Hello, my name is Sandy. I joined “Larry’s army” about 7 months ago. In the meantime, I’ve talked with both Larry and Mary Ellen and have done what I can to help Larry stay in the Fight for our country.

Folks, we’re in a severe battle between good and evil now. Have you noticed?
1. Washington, the NWO, and their desire for socialism and the destruction of our freedom and way of life. Satan has taken over our House, Senate, and even past presidencies. I believe the American People bought us a reprieve by electing Mr. Trump.
2. The destruction of our education system, the decay of the family structure, technology, and, well, even our churches.
3. We were warned about this in His Holy Word. Don’t believe it? Well, perhaps some serious introspection is required.
4. The corruption of our voting system. Perhaps we deserve what we’re about to get.
5. We need protection of our borders, but Congress refuses to do anything about it.
6. The coming intent to impeach President Trump.
7.  Many natural disasters: earthquakes in increasing frequency and magnitude, devastating storms, signs in the heavens, climate control, etc.
8. Increasing protests with little or no resistance, mass murders, and what else?
9. Increase in deficit spending (of course, in the trillions now; and China owns most of that debt.)

My point is this: Larry is a true Christian now and is still alive, sharing his knowledge and endless dedication to fight this mess in Washington. That is his God-given purpose and there’s no other person anywhere who can and will expose the corruption and help us stop it.

I’m very awake and aware of what’s happening in our country. How awake are you? Are you willing to put your life on the line for righteousness, Jesus Christ, and our freedom as Larry has done? From all Larry’s pleas for help, I suspect not. Why?

Now, if everyone who wants to be part of “Larry’s army” could regularly donate $1, $5, $10, or even more, we can make a big difference in what Larry needs to do. Are you willing to make phone calls to Representatives and Senators? That would be great! I’ve given what I can, and I am very grateful for those who can do more than I can. This is a worthy cause!

Please donate: nicholslive@aol.com is his PayPal account. An account is easy to set up. Be sure to donate by clicking on “Send to friend or family,” not a business or corporation. Ok, folks, I’m trying to help. Now it’s your turn. Do something! Our president needs our help to avoid impeachment.

Blessings and prayers for all, in Jesus’ Holy Name,