s not about jobs, but about cancelling out your vote and the votes of other conservative Christians! Yes, time is short. If necessary, re-read Chapters Four and Six to refresh your memory.

Although estimates vary, many believe there are about 330,000 Christian churches in America today. In January, 2014, Gallup reported that 38 percent of Americans self-identify as conservative, 23 percent as liberal, and 39 percent as moderate. If the political orientation of Christian churches are consistent with these percentages, conservative and moderate pastors and their congregations make up 77 percent of church attendees. Thus, of the 330,000 Christian churches in America, perhaps as many as 77 percent, or 254,100, may be receptive to the Tea Party message. This is the gold mine we Christian conservatives must tap.



A Different perspective of the Middle East Situation

A Different perspective of the Middle East Situation

Many fear the position President Trump has taken by pulling out of the Iranian Deal. In fact, many go so far as to say it could cause an attack on Israel which would be the beginning of the War to End All Wars. I don’t believe that because Iran stands apart from most of the Islamic nations in and around the Middle East. Most people fail to consider the internal conflict between Sunni and Shia tribes. For example, while Iran is Shia, Saudi Arabia is Sunni; and the two have fought each other for centuries. The only time they have a stable peace is when there is a holy jihad against Israel and America.

In today’s dilemma, Iran runs the risk of standing alone. President Trump and his advisors are keenly aware of this fact. Other nations in the Middle East no more want Iran to have a nuclear weapon than we do or, even more, than Israel does. As much as Iran huffs and puffs about our backing out of Obama’s flawed deal and boasts that it will immediately step up its nuclear weapons program, it faces a broader opposition than just Israel and America because the Saudis have declared that, if Iran is to acquire a nuclear weapon, so must they. Believe me; this poses a potentially greater problem for Iran than the United States and Israel.

Most Americans do not understand the difference between Sunni and Shia and why they have fought each other throughout the centuries. The best way I can explain the difference was once told to me. The Shia faith requires its people to pray to Allah through the Ayatollah and the leaders under him. Sunnis, on the other hand, can address their prayers directly to Allah. Consider our own biblical history. When Jesus brought forth the opportunity for direct access to God, this, of course, outraged the Sadducees and Pharisees because they had a good thing going for themselves. They forced their followers to bring to them offerings and wealth whereas Jesus made it easy and, essentially, cut them out of the loop. Of course, they could not allow that! Therefore, as we know in our history, they crucified Jesus to try and maintain their status. You can see that the Ayatollah and the leadership around him need the people to go through him (or them) as the all-powerful. The simpler, more direct way of the Sunnis has to be stopped; so they fight.

I warn everyone who is critical of the potential repercussions from our backing out of Obama’s deal: maybe the internal struggle between the two sects puts us in a much better position than most opponents of President Trump’s position understand. Israel is still in danger of being attacked—not by Iran directly, but by its proxies in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and throughout the region with Al Qaeda, ISIS, and other terrorist organizations. I suggest to everyone that I agree with President Trump’s bold decision to pull out of a plan that was purposely facilitating Iran, over time, to develop a nuclear program and subsequent weapons. Now is the time to stand firm, for once, as we have failed to do throughout the years. We need to allow the other nations in the region to stand with us against Iran and its tyrannical leadership.

I hope you’ll understand now that the decision Iran must make in retaliation is a lot more complicated than just a single-dimensional decision based off of our actions in America and our commitment to protect Israel. The rivalry between Sunni and Shia is as real as their fundamental hatred of Israel; and it can be used to thwart Iran and its evil ways.

A Patriot’s Prayer

A Patriot’s Prayer
By Larry Nichols

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.

I come to You in prayer to ask for Your guidance and strength to help preserve the greatest nation on earth, a nation which was founded on Your Name. The time has come for more of us to join the fight against the evil that has control of our country. Our nation is being torn apart by power and greed; yet the efforts I make seem to fall short of bringing justice to those who wish to destroy us. It is now clear to me, O Lord, that the battle is spiritual. I have learned, through trial and error, that I alone cannot do away with such evil; I have no way to conquer the powers of darkness except to call on Your Name.

Forgive us as a nation for having betrayed our country, the gift You have given us all, and for having allowed it to fall into the hands of leaders who serve neither You nor the people they promised to represent. This is a prayer for patriots, Lord, acknowledging that all true patriots throughout our country declare themselves to be believers in You. We understand that we are not capable of fighting the devil; but You are, and You enable us to win in Your Name!

I hate what I am seeing and, worse still, I hate what I’m feeling because there seems to be no end to the evil coming out of Washington and being brought home to us; so, Father, I seek Your Face. I ask that You bring forth Your loving, good angels to stand beside me and all of the patriots in this land. I am sorry that we the people of our great nation have waited far too along and allowed too much to happen that displeases You; but I am here today with repentance, seeking remedy, a clarification of Your plan, and my small part in it.

I have seen You deliver miracles and I simply ask if it might be possible for You to grant us another one. I can say here in this prayer, Father, that we are not worthy of Your favor when our voices calling Your Name have been few. I ask Your forgiveness of me and my sins; and, Lord, I also ask You to forgive our people in this country for collectively committing sins against You. I pray here, today, that You will come to us once again and give us the hope and the power to get our country back again.

Father, I need You to help me have the strength to persevere and to do my part in the salvation of our nation. Father, I beg these things of You, not for myself, but for our children and grandchildren who will have to live under this evil, godless government if we do not act now. I don’t come to you as often as I should and I don’t live the life of righteousness that I should; but if there is a way to help me and others who believe we are patriots, then allow us to see Your plan and our part in it—what each and every one of us must do.

We used to be a nation of laws; but Father, today, the laws apply only to those who are not in the Establishment Elite. More egregious than that is the fact that we have removed You and allowed evil to permeate our schools, institutions and government. That’s where I know we have gone wrong. Maybe we have not slandered Your Name. Maybe we have not officially as a country moved away from You but we have committed the greatest sin of omission that I have ever seen or heard when we deny that You are the foundation of our nation.

