Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to thank everyone for all you may have done this year to help our country return to what it was meant to be, whether you made phone calls, shared my programs, put up signs, talked to others, etc. Every little bit helps.

You might use the “test” in my last post as talking points with family and friends today. I pray the questions will help you have a reasonable conversation.

President Trump will need our help now more than ever since the Democrats have taken back the house. I see he has asked us to call Congress about funding the border wall.   If we are to help him set things right, we need to grow our numbers. Please join the conference call if you are willing to work. We are discussing things we can do. We need more people who care about the country.

If you care about stopping the slide into socialism/communism, it really is important to support us.   Dealing with the corruption is my job; but I can only continue with your financial support.   The Clinton cabal has cut off all my other means of support.  So I now need to depend entirely on you.

Remember, Venezuela was the richest country in South America and the fourth largest economy in the world until they embraced socialism (and now look at it).  Someone on our team got this in an email from a relative in Venezuela before their fall: “It’s about participation with any time you may have available. I can assure you, if every other citizen does not get involved, we will be in the hands of the Chinese people, without any money, within the next 15 to 20 years.

The issue is to find people to get involved, to keep calm and do the things you are able to do at your own pace with patience and intelligence. Only participate and allocate the time you have to spare, if you have any available.

Every little bit counts!