Take This Test to Learn About Yourself

If a person is in our country legally, is he or she considered a legal citizen? Yes or No

If a person is in this country illegally, do you consider him or her to be a legal citizen? Yes or No

Do you believe the word “Illegal” has real legal meaning? Yes or No

If you believe it has legal meaning, do you believe it references a crime?
Yes or No

If a person that you do not know comes to your home and demands to be let it and allowed to live in your house, would you call the police? Yes or No

Under the same parameter of the previous question, do you refuse to let them move in and eat your food, take up space and cause increased living costs to you? Yes or No

If you answered “Yes” to at least four of the six questions, you should be concerned about the illegal immigration issue at the border. If you answered all of them with yes, you should be concerned if you have also been touting the idea of letting them into our country because you truly do not believe in welcoming all of them.

With the choice of calling the police about someone who is forcing you to share your home, if you are willing to house someone, then you can say we should let the illegal aliens come on in. If you won’t let them come to take over your own home, then you have no right to expect all of us to pay for them.

If you believe the word “illegal” has legal meaning and refers to a crime, then you recognize that, before anything else happens, the illegal person has already broken the law. Would you let people steal purses from little, old ladies? Is it acceptable for someone to embezzle money? “Illegal” infers crime.

Before you waste your breath having a conversation with someone about immigration, you need to know if the person is rational. With some people, no matter how valid your point is, they don’t care. Some people are fixed in their attitudes and will never change and/or they just enjoy confrontation. Spot that argumentative person as early as possible. Don’t waste your breath. More importantly, don’t let people like that break your will because, if you talk to enough people like that in a row, it will challenge your own personal attitude.

In a similar manner, do not spend all of your time talking strictly to people who agree with your position on this issue or other things. By doing that, we are only talking to each other and not growing our group.

I would ask any of you who can, please go on any and all talk shows to pose this test. Try to make people think! The object of this exercise is to give you talking points that are simple and, hopefully, easy to understand and pass on to others. I cannot believe rational people sit back and agree to let in the people in the caravans.

What is an invasion? What do you think these people are doing? We already have enough people here illegally from Central America so that, if they chose to pick up a rock, the ones already here would be a formidable army. They could take any town they wanted! Believe me, the MS 13 gangs know about Hitler.

Hitler had a better plan. He could give soldiers crystal meth and they would not be afraid of anything. He could order them on death missions. They would do anything! What made them stop was, at the end, the war was lost. On one occasion, the commanders were fed up. There was a huge battle and the soldiers fought hard until they realized they were shooting at nothing at all! (They learned that keeping the soldiers on crystal meth was not good.)

The Central American gangs have money, guns, and drugs. It is not good to mix drugs and guns! Just imagine MS 13 orientation where they are connected to drugs and told to cut people into pieces (which they do). We already have that scenario ready to go off in America. It’s incredible that we are already trying to deal with immigration problems and considering adding more. Can you name the reason the immigration of the caravans will not work? How about why it is illegal? Do you know why it will cost phenomenally?

Congress is only looking at what immigration will do for them (votes to keep them in office) and not what it will do to us and for us. Ask your Representative or Senator what they are doing to deal with immigration and ask what immigration does to help them. Ask how it helps you and me. They do not think about it in regards to us. Note the warning signs involved with the costs.

Every illegal allowed to stay in America costs at least $5,000 to $12,000 per year, if a good citizen. If they get into trouble, costs go way up! (E.g. prison can run $100,000/year!) Remember, we pay for schooling, doctors (often in hospital emergency rooms which are more expensive than an office visit), and other welfare. Remember, too, only one person fills a job slot. If an employer can hire cheaper workers, he will; and an American won’t have a job.

When Clinton was president, Tyson built a chicken plant in a small town in Southwest Missouri for 2,500 workers. The small town was excited about getting jobs and offered Tyson free taxes, etc., for 20 years. The plant was built and Tyson brought 20 buses of Mexicans to work there. There were NO jobs for the citizens of the town.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with our government (or Constitution). It is the people running the government who are bad. Even our immigration policies for legal entry are OK. A big problem is when employers create problems if they do not hire Americans.

Thank you for your time.