As a patriot, I declare that, with Your help, we will once again make You the Rock that will save us and make us strong again. Bless President Trump: guide him and surround him with good counsel so he may do Your work. Now, please help me as I try to get others to stand with me in a commitment, stronger than ever, to put Your Name at the top of the power structure in our nation. Father, these things I ask in Your Name as a patriot who is trying to find my footing and do my part with Your guidance. Amen.

Rosenstein Must Be Fired

Rosenstein Must Be Fired

If you consider yourself moral, conservative, and even Christian, you must unify with others and participate in government. Seventy-five percent of Congress, both in the House and Senate, are neither conservative nor socialists; but they are complicit with socialistic restructuring where they remain in positions of power. Remember, in socialism, there are some who live well while everyone else is impoverished.

Even the most uninformed realizes the die is cast: our present government is not functioning to the benefit of the people who voted for those in office. Our government is not functioning properly. It’s not! It is the people in control of our government who have taken it down and destroyed its viability. They try to assuage our concerns by getting us to believe that the structure of our government is not applicable in today’s world.

People don’t realize yet that the war against President Trump is not actually against Trump but it is against us! We wanted a president who came from outside the political realm. That’s why we elected him. We did not vote for purity or a pope but a strong leader. We want him to lead our nation out of the mess in which it is, and has been, before there is no chance to change it. In his first 18 months in office, President Trump has done an incredible job of living up to what he pledged; and his agenda would be further advanced if it were not thwarted by the Establishment elite who want us in a position to serve the leaders instead of their serving the people as they should.

If anyone truly believes in the fundamental system of government that we have had since the nation was founded, then we all must come to the aid of President Trump. There should be no doubt that, when President Trump was trying to get his tax reform package passed, in an attempt to help “We the People” in America, the Establishment elite did everything they could to stop even that. Do you see that our leaders in Congress neither care about us nor work for us?

As President Trump attempts to develop a turn of events, for the first time with the rogue nation of North Korea, the Establishment elite are trying to stop him from even this worthwhile deed. By intensifying the misguided attacks coming from the Mueller investigation, there should be no doubt in any true, conservative mind that the Establishment elite cannot possibly allow President Trump to achieve such a worthy goal for not only America but also the world.

Simply because they can’t allow President Trump to be successful in any area that might strengthen, and even increase, his public base of support, the mission of the Democrats since his election, and even before he was sworn in as president, has been to impeach him. The Establishment has even gone so far as to deceive the American people with the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. He was appointed for one purpose: to investigate the possibility of collusion between President Trump, or his staff or campaign, and the Russians to effect the elections of 2016. As many knowledgeable and learned legal scholars have made abundantly clear, a Special Counsel, by its definition, is appointed to investigate a specific crime. However, to this day, the specificity and scope of his investigation has been skewed into areas that should be prohibited by law.

The Deputy Attorney General of the DOJ Rod Rosenstein has not only allowed the misdirection of the Special Counsel’s investigation but has also directly violated the Constitution by withholding and/or redacting documents that have been requested by the Congressional Oversight Committee which, by our Constitution, is bound to observe, inspect, monitor, and ensure the proper operation of the United States DOJ and FBI. It should be incumbent upon Congress to deal with Rosenstein or anyone else who continues to violate our Constitution directly.

Rosenstein’s public pronouncements and his continual violations of his duties with the efforts of Congress to obtain critical documents, must lead to only one of two ends. First, Congress should start immediately and impeach Rosenstein for the stand he has taken and his failure to comply with the Constitution. Unfortunately, the control of our Congress in the hands of the Establishment elite will make that procedure impossible and force the only other proper action to dismiss Rosenstein. Therefore, the President of the United States, in an act of his compliance with our Constitution, can formally discharge Rosenstein from the DOJ.

Let there be no doubt that the Establishment elite media will take this as a chance to smear President Trump and to use it against him as they try to convince the public that President Trump is trying to hide something through this action. Few realize that it is, in fact, the job of the President to fire or dismiss anyone in a position of authority defined by the Constitution who is in violation of our Constitution.

Once again, this is where I call on all Americans who believe in the foundational principles of our nation to withstand and push back the Establishment elite from being able to convince the people of the United States of America that the president, through this action, implies, in any way, misconduct on his part.

For far too long, “We the People” have sat back and not been active in the management and operation of our government, relying simply on the fact that we vote and pick our elected officials. Once that’s done, too many think they have completed their task. That has not proven to be enough in any time or under any conditions of our country. Your voices have been silent while the voices of small, self-interested groups have been allowed to carry the day. This can be no more! If your voice is silent today, then you, yes you, have been complicit, through an act of omission, with the successful dismantling of the greatest nation in the world.

The first act to push back against the destruction of our country is, by design, simple. We need you to send a message to President Trump and let him know you stand with him. Tell him he is not alone, and you intend to be there for him as he has dutifully tried to be there for us. I’m sure President Trump is stuck in the nightmarish world of the bubble that encapsulates Washington. Now more than ever, he needs to know we are here, we are watching him, we are proud of his achievements thus far, and we will do our parts to dispel any notion that we have become less than supportive of his efforts.

Contact the President in the following ways:

Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

White House: 202-456-1111


The next task for us is a bit more complicated. You must express when, and only when, the occasion arises, your opinion of the job he is doing and the despicable efforts to stop him by the Establishment elite. Support our president, wherever possible, with your voice. You must use your voice!

If we all stand together and proclaim our support for our country and the foundational principles that we have all enjoyed, then we must show others our concern about how the elite Establishment have worked systematically over time to tear it down. State your concern that the Establishment elite are not just members of the Democratic Party, but Republicans as well. I need not name them; you know who they are. If you don’t, then watch and see the people out front, leading the effort.

