2019-11-20 Script to Call Senators about Impeachment

2019-11-20 Script to Call Senators about Impeachment

Go to www.Senate.gov then click on Contact at the bottom, then on Party.

The list of Republicans will be together at the bottom with their direct #s.

You can also call the main switchboard at 202-224-3121

1. Call Republican Senators as often as you can.

2. Read the script & immediately hang up. (Do not engage in dialog. Just read)

3. If they interrupt you to get your name, etc., ignore them and keep reading. Then hang up.

4. Remember, once Senators amd Representatives are voted into Congress, they work for the whole nation, not just their districts.


Please let the Senator know that if the impeachment trial is held in the Senate, I EXPECT YOU TO STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!

If you vote for impeachment and removal of President Trump, know this: I will do EVERYTHING in my power, with my family and friends and everyone I can talk to, just to see that you NEVER hold office again!

By the way, Larry Nichols told me to call.