2018-07-17 Strzok’s Wife Script


It is time to make some phone calls that we hope will be a step toward protecting our president’s impeachment. Did you see where Democratic Congressman Cohen today called for a military coup? He is asking for the overthrow of our government! Larry said two years ago that this was coming. The “progressives” want to bring in Communism – rule by a few powerful elite who will be set for life, while the rest of us are little more than slaves in poverty. Look at what is happening in Venezuela and South Africa today. That certainly is a picture I do NOT want to see here; so I am ready to fight for my country with phone calls that can make a difference.

Here’s what Larry has asked us to do: Call the Republican Congressmen on the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. (Names and numbers are below. The 202-225- number is in Washington, DC and I provide one local office number.) This is one time where we actually need you to interact with the person who answers your call.
If you are asked whether you belong to the Congressman’s district, your response is that “The Congressman makes laws that affect the whole country, not just his district, so he needs to hear my opinion.”


I want to let you know that Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, is the key to the ‘Insurance Policy’ that Peter Strzok mentioned in his text to his girlfriend Lisa Page at the FBI.  His wife was promoted by the Obama administration to Deputy Director of SEC Enforcement mere hours after Strzok & McCabe were briefed about the classified Hillary Clinton emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

She was therefore in a position to block the transfer of any details to the FBI, including her access to international off-shore banking accounts that may have shown any illegal funds transfers. Being married to the FBI agent in charge of the probe also gave them both the legal protection of spouses not being required to testify against each other, which is the same reason Bill & Hillary Clinton remain married.

You can read more details if you go to truepundit.com and search for the term: Peter Strzok’s wife.


House Judiciary Committee
Chairman Bob Goodlatte   202-225-5431     540-857-2672
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner     202-225-5101      262-784-1111
Rep. Lamar Smith                    202-225-4236    512-912-7508
Rep. Steve Chabot                  202-225-2216     513-684-2723
Rep. Darrell Issa                        202-225-3906   760-599-5000
Rep. Steve King                         202-225-4426    515-232-6349
Rep. Louie Gohmert              202-225-3035    903-561-6349
Rep. Jim Jordan                        202-225-2676    419-999-6455
Rep. Ted Poe                              202-225-6565    281-446-0242
Rep. Tom Marino                    202-225-3731      570-322-3961
Rep. Raul Labrador               202-225-6611      208-667-0127
Rep. Doug Collins                   202-225-9893    770-297-3388
Rep. Ron De Santis                202-225-2706    386-756-9798
Rep. Ken Buck                           202-225-4676    720-639-9165
Rep. John Ratcliffe                202-225-6673    972-771-0100
Rep. Martha Roby                  202-225-2901     334-262-7718
Rep. Matt Gaetz                      202-225-4136     850-479-1183
Rep. Mike Johnson               202-225-2777    318-840-0309
Rep. Andy Biggs                     202-225-2635   480-699-8239
Rep. John Rutherford         202-225-2501    904-831-5205
Rep. Karen Handel               202-225-4501     770-998-0049
Rep. Keith Rothfus              202-225-2065    724-359-1626
Rep. Trey Gowdy                  202-225-6030    864-241-0175
(also on Intelligence Committee)


House Intelligence Committee
Chairman Devin Nunes         202-225-2523    559-323-5235
Rep. Mike Conaway                202-225-3605   325-247-2826
Rep. Peter King                          202-225-7896   516-541-4225
Rep. Frand LoBiondo           202-225-6572    609-625-5008
Rep. Tom Rooney                    202-225-5792    863-402-9082
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen   202-225-3931    305-668-2285
Rep. Michael Turner              202-225-6465    937-225-2843
Rep. Brad Wenstrup             202-225-3164     513-474-7777
Rep. Chris Stewart                 202-225-9730    801-364-5550
Rep. Rick Crawford               202-225-4076    501-843-3043
Rep. Elise Stefanik                 202-225-4611       518-743-0964
Rep. Will Hurd                           202-225-4511       210-921-3130
Rep. Trey Gowdy                    202-225-4611       864-241-0175
(also on Judiciary Committee)


Thank you for your participation!