Script to Support Trump to Protect our Borders

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Support Trump to Protect our Borders

Your assignment now is to call the White House every two hours


and say, “Go Trump Go! Build that wall! Don’t stop!” Then just hang up.

Unfortunately, the Comments line is closed during the government shutdown, so send one email to

It would also be a good idea to send the message in a tweet to @realDonaldTrump.

Call the House Representative from your own district. I don’t know if you can use the Congressional switchboard to ask for him or her (202-224-3121) but you can find both Washington, DC and home district phone numbers by googling his or her name or going to, click on “Member” in the upper right corner to search by name or state. (I suggest you keep the numbers when you find them as you’ll want to call often.) Again, call each number and say, “Build that wall or we will send you home,” and then hang up.

Thank you for helping Larry to complete his tasks when he pushes himself far more than seems humanly possible and pays a high price for what he does. Thank you, too, for contacting President Trump and your Representative. Additionally, thank you to all who buy the CD, portrait, or ring. (See them at the Link to Merchandise on the HOME page )