2018-06-25 Conference Call with Larry

Mark Taylor: Military tribunals. What he says does make sense now that we got it straight.

Several things have happened in the past few days and most of it is not good. I will start first with Maxine Waters and Joe Scarborough. For some time, we’ve talked about rubbing your thumb and pointing finger together and how close we are to losing our country. [Rub your thumb and finger together. See that space between them? That is how close we are to the end of American as we know it!] Maxine Waters’ calling for people to catch any member of Trump’s staff eating out or at store and verbally attack is beyond the pale. It truly is. That’s bad. Then I hear Joe Scarborough coming out full-throated, saying you need to get after anyone who even voted for President Trump–go after anyone who voted for President Trump! I asked someone today who is in a position to know that it seemed to me it would be inciting a riot, it would be agitating the public recklessly. He agreed.

You should know you can’t go after Waters because she is a Member of Congress and their laws are different from what we have to follow. Correction can only be sought legally by Congress through the Ethics Committee and, of course, nothing happens there. What Scarborough said is prima fascia evidence of inciting a riot or causing aggressive public discourse. Scarborough is not protected by laws pertaining to Congress. Show me a federal prosecutor we can trust to prosecute him and a federal court and judge we can trust to adjudicate the case. Of course, the answer is that there are none! So here we go. We are closer than ever, yes, we are closer than ever (hear me) to coming actually to blows in this country! We are about to start drawing blood in this country.

Do you all get what I am saying, how dangerous this is? What can we do about it? Larry, what can you do about it? Our problem is, folks, with people of our persuasion, of our morals, religion, etc., we don’t like to make a scene or get into confrontations. That puts us at a disadvantage. What’s going to happen when Maxine Waters, Joe Scarborough, and others promote this? You will start seeing case after case getting bigger and bigger. What will happen soon, I fear, is that a liberal nut is going to go postal. Someone will get hurt, maybe killed. When someone does that, it is only a matter of time until someone in the extreme on the right (and we have crazies, too) will go postal in retaliation; and then here comes the blood.

I’ve asked you for years to study history. We have a situation where history tends to repeat itself. I’ve often wondered about the days leading up to the Civil War: How could our nation do this? These weren’t strangers involved but Americans like us. They were us! They thought like us. We are just like them. How could we come to a time where there is neighbor versus neighbor, father versus son, etc. How could they get that way until there was a war in this nation and everyone who died was American? I fear we are seeing it again now. It doesn’t take much when you have all the kindling ready and piled up. It won’t take much of a spark to light it. That’s where we are. I caution all of you that we have a job to do. If we don’t do it, we will lose our country as I have warned and promised you would happen. I get no satisfaction from saying that, but if we don’t do it, we will lose.

What must we do? Our Founding Fathers gave us three weapons for this day: they knew one day we’d face a threat of a government taken over by tyrannical elements. Their best weapon for us was not the Second Amendment but our voice, our voices collectively and our vote. They knew to give us those three things and a way to defend ourselves. They gave us a great way of life, if we will honor it. It is no longer liberal versus conservative. Now we are in the full throes of battle for the soul of our nation, a battle between conservative, moral, Christian persons and the Progressives.

The Progressives are not liberals—they use liberals. Progressives fully intend for us to become a quasi-socialistic/communist nation. They fully intend for us to be that. They will use the liberals and every segment of society they can confuse and arouse in order to get their job done. We, you and I, we are left with a position where the Progressives are now moving fast and hard. They smell victory. They smell death and they are coming at it! Do you hear me? They smell death. They see a country dying and they’ll take advantage of it and jump all over it. They have the pieces of the puzzle in place—all of it. They have control of our court system and our legislature. They have control of different divisions and departments of government—every bit of it. They are missing only one component and that is the presidency. They are working as hard as they can to eliminate President Trump. When they get rid of him, they will take us down in a heartbeat.

