MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Kavanaugh Crisis

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To All Who Care About Our Country:

We are about to face a Constitutional crisis! To hear the issue in Larry’s own words, check out his YouTube recording yesterday at Larry Nichols Official Channel: “Larry Nichols EMERGENCY Message to Mitch McConnell on Kavanaugh”

Larry and the good guys in Washington, D.C., are very concerned about all the talk about treasonous deeds; but do they have the courage for what needs to be done? The reality is bad!

According to Larry, “They have us.  At any moment they can call for a vote to change our form of government!” Yes, as the legislative body, Congress can do that. If they call for a vote to transform our government, if they vote for Constitutional reform, or even to do away with the Constitution, the Constitution will no longer be the prima fascia government and there will be no need for states to ratify the change.  EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE!

Without the foundation of our Constitution, we will have nothing until Congress establishes an in situ government; anything and everything will be possible. Without a Constitution, the military will be under no oath and generals could dictate policy.  Instead of the current soft coup (with the propaganda of the media), we could have a hot coup with tanks in the streets!  Don’t get Larry started on the disruptions in law enforcement!  The Progressive Council could hold everybody in check by selectively using parts of the Constitution during the transition.  (No Constitution=no 2nd Amendment!)

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