Walmart Boycott

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1.   It won’t be long before we are called upon to make phone calls to stop the impeachment of President Trump. We need to grow our team/”army.” Please invite everyone you can to join our conference calls Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 p.m. CT at 712-451-0725   492215#. We want people to get to know Larry and get instructions.

3. Walmart’s sale of “Impeach Trump” Tshirts is proof of their involvement in the coup (along with the media and Deep State). After the backlash when they sold “Black Lives Matters” Tshirts, it is surprising that they would repeat such obvious political bias.

When you see a major story like this in the media, ask yourself two questions:

a.   Is this true or is it misdirection?

b. With media attention on this story, what story is being hidden or covered up?

You can be sure the cabal does NOT want you to know the truth about the investigations that will lead to prosecutions when Trump’s fair judicial nominees are approved. (That is why it seems like nothing is happening. As Larry says, “Who ya gonna call [for prosecution]?”

Would you like to protest against Walmart’s public bias against the President?


Walmart’s Ethics Helpline 800-963-8442 (ext. 1 for English) or 844-422-1575 (customer service)

 Post this tweet to @Walmart on Twitter:

“With your decision to defeat Pres Trump by selling anti-Trump propaganda, you obviously don’t need business from me, my family or friends. As long as you promote or sell such products, take me off any customer list you may have me on. #BoycottWalmart

Ask others to retweet it.

· Their mailing address is:

2100 SE S ST
Bentonville, AR 72710

· Walk into a Walmart store near you, ask for the manager, and politely give him the message that you do not appreciate Walmart’s support of an impeachment of President Trump and you are joining the boycott of the store. You understand Walmart is complicit in the coup to overthrow our government.

Whatever you do, be sure to walk out empty-handed! (Need I point out that your protest and boycott is nullified if you shop there?)