To the reader of what I have just said, I would like to share with you who have no power, no position, no authority, no massive amount of funding, that I am like you. I guess it is best said that I am nobody; but if I can use my voice or pen to express my views, that should be proof enough that you can as well. This is written on the National Day of Prayer. I hope that those who truly believe in our nation and president, as well as the evil with too prominent a role in Washington, also believe with me that God will hear our prayer, and will save our land, as He promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Let me say to those Christians who believe that they need make no effort, who think all that is required is to sit back and pray and then God will do all the work, I believe you are wrong. God, in many ways, has made it clear to a true believer that words without deeds are dead. My explanation is that God expects us to do work ourselves with His divine blessing. If, and only if, He sees our commitment through our works, then He will do His part and see His will be done.

Pray for our nation. In your prayer, don’t forget to ask God to give you the strength and wisdom to do your part.

Thank you.

Larry Nichols

May 3, 2018

Here is a sample Tweet to send to @realDonaldTrump. Invite others to do the same. You may also use it as a script for a call to the White House. Post it on Facebook, etc., to ask others to contact President Trump with this message.

Pres. Trump, I stand with you fully. I agree with Larry Nichols & respectfully ask you to do your Constitutional duty & fire Rosenstein for his total contempt for our Constitution & his failure to comply fully with Congressional Oversight.


The Media:

What is the Role of Newspapers, Magazines, Radio,

And The Internet?

What is the role of radio today, specifically talk radio? Back in the 1990’s, when Bill Clinton was President, talk radio was the primary tool that I used to convey the truth to the American people. This may be difficult to believe today, but talk radio was so new at that time, the Clinton Administration initially paid little attention to it. As talk radio began to grow, I was able to secure interviews on many radio talk shows. Through this medium, I was able to sidestep the liberal TV and print media and get my message to the American people.


Today, we are told that the largest audiences in talk radio are conservative. This is true. Liberals have not been as successful as conservatives in this arena. Nevertheless, although the conservative audience is large, it is not as vast as some imagine it to be. When you study the audiences of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others, you find they have many of the same listeners. Additionally, the same people who watch Sean Hannity also watch other conservatives on the Fox News channel. Thus, although conservative talk radio and cable television are important sources of news and information, their audiences tend to overlap. Therefore, they are oftentimes just preaching to the choir. I like to call this overlapping group of conservatives audience members “politicos.”


Rush Limbaugh, the “king” of talk radio, is now said to have about 26 million weekly listeners (in 2017), and Sean Hannity has consistently maintained 13 million weekly listeners and viewers. Nevertheless, the number of daily listeners is unknown, and is certainly much less than the number of weekly listeners. It must also be noted that these two conservative radio talk shows are counter-balanced by two leftist NPR public radio news and talk programs. Both Morning Edition and All Things Considered have about 14 million weekly listeners.


Armed with this information, we must not have an inflated impression of the magnitude of the influence of conservative talk radio and cable television. Many conservatives were surprised by the election and re-election of a seriously flawed candidate like Barack Obama. Nearly every Obama weakness was exposed by conservative radio talk show hosts, so we believed he should never have seen the inside of the Oval Office. We were surprised by the election results because we falsely believed a sufficient number of voters must have been converted by Rush Limbaugh and others. They weren’t! Conservative talk radio is a necessary tool for success, bur alone it is insufficient.


Let’s take a look at newspapers. As you may know, many have experienced a sharp decline in readership in recent years. Some have even gone out of business. This significant loss of readership can be blamed on many factors. Firstly, newspaper editors and writers have shifted so far to the left, they have fallen into disfavor with readers who want an unbiased report of current events. Secondly, more Americans rely on talk radio and cable television for their news and information. Thirdly, the internet has truly revolutionized how people stay informed. It is rightfully called the “information super-highway,” travelled daily by owners of desktops, as well as laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices.


Of those newspapers that are still in business, especially local, small town newspapers, we may ask how they gather news and information from around the world. They certainly cannot afford to have international correspondents placed around the globe. The answer is, they stay informed through a news feed, such as Associated Press (AP). They may also tap into United Press International (UPI), as well as other sources. As a result, nearly all secondary news sources in the nation can be manipulated simply by controlling a few major news feeds such as AP and UPI.


Ultimately, today, the Internet is to the media what talk radio was back in the 1990’s. With the Internet, one can bypass the leftist media and seek contrary views from a nearly unlimited number of sources. With talk radio and the Internet, the leftist media monopoly is truly over! However, conservatives tend to restrict themselves to conservative news sites, and liberals tend to limit themselves to leftist news sites; so conservatives and liberals will go to websites where they will hear what they want to be told, and read what they want to examine.


Unfortunately, not all websites, whether conservative or liberal, are legitimate sources of news and information. To add to this problem, Obama has turned control of the Internet over to the international community. This means the Internet has fallen under the control of the United Nations. This subversive activity by Obama is a tactic designed to stifle the free speech of his political opponents, such as the Tea Party, while blaming the restrictions on foreigners. It is an ominous end run around the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—the very document he swore to protect and defend!


According to Gallup, as of July 2013, most Americans (about 55 percent) said they got their news from television. About 21 percent relied on the Internet, and only nine percent said they turned to newspapers, magazines, and other print media. A mere six percent stated that they got their news from radio.


While news junkies turn to cable news sources, far more people rely on network news sources. For example, in 2016, four top cable news sources—Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, and HLN—together averaged about 3.4 million primetime viewers. However, ABC, CBS, and NBC collectively averaged about 22 million viewers for their nightly network newscasts. The number of people seeking news from local TV news sources is difficult to determine, but the audience size is believed to exceed that of the network news sources by far. While more people are seeking news from alternative sources, network and local news outlets remain top resources for tens of millions of Americans.


It should be noted that, while many conservatives hope the Fox News Channel will help them advance the Tea Party agenda, this cable news source attracts an average of 1.8 million viewers during primetime. The 1.6 million viewers who collectively rely on the leftists at MSNBC, CNN, and HLN for primetime news nearly cancel out those who turn to the Fox News Channel. Add the 22 million viewers who get their news from the decidedly leftist ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly network news teams and you can see that the conservative message is routinely overwhelmed by liberal talking points on America’s TV screens.


