Gun Control & Active Shooter SOLUTIONS

Gun Control means only criminals will have guns!

Gun Control and Active Shooter Incidents

With everything being discussed in private and public meetings, as well as in and around Congress, regarding active shooter incidents and gun control, here is a summary of the results. There is a 100% certainty that any conclusion, as a result of these meetings and discussions, could not possibly have saved any lives in the event that happened in Florida or any past events or, more importantly, any potential future events.

No matter what conclusions are drawn about gun control, there is a 100% guarantee that it will have nothing to do with preventing an active shooter incident. Any form of gun control will only cost free, honest, law-abiding American citizens freedom and liberty to own firearms and to defend and protect themselves and their families.

A real-world analysis of what to do begins and ends with the first person on the scene, such as a trained teacher with a weapon, a resource officer, or the first officer to arrive on the scene. The first goal to saving lives must be the speed at which the first responder goes through the door where the active shooter is conducting the heinous deed of killing innocent children.

Do NOT conduct a threat analysis. Do NOT try to establish communication with Command and Control, or any of the other tactical policies and procedures that one would normally think applicable in such a scenario. The first responder must, as fast as possible, go through the door, weapon drawn, and immediately redirect fire from the innocent children towards himself or herself.

 At this point, the first responder must have received at least minimal training in his actions once he has presented himself to the shooter. Training is not to facilitate the psychoanalysis of how to manipulate the shooter, or even to tend to the wounded.

Training must be to teach the first responder, once the fire is diverted from the shooter, to return fire at the assailant with minimal collateral damage from wounding or killing innocent children, if at all possible. With diversion of fire from the children, the best result will be the shooter hit, taken down, and out of action. Secondarily would be that the shooter is occupied until back-up arrives to eliminate the assailant effectively.

 Additional training for on-scene first responders should include pressure-sensitive, virtual reality training. As nearly as possible, training should approximate real-life pressures involved in an actual shootout.

Pressure involved in such a situation is unique and has actually been experienced by very few. The pressure at the scene during such an event is a nightmarish, colossal, mind-blowing experience, unlike anything that any training program can actually prepare someone to face.

However, all potential first responders should have some sample of the weight and dimensions of the fear, confusion and panic that will happen in the real event. This training, hopefully, can prevent the worst mistake that can happen—which is for the first responder to freeze or balk once he or she has penetrated the door.

It is our sincere wish that, through the power of his office as President of the United States as well as the platform availed to his office, President Trump stop all national discussion and debate by politicians, academians, and issue-oriented activist organizations.

While they claim to address the issue of how to protect and save the lives of this nation’s greatest assets, they are, in fact, putting our children at risk of greater harm in gun-free zones and with discussions of gun control.