US-NK Summit and IG Report

US-NK Summit and IG Report

As most of you know, this day is special because we are close to the first time there has been a meeting between the president of the United States and the leader of North Korea. The significant question is: what can they do to resolve the issue facing North Korea and its ability to threaten South Korea and Japan?This is one of the most unsolvable situations, beyond what we in America can even fathom. What am I talking about? Well, let me tell you.

North Korea is a dictatorship; not only a dictatorship, but a cruel dictatorship. In North Korea, the people are constantly starved and put in work camps similar to the old Nazi death camps. They are afraid; for, you see, in North Korea, even speaking in private at a whisper and making a statement unpleasing to Kim Jun Un can cause someone to be put in prison and then into these death camps for the rest of the person’s life—or being shot! As I said, the population in North Korea is starving at a level greater than almost any other nation in the world. Here is the problem: We in America want to believe that, if we open a relationship with North Korea, the final result of this new treaty or relationship will be not only to shut down Kim Jun Un’s nuclear developments but also that we could help the people of North Korea.

In times past, when North Koreans were starving, they would “rattle sabers” and then we and the United Nations would try to help. Sadly, with Kim Jun Un, like other tyrannical dictators, efforts made to feed the starving people of North Korea never work. The money pledged to help them has to be given to the power structure because we in American cannot go in to give the money directly to the people. We have to give the aid to Kim Jun Un and hope that it relieves the pressure on the starving people of North Korea.

When you think of it, this pattern makes it hard to believe President Trump can come out of this meeting with anything to relieve the pressure on the average North Korean. It is probably one of the great conundrums in our history. As history has shown us over and over again, when we deal with a tyrannical dictatorship, any help or money we could send, the country’s leadership keeps. It is a conundrum to which I see no immediate relief. The problem of interest to most people is Kim Jun Un as a threat to the world with its nuclear development program where North Korea is on the verge of developing ICBM delivery systems that could hit any town or city in America in approximately 30 minutes from the time of launch.

The pressure is on President Trump. To come back and get the support of our government, he is expected to come back with proof positive that Kim Jun Un will not only stop developing technology for nuclear weapons but also have a verifiable plan that he is destroying any weapons he may already have. The mainstream media is primed and ready to attack President Trump for his failure to eradicate North Korea as a nuclear threat. It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that President Trump and Kim Jun Un cannot possibly, in this first meeting, satisfy even for themselves that they have a plan to stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea. Even if President Trump and Kim Jun Un make giant strides toward a plan, with the eventual outcome being the denuclearization of North Korea, the American media and Democrats, as well as the majority of Republicans in Washington, D.C., will say that Trump failed.

How do I know they will do that? It is pretty simple, actually. With the elections coming up in November 2018, an election where the Democrats plan to take over the United States House of Representatives and then impeach President Trump, the Democrats want this meeting between President Trump and Kim Jun Un to fail. If it is a failure, that will “hurt” the Republicans running who speak up for President Trump or use him as a big part of their campaign strategies. It is unfortunate that this meeting is being held now because, as you can see, even if President Trump wins in this meeting, the media and Democrats and turncoat Republicans in Washington, D.C., will proudly boast that he failed. The Democrats have for some time been trying to find something that they believe can break the spell that President Trump has with his base of growing
support. I hope you now see the Democrats, as well as the propagandized media in America, plan to make this a key campaign issue in November.

The situation looks dire, except for one thing: Trump’s staff and Kim Jun Un’s staff have been working on the details for some time now; and President Trump has, obviously, seen something as a function of these staff negotiations that he likes and that he can claim on behalf of the people in America, something that he considers a victory. Do not be deceived! I tell you this day, a few hours before they actually have their meeting and thousands of cameras cover it, no matter what is accomplished, it will be deemed a failure. For those of us that stand behind President Trump, once again, we will have to put up with a lying media and a purpose-driven Democratic Party. If President Trump has not seen something that he likes in these Pre-Negotiation meetings with staff, I believe he would not have gone to Singapore to meet Kim Jun Un.

There is more I want to tell you having to do with President Trump and the up and coming Inspector General’s (IG) Report, but today is not the day other than to give you one bit of information that I think you will find significant. The IG Report will be presented, as we are told, during the time of this conference with Kim Jun Un and its aftermath. Even if there is something in the IG Report that clears President Trump of any potential wrongdoing and if it makes recommendations against James Comey, know that nobody will hear it. Once again, if you know what I do and you realize, in truth, that probably 98% of voting-qualified Americans get all their national news (that they think is enough for them to make decisions about how they feel about the country) from the 6:00 and 10:00 news; but that 4-7 minutes of news is all they will have. When the meeting with Kim Jun Un dominates those 4-7 minutes, the IG Report will be lost. Listen, if the American people don’t wake up and rise up, all will be lost.