What can we do? When you are being attacked, do you know what to do? Fight back and fight back hard. The enemy chooses the weapons. You choose the battlefield. What I am telling you is they are using Maxine Waters and Joe Scarborough and all these people making fun of you, attacking you, embarrassing you so they can humiliate you. They will do that. Here is what you must do: Don’t wimp away and lower your head in shame. Don’t feel silly or think that you have to take it quietly. Stand proud and do the one thing they will not believe you will do: stand flat-footed and declare that you would vote for him again and again and again. Say: “I did not vote for a crook or a criminal. If you didn’t figure out by now who and what Hillary is, then you are the fool—and you dare to attack me? Do you dare attack me and claim that our president was colluding with the Russians when, after nearly two years, not one speck of evidence has turned up? True, Manafort was indicted for tax fraud in 2010, but what does that have to do with Trump? Nothing against Trump has stuck.”

As to the IG Report, please note that the focus on immigrant children is to keep people from paying attention to the IG Report. There are two versions of the IG Report: the one released and the real one that might give up some significant information. Even in the fake report, you can’t deny what Strzok and Page said. They don’t want the public to figure that out. They don’t want those people accidentally to mess up and hear the truth in that part of the IG Report. They are willing to turn this nation on its ear and make a big deal of saying that Trump is a Nazi and a thug when that has not one scintilla of fact about it.

Strzok was sent to Human Resources to put him in charge of all historical documents! So if you were trying to hide relevant documents and keep investigators like Nunes’ Committee from seeing the real information, you would need someone in control of that material. What better man could there be for that job than the man who, in his own words, said, “We will stop Trump,” and then put him there to clog the system?

WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! We are in a soft coup. Why can’t we tell the truth? The media is in on it. In fact, the media is the first component of a soft coup. In a regular coup, the capital is surrounded with tanks. In a soft coup, the media takes over with propaganda. If you are old enough to remember, remember Pravda. They were totally in the throes of controlling propaganda by the state. Under Hitler, people were under propaganda by the state. If you think we as a nation are smarter than the Germans, it may be hard for you to believe the Germans bought into Hitler and his idea about a superior race and the Third Reich; but maybe not hard to believe if you realize that is all they heard: the media, media, media. Six million Jews died in The Holocaust. We heard about that, but I expect you didn’t hear much about the twenty million killed in Russia that Stalin murdered. Did it happen or not? I know it did. But if you weren’t there then, you think it didn’t happen because you didn’t hear about it, since the media didn’t tell you about it. Media propaganda works!

We are sitting here as a nation in a country where 99% of people get 100% of what they consider national news ( which they need to know in order to make decisions about themselves) from the 6 and 10 o’clock news which is just a pick-up from central feeds—it is simply propaganda. Eventually, if that is all you hear, let’s see if it again will work today as it did with Hitler and Stalin. If all you hear is that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat HRC in 2016, eventually you believe it. Right?

Now, you may think we are better than the Germans or the Russians during the time when Stalin was killing 20 million; we are great and won’t fall for propaganda. If that’s the case, why is it that 50% of the nation already (and maybe 51% today) know what they should have known about who HRC was, but voted for her anyway! That includes 51% to 70% of Americans, depending on poll. Some polls show the number is as high as 78% of people in this country who believe there was collusion between Trump and Russia! It is propaganda. Propaganda! Now, they are moving on the most sacrosanct part of it all—YOU. They have opened the barn door: if you stand up for Trump, they will make fun of you, protest you, spit on you, and get in front of your yard with signs. How many others will continue to stand up when you see that?

I’ve looked hard for real men. We have to stand up and be Americans. If we don’t act like Americans, then quit saying we are American. Don’t come around me saying you are a patriot. Don’t do that. If you won’t walk the walk, don’t talk to me. The day is coming when, for each one of you, reckoning is coming. Someone will challenge you and make you feel like a fool, but challenge them back on their belief of propaganda. Make them face the truth! Confront them with the truth. Don’t do wild, crazy stuff—just tell the truth.

[Someone said truth is getting hard to figure out. Everyone knows the Clintons are guilty, yet they go free.]

