Click HERE to see Larry’s recent videos on what we need to do.

We MUST Engage to fight how the Deep State will DESTROY the Election Process and how best to help Trump defeat the Migrant Caravans.

 Please watch the videos, share them, do what he suggests, and get others to engage to help us stop the evil coming.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the Democrats intend to raises taxes and Larry warned that our country was done if the Democrats took the
House with the midterm elections.

Larry knows the details of plans to undermine our Constitution, and he can prove what he knows. I saw someone on Facebook today say that they will change our election process after what happened in AZ, FL and GA.

Larry knows that plan, too, and is very concerned about Abrams in GA taking her case to court (and her sister is a judge).  Remember, rulings from
the Bench constitute rule by the elite, not by our Representatives.

I hope this wasn’t our last free election! It is time to join the team in activism. Larry’s video last night suggests three things you can do. Please get involved.

In just two months, the Democrats take over the House and they will move swiftly to stop President Trump and us!

Fight with us. Share Larry’s recordings and this website.

Put up lawn signs. Invite neighbors over to discuss the state of affairs.

If you haven’t lately, please contribute to this effort as Larry can no longer afford to work for free with what needs to be done. NO ONE knows all that he knows and there are things only he can do. So please support his efforts.