Far too many Americans continue to believe the “spin” they routinely receive from the leftists who control national network and local television news sources. Too many people believe that, if it has been printed, it must be fit to print. Spin, of course, is just a euphemism for “lie.”


Fortunately, the leftist grip on their audiences has loosened a bit as a result of the devastating effects of Obamacare. Millions of Americans have been forced to change doctors, have lost their healthcare plans, have seen their premiums skyrocket, and have had their weekly work hours cut below 30 hours or lost their jobs entirely—all as a result of this freedom-crushing piece of legislation. Because these leftist news sources supported Obamacare and continue to defend it, they, like Obama, are viewed with a more skeptical attitude by their nationwide and local audiences.


The Left is now paying for their endless lies about Obamacare. We must learn from this observation. Given the large amount of disinformation available on the Internet and from other media outlets, Tea Party members and other conservatives must be careful to verify all news and information. We must always check with sources that have proven to be reliable over time. Failing to do this, even once, can result in a loss of confidence in anyone as a reliable source of news and information. This can dramatically hurt our cause, just as the multitude of intentional lies told by the Obama Administration significantly damaged their cause.


Note:  The mainstream news media lies are now known as ‘Fake News’.


Immigration: It’s Not About Jobs; It’s About Canceling Out Your Vote!

Immigration reform, reportedly designed to fill jobs that Americans will not take, is a deceptive cover story. Don’t buy it. More than any other purpose, immigration is about votes.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 325 million people living in America (as of June 3, 2017). In 2015, 17.6 percent, or 57 million, were described as Hispanic or Latino. The foreign born from all races and ethnicities make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population. About six percent are naturalized citizens and seven percent are non-citizens. We know, however, that illegal aliens operate within the shadows of society, so an unknown number are not counted by the U.S. Census Bureau.


Of the 43 million Hispanics eligible to vote in 2016, just under 24.8 million were registered and approximately 20.6 million voted (U.S. Census Bureau). Pew Research ( reports that in the 2016 presidential election, Hispanics made up just over nine percent of the electorate. To no one’s surprise, in the 2016 presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton received 66 percent of the Hispanic/Latino vote, and Republican Donald Trump received 28 percent. This compares to 67 percent for Democrat Barack Obama and 31 percent for Republican John McCain in 2008; and 71 percent for Democrat Barack Obama and 27 percent for Republican Mitt Romney in 2012.


In election after election, Democrats consistently win a majority of Hispanic votes. Beyond all doubt, this is the primary reason Democrats salivate at the thought of increasing the percent of Hispanic voters from 10 percent of the electorate (in 2012) to 20 or 30 percent. With a pro-Democrat voting bloc of that magnitude, Democrats would be unbeatable at the voting booth in the future.

Perhaps now you can see how the purpose of immigration reform is to make as many Hispanics eligible to vote as possible. It does not matter whether they are American born or foreign born; and it does not even matter whether they are here legally or illegally. In other words, Democrats are working to stack the deck against conservatives and cancel out the vote of Tea Party members and all like-minded individuals. Non-Hispanics who complain about this massive form of voter manipulation are labeled racist or xenophobic when it is the Democrats who are clearly engaging in racist behavior against non-Hispanic voters.


This, my fellow patriots, is why the leaders of both major political parties deceptively refer to our nation as a democracy and not a republic. As a republic, our rights are secured by the Constitution; but under mob rule in a democracy, our rights can be trampled by a manufactured majority vote; and they have been stacking that vote against us since at least 1980s.


Just look at the recent history of California. In the 1960s, Christian conservative Ronald Reagan was elected Governor of the Golden State. As a result of massive, uncontrolled immigration by Hispanics and others, Ronald Reagan could not be elected dog catcher in that state today. When compared to the economy of the 1980’s, now immigrants drain the economy as they overpopulate schoolrooms, hospital emergency rooms, and other public service organizations that are forced by corrupt politicians to accommodate illegal aliens who have violated our immigration laws. In addition, a review of 22 radio stations in California found that 10 were now Hispanic stations.

Most disturbing is the fact that this sinister tactic, used significantly to transform the electorate of California, is being used as a model for other states. Nowhere is this more evident than in the state of Texas.


The fundamental transformation of Texas will be achieved through immigration and reproduction. In November of 2010, the Dallas News ( reported that, across Texas, the 1.5 million illegal residents give birth to 60,000 babies each and every year. Because all of these babies receive automatic citizenship, they all become future voters. It was further noted that 74 percent of the babies born at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas came from the wombs of women who were non-citizens—and taxpayers are paying for the hospital care of mothers and babies! Chicano political activist, lawyer, and retired Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez of the University of Texas, who advocates for the return of the American southwest to Mexico, said to a Latino conference at UC Riverside, January 14, 1995, “We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.”


Now, knowing that the vast majority of Hispanics will consistently vote for Democrats over Republicans, how do we explain efforts by John McCain and other Republican leaders to join with Democrats in passing so-called immigration reform with a direct or indirect path toward citizenship? Once again, we find more evidence that there is one political party masquerading as two parties. According to a Fox News poll in 2013, about seven out of 10 Americans wanted secure borders before considering immigration reform; but the leadership of both parties continue to work together to defy the wishes of the American people. Instead of representing us, it is “them against us” on the issue of immigration.


As Michael Savage has often said, nations are defined by their borders, language, and culture. Our borders are routinely violated; we are told on the telephone to “press one for English and two for Spanish;” and our culture is being replaced by so-called “multiculturalism.” In other words, our borders, language, and culture are all under attack. Thus our nation is under attack.


We know the Republican leadership represents the immediate problem. We also know the Tea Party, and other like-minded conservatives, are both the immediate and long-term solution. While the Republican leadership is aiding and abetting Democrats to destroy our borders, language, and culture, grassroots conservatives like the Tea Party represent America’s protective, traditional, middle class. They are the guardians of our borders, language, and culture! Unrestrained immigration highlights issues in areas such as crime, jobs, welfare, healthcare, and budgets; but we also know that, in the long-term, the most critical issue is that of deliberate, sinister, demographic-based voter manipulation.