As long as they are allowed to go around free, the fact that they are not prosecuted is proof that we are no longer America. We are to be a nation with the same laws for one and all. America was never established for an elitist class above the law. As long as they do not even prosecute Hillary and Comey, then our nation is finished and everything we are supposed to be is finished.

[How do we back our leaders? We can pray, but what else?} What we have to do is really crazy. We are looking for the magic bullet, the one thing that cures the problem. The problem is actually you, I, us. What do we do? It’s simple. We act like we are still American. We don’t bow down. We don’t give in. We don’t walk away because someone is making a scene, trying to shame us. I am not ashamed of what I feel. There is no man or woman who can stand in my face and talk to me like an idiot. If you want socialism, you are the idiot. If you want communism, you are the fool. You think you are so smart, but you are dumb. If communism is so hot, why did the Soviet Union collapse? History is replete with failures from making the same mistakes over and over. This time we have to realize we have to deal with the politicians. When you have a town hall meeting, show up! Please show up and, when lies are told, stand up and tell the truth. When someone, or even a majority, shout you down, then let them shout.

Watch out, it is coming near you, coming to meetings where you would never dream it is coming. I am begging you, don’t lose your voice. If you lose your voice, then we lose ours collectively. We already have difficulty voting with rigged machines. We can deal with that; but we can’t lose our voices. If you lose your voice, just move into Dachau because that’s where you are going.
[Someone has called for kidnapping Sarah Sanders’ children and threatened Barron Trump and President Trump’s granddaughter.]

That’s the problem I have tried to warn you about. Whom will you call to deal with these issues? [i.e. where do you go for justice?] [Listener: I wanted Trump to say something in his South Carolina rally to call him out and say you will be put in prison. Put these people in jail while waiting to go to trial. They ought to be in jail for those threats!]

It is also a problem for Sessions and Trump—they feel as you do.

Throughout modern history, people making less severe threats have been thrown immediately in jail. For years, if you said something like that, you’d have the Secret Service banging on your door. You can’t turn to the Secret Service today. This is where we have got to get involved now. It is up to us now. This Deep State has become so pervasive, so fully entrenched, so deep throughout the system that they have people like Strzok every place. This is one time you can be president and you can even say, “Do this,” or “Do that;’ but whom will you call to do something about this awful situation? You’ve seen how they will shop for federal judges –even going as far as Hawaii to find a judge to overturn the president’s ruling. Congress can rescind an executive order if they act within 30 days. This coup is no accident. People behind this coup have planned every step of the way, dotted every “I” and crossed every “t.” We let it happen! For too long, we watch TV ads, choose the person you like and then vote for him or her and then think we have done our job and can leave them alone and let them rule; but they do what they want in OUR NAME.

Then along comes a guy like Trump. He’s smart but not the smartest on earth. Nevertheless, he’s been able to sit back and look realistically at stuff and ask if it makes sense. For example, we give money to countries that hate us and try to kill us. If that makes sense, then why should we have borders? He has done logical, not magical, stuff and they say he’s the devil. That’s why you should know we are in the war of a lifetime! They are trying to take our country! They have a good jump, a head start, on doing it. We are starting to wake up, but we are late to the party and they are blocking hard! They are putting up an incredible blockade against allowing Americans to hear the truth. Look at the extremes to which they are going.

We will go into “business” soon—we will soon have to make calls to save our country. Today, I just heard the death bell ring, you know? I saw Maxine Waters say “go after Trump’s cabinet and staff”) and was told about what Joe Scarborough said (to go after anyone who voted for Trump). It hurt deeply because I’ve seen this day in my nightmares and seen it in other countries; and I don’t want it to happen here.

I will be given the word. We will have a select group of Congressmen to call and make sure they block Trump’s impeachment. They can’t impeach Trump in the House if Republicans stand their ground. We know many won’t, but we will be given the ones to call, their phone numbers, and what to say. You will have a script. Don’t be ugly when you call. I ask you to give to your country 10 minutes a week for two or three weeks to make calls and read a script. It will make a difference! We all need to do it. I can’t have you say you will and then you don’t. If you say you will, we have to know you really will.

