A Patriot’s Prayer

A Patriot’s Prayer
By Larry Nichols

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.

I come to You in prayer to ask for Your guidance and strength to help preserve the greatest nation on earth, a nation which was founded on Your Name. The time has come for more of us to join the fight against the evil that has control of our country. Our nation is being torn apart by power and greed; yet the efforts I make seem to fall short of bringing justice to those who wish to destroy us. It is now clear to me, O Lord, that the battle is spiritual. I have learned, through trial and error, that I alone cannot do away with such evil; I have no way to conquer the powers of darkness except to call on Your Name.

Forgive us as a nation for having betrayed our country, the gift You have given us all, and for having allowed it to fall into the hands of leaders who serve neither You nor the people they promised to represent. This is a prayer for patriots, Lord, acknowledging that all true patriots throughout our country declare themselves to be believers in You. We understand that we are not capable of fighting the devil; but You are, and You enable us to win in Your Name!

I hate what I am seeing and, worse still, I hate what I’m feeling because there seems to be no end to the evil coming out of Washington and being brought home to us; so, Father, I seek Your Face. I ask that You bring forth Your loving, good angels to stand beside me and all of the patriots in this land. I am sorry that we the people of our great nation have waited far too along and allowed too much to happen that displeases You; but I am here today with repentance, seeking remedy, a clarification of Your plan, and my small part in it.

I have seen You deliver miracles and I simply ask if it might be possible for You to grant us another one. I can say here in this prayer, Father, that we are not worthy of Your favor when our voices calling Your Name have been few. I ask Your forgiveness of me and my sins; and, Lord, I also ask You to forgive our people in this country for collectively committing sins against You. I pray here, today, that You will come to us once again and give us the hope and the power to get our country back again.

Father, I need You to help me have the strength to persevere and to do my part in the salvation of our nation. Father, I beg these things of You, not for myself, but for our children and grandchildren who will have to live under this evil, godless government if we do not act now. I don’t come to you as often as I should and I don’t live the life of righteousness that I should; but if there is a way to help me and others who believe we are patriots, then allow us to see Your plan and our part in it—what each and every one of us must do.

We used to be a nation of laws; but Father, today, the laws apply only to those who are not in the Establishment Elite. More egregious than that is the fact that we have removed You and allowed evil to permeate our schools, institutions and government. That’s where I know we have gone wrong. Maybe we have not slandered Your Name. Maybe we have not officially as a country moved away from You but we have committed the greatest sin of omission that I have ever seen or heard when we deny that You are the foundation of our nation.

As a patriot, I declare that, with Your help, we will once again make You the Rock that will save us and make us strong again. Bless President Trump: guide him and surround him with good counsel so he may do Your work. Now, please help me as I try to get others to stand with me in a commitment, stronger than ever, to put Your Name at the top of the power structure in our nation. Father, these things I ask in Your Name as a patriot who is trying to find my footing and do my part with Your guidance. Amen.