There are some simple solutions. My video Revolution 2.0 The Plan That Can Save America! Full Version, released in 2016, enumerates three.  It can be purchased while supplies last at


Simple Solutions!

Firstly, E-verify must be required for employment throughout this nation. If any public or private sector employer is caught knowingly hiring illegal immigrants, they must be prosecuted.


Secondly, it must be unlawful to rent or sell property to people who do not successfully pass through the E-verify system. Although E-verify has Big Brother implications, it is an effective solution to a sovereignty-destroying problem. If illegal immigrants cannot find a place to work nor find a place to live, that population will eventually evaporate!


Thirdly, illegal presence in the United States should be changed from a civil offense to a criminal offense. Entering this country or remaining in this country illegally must be made a felony! This may sound harsh to some, but if this problem is not solved now, our grandchildren will never know what it was like to live in a free America.



Today, we find Paul Ryan stepping down, not just from his role as Speaker of the House, but he is getting out of Congress completely. He says it is so he can spend time with his family and children who are still in school. On the other hand, for years, when members of the House or Senate are in trouble, they resign; and the line they always use is to spend more time with their families.

What’s really going on is how things have changed for the worse in Washington. Because of Bill Clinton and President Trump and the emphasis on extra-marital relationships, it is now standard operating procedure for the Democrats and the mainstream media to make sure that their opponents all get exposed and destroyed. Consequently, many members of the House and Senate have chosen or will choose not to run for office again and risk suffering the humiliation and the destruction of themselves and their families.

There will be 8-10 more members of the House who will soon announce they are leaving as well. What does this mean to you, me, and our country? Well, it’s simple. As it stands now, the Democrats will make a sweep in elections this year and take control, once again, of the House of Representatives. Of course, then Nancy Pelosi will once again be Speaker. The damage to the Senate, yet to be known, will probably be the same. When that transition happens, President Trump has two fundamental problems that not only will have an effect on him but will have an effect on all of us.

First, his entire agenda will be affected when the things he planned to do, the things he promised in his campaign to do, the things that he has stayed loyal to do, will be finished. The Democrats will stop him in every issue! As bad as that is, they will also have the power to go back and close out programs he has already implemented. Then, of course, the second problem he has with the House under control of Pelosi and the Democrats is that his impeachment will be a fait accompli (accomplished fact).

Are you ready to be scared? Are you ready to hear something that should make you tremble with fear and shame? Well, hold on, it’s coming! As I have tried to stress for months, even before he took office as President, it is imperative that Trump be impeached! Now, hold on and listen. If those in what we call the Deep State are to fulfill the original agenda brought forth by Obama and succeed in their plan to transform our form of government, they have to get President Trump out of office. They will not just hold him back from accomplishing anything; he must be removed! Once he is out, they will move at a speed we have yet to see, and change our country from what it was meant to be to what they plan for our nation to become.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are at the beginning of the beginning of the end to our country as we have known it and as our Founding Fathers intended it to be. One man, President Donald Trump, is the key to whether we have a future the way most of us envision our country should be or whether it is finished. As you know, he is surrounded by enemies. Everywhere he turns, there is an enemy waiting to get the magic trick that will lead to his destruction. Now, some of you may say there is nothing new here because you have known about this for a long time. Well, there is a part you didn’t know or, at least, I expect you haven’t considered.

All of the things being done to Donald Trump, to stop him, to humiliate him, to show the public that he’s not qualified to be President, that he’s too stupid to run a nation, yes, all of that, you’re not understanding correctly. It’s not President Trump that they want to shut down. It’s us! It is us! They are saying, as loudly as any person or group can say, that we the people of America must be silenced—we who finally got fed up with the criminality, the deceit, the lying of Washington, and decided it’s time to bring somebody into the White House who is not a part of the system. They want to make sure that we and our voices are not heard, that our votes are not counted, and that our dreams for our children and grandchildren are never achieved. This is all about us!

When Hillary made her statement that everyone who supported Trump was part of a “Basket of Deplorables,” she messed up because, in stating that, she literally admitted how they truly feel about us. It’s about us! It’s about you and me. I don’t know about you anymore; but I will not be bullied by a group of people who think they are the cultural elite of the world. They think that any of us who get up and go to work each day, who work with our hands and build things or manufacture things, are not smart enough to participate in our form of government. And, yes, I call them bullies. When you hear the word “bully,” many of you think of some big, overgrown kid picking on a smaller child. Maybe that’s your definition of bullying. Well, you forget that bullying can also be done by people who think they’re incredibly smart and the person they’re attacking is a fool. The left-wing, radical groups, driving the media and much of the agenda for our nation, consider themselves the cultural elite. Never has there been any group of people as smart as they are—ever. At least, that is what they believe; and, therefore, we should not be allowed to have any part in the decision-making process of how our country is to be run because governing is exclusively their domain, not ours.

The day President Trump is impeached, they will come fully armed with the media, with their computers, with their rigged polling data, and they will convince us that we are out of step with today’s world. According to them, we as a nation must change because we can no longer rely on a piece of paper called the Constitution. They will make sure that everyone in this country understands that the Constitution has outlived its usefulness; and, for us as a nation to succeed and to grow, we will have to change significantly to be able to survive in this new world.

I know some of you are thinking that I’ve gone too far, that my vision of what they plan to do is too morbid and certainly not possible. My only defense to that type of thinking is to suggest you go back five years. Think about the things, during that five-year period, when you and others have said this or that is not possible for the government to do, only to find out they did it. The most recent example of that, of course, is the raid on President Trump’s private attorney Cohen, violating client-attorney privilege in a way that has not been done before. By the time the legal pundits get through, they will prove to us all that oh, yes, it’s legal. They will say it’s not such a rarity, even though it has never happened before. Now watch the media and the pundits make sure that you understand they have every right to do what they did; and their lie will stick.