There has been controversy over the idea of military tribunals. I asked Michael to talk to Mark Taylor about whether he had a prophecy about tribunals or whether it was just something he was thinking about. Under Constitutional law, there is no way to have military tribunals for civilians. They cannot be done as portrayed on the internet, with 35,000 sealed indictments handled by military tribunals. It just can’t be. Michael asked Mark about this. Tell us, Michael, what he told you.

Michael: Mark had a prophetic word that there would be tribunals. With unrest going on, the left is screaming so loudly because they are losing their power. It is slipping away from them. More than what they do, listen to what they are saying. It will cause trouble in pockets across America. By Executive Order, the president can call for using the military for martial law in a particular area where a big official lives if there is an uprising. Trump can use the military for martial law and people living in that area would then be under military jurisdiction. It is the only way, but it is possible because the heat is getting stronger.

Larry: If a crisis arises, the President has power to instigate and put in to practice the FEMA Provisional Government Plan, which is martial law. With that situation, Taylor could be right. We hope it does not happen. That is the difference with hearing what he said and getting it confused about transferring cases to a military tribunal. But if a region or state goes under martial law, you just joined the military, so tribunals would be appropriate.

Let me assure you, in the times we are in, we should thank our Lord and Savior every day for Donald Trump being president now. Had Hillary or another won, we’d be going through the transformation of our government. The military can’t arrest civilians unless we are under martial law.

[Question: Can’t a civilian be classified as an enemy combatant? We may ask for martial law and not know it.]

Take Chcago. Crime can get so bad with these gangs. I worry about MS-13. They come into our country and a gang of 30-40 crazies can go on a relentless killing spree and the community will beg for government protection. If you can’t leave home or stand near your door without getting shot, you will beg for help. It doesn’t take something sinister to bring martial law. With these sanctuary states and cities, it won’t be long before they are begging for help.

We have recordings on YouTube (Larry Nichols-Official Channel) you can share with your friends. Invite friends to our conference calls (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 8:00pm CT 712-451-0725#  492215#). It is important to know you are welcome to ask questions. I consider you friends. Feel at ease and ask any question you like.

I have three rules for what I share: I have proof, or I cite my source, or I say it’s my opinion. I won’t lie to you. It hurts that so many who are conservative in nature are buying into wild conspiracy theories. That will kill you when trying to talk to others and they think we are nuts.

Michael: I would suggest that you be sure of your sources of information. The one who best talks about himself is Donald Trump. Watch his Facebook and Twitter pages to get what he is doing. Certain individuals put stuff on the internet but be careful of those promoting what is not the truth. Be sure your sources really know what they talking about. On my website www.strikeforceofprayer.com, our cry is unity in prayer, voice and hope. That is what we do. There is a link on our website to Larry’s. I talk to Mark Taylor weekly. He is the real deal. He doesn’t just say things; he delves into God and what he says is true. His prophecies are from the word of God. Watch and see if what he says unfolds.

Larry: Another thing to watch for is what leaders do with language and words. For example, if you want to pass the Sledgehammer Bill, the name scares people and it gets voted down. If you change the name to the Ferris Wheel Bill, it is the same bill but when you changed title, it passed. Watch out.

[Question about Alex Jones.]

I’ve done Alex’s show for years. Bless his heart. He’s into sensationalizing. That gets us in trouble. If others listen to you and someone tells them to look at Alex and his new conspiracy, we can get shut down and people won’t listen to you anymore. Some of it is planned disinformation. We have to stand for the truth. Believe it or not, there is plenty to stand on. It maybe slower than something conspiratorial, but it will bear itself out.

[Question about people in the CIA running for office. Is that true?]

Larry:  No!! If someone is active in the CIA, he can’t run for office for 11 years. If someone from the CIA is running, he must be old.