UNDER ATTACK  – How The Tea Party Can Fight Back And Win!  By Larry Nichols – The Political Guru Who Uncovered The Scandals That Led to the Impeachment of President Bill Clinton

All rights reserved solely by the authors. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in any form or by any means, whether known or unknown, without prior written permission from the authors.

The original edition published in 2014, Copyright © by Larry Nichols & Michael T. Petro Jr., authors, was updated in 2017 by Mary Ellen & is offered with permission as a thank you to Larry’s followers as a strategy for the future.

Originally published in 2014 for the mid-term elections in support of Tea Party candidates we hoped would make a difference in Washington, D.C., this revised edition has been updated with current statistics and current members of Congress. The urgency remains the same today.

While the Tea Party may no longer be recognized at the forefront of the conservative movement, it still exists. References to the Tea Party in this revised edition will remain as representative of any traditionally conservative group with which you may be associated.