I have given you a nightmarish picture of where we are and where we are going. Now look around you; see your children and grandchildren or something that you love so much that you will stand up and protect with every ounce of energy you have. At this time, I promise you, you have no choice. Oh, you may have excuses to avoid getting involved; but that’s all they are—excuses. Those excuses may, in your mind, justify your doing nothing; but be forewarned: when the history of America is closed and no longer exists, when you lay in your bed at night and see the changes that have occurred; and when you measure the liberty and freedoms that you will no longer have, your excuses for not getting involved to protect what you love will offer you no comfort.

I have never wanted to say publicly what I have in this article. I have prayed, I have hoped, yes, I have worked to try to stop it; but today I realize I can’t stop it for you. I can’t stop it for your children or your grandchildren. Not me: I can’t! But I am talking right now to the person who can; and that is you. One more time, I am going to beg you to get up off your ass, put on your suit of armor provided to you by our Lord and Savior, and stand tall. Until they totally win, you must NEVER give up or give in! I like to think that I am doing my part; and I would like to think that there are people around me (there are) who are going well beyond the efforts of most in doing their parts. But it is now up to you. I know some of you are sitting there asking, “Well, what can I do?” Are you waiting for me to give you the answer and wanting it to be simple and easy? Well, I will give you the answer in the next article. I will tell you what to do, but it will not be easy and it will not be simple.

Make your choice today. If you are content to let this plan of the elites happen, to see your country destroyed right in front of your face, then don’t bother reading anything from me again. However, just because you may not want to do something, don’t go and try to convince others that they shouldn’t participate—that would make you a traitor. And I guess, simply stated, if you are not going to help us fight to save this country, whether we lose or win in the end, I don’t want you around me. I love my country. I love my God. I love my children. I love my grandchildren. I love yours; so, as long as there is breath in my body, I will be doing all I can to stop these people from destroying the greatest country ever to have existed on the earth!

Once you read this, if you are with us, with “the Deplorables,” then send this around to others. I will tell you right now what I’m looking for. I am looking for the 50% of the people of this nation who stood up and said they have had enough and voted for President Trump. He is alone now; he is surrounded by evil; he is surrounded by traitors. And you know what? He went to Washington to represent us. He went to protect our way of life and, to his credit, he’s trying to do that every day he sits in that Oval Office. He needs us to stand with him. He needs us to tell the media, to tell the Democrats, and to tell the turncoat Republicans that we’re with him and that we will be with him until our country is safe. We will not leave him; and we will not allow this group of leftists, who, in their minds consider themselves cultural elitists, to harm a man that simply wants to protect us. If you are with me, then join up. No, you don’t have to sign up for anything, or run around like a chicken with its head cut off. By joining up, I mean stand up and let it be known that we put President Trump in office and we fully expect to keep him there.

There is one last thing that I want you to do today. This won’t hurt you. This won’t cost you anything. If you really want to save our nation, I want you to pick up the phone and call the White House (202-456-1111); and I want you to tell the one who answers the phone, or tell the answering machine, that you stand with President Trump and that “they” will not get him unless they go through you. Now, folks, that will mean a lot. We need to let President Trump know we are here. We see what is happening to him. We understand the pain being brought on him for trying to represent us. It will not hurt any one of you to say, “We are with you; we appreciate what you’ve done for us; and we will be there for you.”

So, with that I am done today. If you are with us, watch for the next article. And if you are with us in spirit, call the White House and also share this website with everyone you can; because we have to find the people who voted for President Trump and let them know what’s really going on with their country.

What you can do now:
Call the White House to tell of your support for President Trump: 202-456-1111


What Is The Tea Party?

How Can It Survive Now That Both National Parties Have Sworn to Destroy It?

There were two distinct concepts that defined the Tea Party in 2014. The first concept was that of an organic, grassroots group of patriotic individuals who believed in limited government and who believed the current federal government should be reduced in its size and scope. These were the fiscally responsible Americans who were truly concerned about excessive spending and the frightening increase in our national debt. They were also concerned about the multiple, massive federal bureaucracies that have been built as a result of this reckless spending and debt.

Equally troubling has been our government’s ongoing quest to remove God from government property and seemingly from our way of life. Among those who maintain strong Christian beliefs, these governmental actions create a significant level of fear and concern. Many fear that the removal of God from our nation will have grave consequences.

The Bible is full of warnings of what happens to nations when their people turn away from God. Our Founding Fathers were committed to keeping our nation under the blessings and protection of God. As Bible-believing Christians, they knew that, when nations turn their backs on God, the blessings and protection of God are removed and they suffer total annihilation. Our Founding Fathers did not want to see their creation of our nation destroyed in this manner.

The second conceptualization of the Tea Party was, and is, held by powerful individuals who continue to control our central government. They are the politicians who occupy the leadership of both major political parties. These power-hungry politicians saw the Tea Party as a “game changer” that must be stopped at any cost. In their eyes, the Tea Party still represents a dire threat to the centralized governmental power many have spent a lifetime to attain. To them, the Tea Party continues to have the potential to return a significant amount of power back to the states and to the people, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. They fear we may once again become a nation of laws, and not a nation of men.

The Tea Party is unique. Unlike other national parties and national organizations, it does not have a single top leader to act as overseer or chief executive officer. Instead, it is made up of numerous small groups spread all across this country. Therefore, the Tea Party has many leaders—and no master. Although the Tea Party is made up of numerous separate groups, they are united in their desire to reduce the size of government and protect our liberty.

Lacking a single master or overseer, the Tea Party is not easily penetrated and subverted by its political enemies. No doubt, if the Tea Party had the same formal status and hierarchical structure as found in the two major national parties, sooner or later it would be infiltrated and subverted by the political enemies who desperately seek to destroy it. As a consequence, we would have three major national parties with corrupt leadership instead of just two major national parties with corrupt leadership.

