2018-09-20 Kavanaugh Mayday!

Mayday!   Mayday!

To All Who Care About Our Country:

We are about to face a Constitutional crisis! To hear the issue in Larry’s own words, check out his YouTube recording yesterday at Larry Nichols Official Channel: “Larry Nichols EMERGENCY Message to Mitch McConnell on Kavanaugh”

Larry and the good guys in Washington, D.C., are very concerned about all the talk about treasonous deeds; but do they have the courage for what needs to be done? The reality is bad!

According to Larry, “They have us. At any moment they can call for a vote to change our form of government!”  Yes, as the legislative body, Congress can do that.  If they call for a vote to transform our government, if they vote for Constitutional reform, or even to do away with the Constitution, the Constitution will no longer be the prima fascia government and there will be no need for states to ratify the change.   EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE!

Without the foundation of our Constitution, we will have nothing until Congress establishes an in situ government; anything and everything will be possible. Without a Constitution, the military will be under no oath and generals could dictate policy. Instead of the current soft coup (with the propaganda of the media), we could have a hot coup with tanks in the streets!  Don’t get Larry started on the disruptions in law enforcement!

The Progressive Council could hold everybody in check by selectively using parts of the Constitution during the transition.  (No Constitution=no 2nd Amendment!)

Lest you think Larry is talking crazily, remember the dialog we are hearing now where both Hillary and Sen. Schumer are saying our type of government is broken because of President Trump.  The chaos over the Kavanaugh appointment, and the failure of Congress to get anything done, will be used to “prove” our form of government no longer works or is relevant.  [Note: the Constitution is not broken! The problem is the failure of the legislative and judicial branches and the many departments to follow the Constitution.]  Our leaders do not care about our country or us!  It is incredible how far they will go to hurt President Trump without caring what happens to our nation.

They have an agenda to change our form of government.  According to Larry, “We are losing our country, and fast!  We have no choice but to DO SOMETHING, immediately!  There is no one else to do it, so we need to do something to save our country.”  Remember, we have three ways to make a difference: our individual voices, our voices collectively, and our vote.


Call Senator Mitch McConnell (at least three calls immediately) from the following list of all his office numbers:

Congressional Switchboard
(ask for Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office):  202-224-3121

Washington, DC office:   202-224-2541 (fax 202-224-2499)

Louisville, KY:                         502-582-6304

Lexington, KY:                       859-224-8286

Bowling Green, KY:            270-781-1673

London, KY:                            606-864-2026

Fort Wright, KY:                  859-578-0188

Paducah, KY:                         270-442-4554

When someone answers the phone, you can begin by saying, “Hello…   Then read the following script:

“Please stop the delay. Call immediately for an up or down vote for Judge Kavanaugh.

Make it a published account so we can know how everyone votes.

After the vote, have the Sargent at Arms clear the Senate Chamber, lock, chain and padlock the doors; and conduct no more business in the Senate to stop the madness.

Keep the doors shut until you have stabilized the government because we cannot allow you to continue to let our government be made a mockery.

While the Senate is closed, no Senator draws a salary or lobby fees; and their staff do not get paid either.

Without pay, perhaps Senators will be motivated to work together for the people as they ought to do.

Thank you.”

Note: When you finish reading the script, HANG UP.   Do NOT engage in conversation.   If someone asks you if you are a Kentucky resident, you may remind them that Sen. McConnell is working for the nation, not just his Kentucky constituents.   You do NOT have to answer any questions.   If you do not engage in conversation, you have a better chance to call multiple times.

Call at least three different numbers today and tomorrow.  Please share this email with everyone you know.  Feel free to post it on Facebook. It will also be on the website; so post on Twitter: “visit www.NicholsLive.com under Scripts to see a way to save our country today.”

Thank you for caring enough to do something to save our country!

PS   Larry needs to maintain his daily treatments so he can continue his vitally important work.  If you can help, the donation link is here on the website.