UNDER ATTACK – Introduction

Those of us who are 50 years of age and older have seen changes in our lives that are major and frequent. Every day we have seen an increasing loss of liberty and we are repeatedly forced to endure more intrusions into our personal lives.

This handbook is designed to let you know that you are not alone in recognizing the numerous violations of our personal liberty by those in positions of power. It is also my sincere desire to arm you with some simple tools that you must use and share with others. By understanding and employing these simple tools, together we can stop and reverse the systematic destruction of our country from within—before it is too late!

As we cover what is happening in Washington, D.C., today, I will explain how both major parties have declared open warfare against the Tea Party, including warfare against the remnants of what was Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority and patriots who support the Constitution. The leaders of both major parties understand that it was Jerry Falwell’s morally-based group of committed, conservative Christians who successfully challenged the liberal movement of that day and swept Ronald Reagan into office. And it was the Reagan Revolution of the 1980’s that gave us hope that we could stop and reverse the liberal shift that had taken place within the federal government.

Today, that level of hope no longer exists. Today, true conservatives are lost. We have seen how the leadership of the Republican Party in Washington has abandoned the ideals of the Reagan Revolution and has merged with the leftist leadership of the Democratic Party. Together, they control most of the political agenda in Washington, D.C. Collectively, they are waging open warfare against true conservatives, the Tea Party and any remnants of the Moral Majority.

Presently, those of you in the Tea Party find yourselves virtually alone in pursuit of your goals. You recognize that you are receiving no real support from the leadership of the Republican Party at the federal level. Instead of finding support from a political party that traditionally claimed to be of like mind, you now find that the Republican leadership has publicly announced their intent to “crush” you and your fellow Tea Party members, despite having historically been valued as a vital and significant part of the conservative base of the Republican Party.