When Bill Clinton became President of the United States and assumed the leadership of the Democratic Party, he brought with him a staunch liberal mindset. Although he was a practical politician who was willing to work toward compromise to pass legislation, he had a decidedly leftist bent. For this reason, some of the “Old Guard” conservative Democrats felt compelled to become Republicans, stating, as Ronald Reagan did before them, that they did not leave the Democratic Party, but rather the Democratic Party left them! We still had the same people, but they were just in a different party. As a consequence of a transfer of Democrats to the Republican Party over a period of many years, the Republican Party steadily became much less conservative and it has lost its way. This shift away from conservatism within the Republican Party is what spawned the Tea Party movement.

As you will read, repeatedly, throughout this handbook, the two major national political parties have become, in effect, just one party. They play against one another seeking positions of power, but all too often they do not play against one another to advance opposing agendas. True conservatives within the Republican Party recognized this unholy alliance among the elites of both major political parties, and they have taken action to counteract it by forming the Tea Party movement.

I want you to know what the Republican establishment knows and what I know: If there is a massive turnout of Tea Party members and other grassroots conservative Republicans in primary elections, you can most certainly defeat candidates supported by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Yes, you can take back the party; and you most certainly know that, before you can take back America, you must first take back the Republican Party!

The Republican leadership knows that about 50 percent of Republican primary voters nationwide will be grassroots conservatives and Tea Party members. In addition, about six to 10 percent of the Republican primary voters nationwide will be hardcore, statist Republicans who consistently vote according to the desires of the Republican establishment. Finally, the Republican leadership knows that among Republican primary voters, about 40 percent will be moderates who can be persuaded to vote for the Tea Party candidate if given the proper message. However, they can also vote for the establishment Republican candidate if the only message they hear comes from the Republican leadership. Therefore, a powerful, persuasive Tea Party message is the key to victory!

The conservative 50 percent must persuade the moderate 40 percent to join with them. This can be accomplished by educating them about the fact that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and other establishment Republicans seek to destroy the Tea Party and everything it stands for, including fiscal sanity.

Tea party members, other conservatives, and every single moderate, must be told over and over again that, when they vote for the Tea Party candidate in the primary election, they are not simply voting against a non-Tea Party opponent, they are truly voting against the Republican establishment that wants to destroy the Tea Party and the liberty that the Tea Party represents. When they vote for the Tea Party member, they are also voting against the candidates who represent Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and every other elitist Republican who is drunk on power and working to destroy our efforts to return to honest, lawful and constitutional government. This message must be conveyed not only by the Tea Party as a group, but, perhaps even more importantly, by every individual member of the Tea Party who must become a walking billboard, targeting every conservative and moderate within reach. Use your individual voice to spread the message about the elite and join with others who are like-minded.

Repeatedly drive home this vitally important point: Tea Party members (or whatever you now call your grassroots, conservative, political group) are the true representatives of the grassroots Americans who have maintained a genuine, deep-seated psychological, philosophical, and political connection to our Founding Fathers. They are the true lovers of liberty who are following in the footsteps of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Patrick Henry. Convince every conservative and every moderate in the party that they must work together, fight together, and pray together. If we do this, we will most certainly win together, just as we did in November 2016.

We are in a war. It is a political war, but it is none-the-less a war. We are fighting for the heart and soul of the Republican Party, and the heart and soul of America! Yes, the Republican establishment has declared war on the Tea Party and lovers of the Constitution. That means the Republican establishment, like the Democratic establishment, is at war with the founding principles that has made this nation the greatest nation on Earth. Surrender is not an option! If we lose this war (a war we did not start), our children and grandchildren will never know what it is truly like to live and breathe as free Americans.

Look around you and note what is most important to you. Fix your attention upon the people you love more than life itself. Do you realize there is much in your life worth fighting for and dying for? Yes, you would risk everything to protect that which you love. Transfer that feeling to love of country and love of liberty. Yes, the America you love is worth fighting for and it is worth dying for!

I would like to close this chapter with a quote from Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States of America. Take this handbook with you and recite Reagan’s words to everyone who will listen before they head to the polls to vote:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed down for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.

(Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, 30 March 1961).



Wake up, America!

Wake up, America!  It is nearly too late to save our freedom!

Common Sense

America: Where have you gone? What has happened to you? What have you become?

If people born years before World War 2 were to come back today and see us, what would they think? Those are the questions they would ask (“Where are you, America? What have you become?”). There is no way they could recognize America and us today. If our Founding Fathers were to come back, they would probably ask themselves: “Why did we do what we did? Why did we save our country from oppression only to see, today, that Americans are under the same thumb we were, just on different sides of the ocean?”

Our Founding Fathers used two methods to evaluate and create the nation we’re supposed to be. First was their experience of having lived under a tyrannical government far away. But the other tool they used was common sense. If we were able to ask any one of the Founding Fathers how they designed the plans for America, I am certain they would not boast of their brilliance; they would not brag about how they achieved such a success. They would probably say it just took common sense to realize what America was, what it could be, and above all else what it should never become.

In today’s world, the computer has taken over and you don’t need to learn anything by memory; you simply have to learn how to turn on a computer and go find it. We now have a whole new generation of young where all they have ever known is the computer, what it can do, and what it can do for them so they don’t have to do it. Unfortunately, for every step taken by the computer, a step in the other direction has been taken, removing common sense.

Folks, a computer is not a brain; a computer has no emotion; and, probably worst of all, a computer has no soul. When I look at America today, I see the markings of the computer and the brand it has placed on all of us. I fear that, as we become more dependent on the computer, this nation gets further away from having a soul.

The tyrannical government our Founding Fathers faced was across the ocean in England; so you might say we can’t draw a comparison because we are not under the rule of a foreign country. We are, however, under the rule of an entity that is just as removed and just as distant. This new power center that rules all of us is in Washington, D. C.—a place that no more reflects the values, the principles, and the identity of the average American than did the King during the period of our Founding Fathers. Greater still, Washington, D. C., has no soul.

