Kavanaugh History

Larry Nichols is asking that you read the following bombshell article:


It looks really bad and raises red flags about Kavanaugh joining the Supreme Court because of his being such an elitist, Establishment player, willing to cover up the truth for the sake of his career.

[Note: Larry mentions in his autobiography ( 28 Years To Nowhere ) this article’s author Ambrose Evans-Pritchard who helped Larry spread the truth that led to the impeachment of then President Bill Clinton.]

Larry will soon follow up with another letter to explain why Kavanaugh’s nomination is actually good. [Hint: we are learning how the system works and how corrupt it is.]

This is a very dangerous time for our country, so please make sure you are registered to vote.  Additionally, send this letter or the link to the article to everyone you know.  Remember: it looks bad but is a good thing for right now.