UNDER ATTACK – Introduction cont’d

I recognize and thoroughly understand the plight facing you and your fellow Tea Party warriors, as well as that of all moral, conservative, Christian soldiers. I understand your loss of hope and sense of frustration with those in power within the Republican Party; for I was in a similar position back in the 1990’s when the personal war between Bill Clinton and me began. At that point, I found myself aligned with what was known as the Christian Moral Majority as well as with those who pioneered conservative talk radio.

Then, as now, I was disappointed to learn that, at almost every turn, the Republican leadership was uninterested in supporting my efforts to combat the Democratic Party’s leftist political machinery. After repeated frustration with their lack of support, I concluded that, in effect, we the people were being governed by only one party, and the two-party system was merely a mirage.

Therefore, embrace the ideas outlined in this handbook, and use the tools that were developed to pave the way for the impeachment of the most powerful person in the world at that time—Bill Clinton, President of the United States. I intend to do my part to save my country; and I will also do everything in my power to reinstate God to his rightful place in our government. To accomplish this, I need an army: And you are it!

As you finish this introduction and begin reading Chapter One, keep in mind the following quote by the man who would become the first President of the United States and “Father of our Nation:”

The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor to live, and act, as becomes a Christian Soldier, defending the dearest Rights and Liberties of his country.

(General George Washington, in a letter to the Continental Army, July 9, 1776)