Washington, D.C., has set itself up as an island so that it can rule our entire nation and yet we the people have no part in it. Now there are those who would argue that we elect the people that go to Washington and so we do still have a part. That might have been true in the days when elections could be run fairly and honestly, but not today. When we, who desire to apply common sense, look at decisions coming out of Washington that rule our lives every day, we would just have to walk away and shake our heads because common sense does not apply. How can there be common sense when you have people in Washington (the people leading our nation) who, for their own selfish reasons, want our borders wide open where ANYONE can come in and take the jobs that sustain our families and our way of life? How can anyone believe common sense comes out of Washington when terrible horrors happen? In Florida, when 17 of our young were murdered, leaders in Washington immediately wanted to attack honest, upstanding citizens and take away the right to bear arms. I could go on for hours talking about policy issues, one after another, where common sense is missing as we are ruled by the leaders in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D. C., is an island all to itself. In fact, it is all about itself. It is all about whatever needs to be done to We the People to aggrandize themselves. In Washington, there are people who have created, if you can believe it, a lifelong career of being a politician serving in a job that originally was intended for a person who wanted to serve the people of this nation. A common sense overview should make it very plain to see that leaders who serve their constituents no longer exist.

The purpose of this article is to give one more try at waking all of you up! Our President Donald Trump was duly elected as President of the United Sates; but the far left, this small group of boisterous, fanatical people have made it quite clear that, no matter what we did in electing President Trump, they are going to dismantle our efforts! They don’t want him to be president. What is sick about this situation is that there have been many times in my life, and I’m sure in yours, where we have had presidents that we may not have liked or agreed with; but we knew they were elected and they were there to serve. On issues where we disagreed, we did fight and do what we could to stop them, but never was there a commitment literally to stop a person from being president, in all truth, before he even took office—as is the case with President Trump.

You and I must go back to our Founding Fathers and one of the tools they used to create this nation—common sense. If you will view this through eyes committed to common sense, surely you see that we are being destroyed. Our FBI, our Department of Justice, and all branches of government in Washington, have people embedded for years who are there today with the sole purpose of stopping President Trump. That’s right: they are there to stop President Trump! What common sense should tell you is that it is not President Trump they are trying to stop, but it’s us—all of the millions of people who chose President Trump over his opposition.

Where are you America? Why are we sitting back and letting a few, loud fanatics turn this nation into something we couldn’t want in our worst nightmares? They are stripping us of our rights and stripping us of our freedom! You better hear this: they are denying us our right to have a soul; so I say this to all of you: stand up now, join with us—join with We the People who elected President Trump for the purpose of having somebody different from the standard politician in office. Stand up and let’s stop this madness! If you don’t stand up, and I’m speaking to each one of you that is reading this, if you don’t stand up now, I assure you, very soon (sooner than most of you can even imagine), you are going to be on your knees begging for whatever little crumb Washington will allow you to have.

I know, many of you may be asking, “What do you mean by ‘stand up?’ How do we stand up? What do we do?” Well, the best thing I can tell you—no, the only thing I can tell you is: use your voice. Use it! Use your voice in public gatherings or private settings. If you walk around with your head down as though you were ashamed, folks, you are ashamed. You may think you are not ashamed and just avoiding conflict. That sounds innocent enough except for one thing: that small, radical group on the left know that. They know you want to avoid conflict. That’s why their voices are heard and you wonder why yours isn’t. I can tell you why your voice isn’t heard. It’s because you are not using it!

We are in a war for the soul of this nation. We are in a war to try to keep our nation governed the way it was meant to be governed. Although we are not using bullets and bombs, sometimes the spoken or written word, or video clip on TV, can do so much more damage than a bullet or a bomb. So I must ask you to stand up and let your voice be heard. I will admit, I am disillusioned, disappointed, and yes, even heartbroken—not about my country, but about us. If we want to keep being sheep, then keep your eyes on Washington, D. C., because they WILL shear all of us; and there won’t be anything left! I know there are some of you who think I am overreacting, overstating the problem. Well I’m not. Let me give you something to think about that might get you motivated.

In the 2016 primary, did you know half the people in this country who voted, chose to vote for either a self-proclaimed socialist in Bernie Sanders or a person most people acknowledge to be a communist in Hillary Clinton. That’s half of the people who voted! That’s how close we are to achieving what Barack Hussein Obama wanted, which was a total transformation of our country. Is that what you want? It better be, because that is what you are going to get if you don’t engage and start speaking up. Start using your head to think things through and using common sense to help you make judgements for what to do, what to say, and when to do and say it. Time is short. The end is close. If you can’t see it, then you’re not looking. If you’re not looking, I guess it’s because you don’t want to see. Just because you don’t want to see it or believe it, that will not stop it.

So I ask everybody who voted for President Trump to use common sense and just understand he has not had a chance, since he set foot in the Oval Office as President, to do the things that he said he wanted to do when he was running. He has also not had the chance to do the things we want him to do that were the reason why we elected him. They have shut him down! Don’t feel bad for President Trump. They are not shutting him down; they are shutting us down.

When they make fun of President Trump, and joke and laugh at how unsophisticated a politician he is, remember they are not laughing at him. They are laughing at us, and I’m tired of it. I’m so tired of the abuse being thrown at the half of the nation that voted for President Trump. It’s time to stand up and let these sophisticated bullies know just who we are. It’s time! Where are you? I guess it’s like the start of this article. Where are you America? Where have you gone and what have you become?

Now if you can say honestly to yourself, in the presence of God Almighty, that you have done everything in your power to try to resist losing our nation, then you are safe. Keep it up. But I will bet if you are truly honest to yourself and in the presence of God, you will reflect and see you’ve actually done very little.

Some of you may be wondering, “Well, tell us what to do, Larry.” I will tell you this: use common sense! It’s not hard. The challenges before us are great, but the solutions are not hard if all of us get back in the game. Then, just as we did when we elected President Trump, against all the odds, against the mainstream media and all of the prognosticators that assured us he could not possibly win, he did. Nevertheless, if we want him to stay President, if we want him to honor the commitments he pledged as a candidate, then common sense should tell us he cannot do it alone. He needs our help!

What you can do now:

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