2018-12-20 Script to Build the Wall & Get Out of Syria

This is an emergency!

President Trump has finally put his foot down on the wall. He won’t sign the budget bill without funding the wall.  This is one of those times when we have to stand up. Are you willing to stand up for your country? You must do this!

Starting right now and through Christmas, we have to make ALL of the Republicans join President Trump on the wall. First we will call the members of the House.

If we are successful and the bill passes through the House, we will put big muscle on the arrogant members of the Senate. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt this time to call your Democrat member of Congress. Each of them has two offices: One in Washington, DC and one in the home district in your state. You must call BOTH offices! We have to light the phones up so they feel the pressure. They must hear our solid commitment about building the wall. If you have been in the military, remember your oath.

Call your own Member of the House of Representatives NOW! You can call Speaker Paul Ryan and other Representatives too, because the whole country is affected by their votes. Time is of the essence! First call the local office. There you can ask for their direct number in Washington.

If the Congressional switchboard (202-224-3121) gets irritated with many calls, they will turn the switchboard off. You can also go to www.congress.gov to find the numbers. In the upper right corner, click on “Members.” Then, under “How to Contact Your Member,” click on Representatives (and later, we’ll call Senators). You can look up by state or last name. They are in alphabetical order. (If you do not have a way to find your member’s number easily, at least call the members of the House Committees listed here in this website in the last script that was posted.)

When you dial the phone number, read the script exactly and then IMMEDIATELY HANG UP. Do not ad lib. Read it exactly. Can you do this for your country and for the future of your children and grandchildren? Here is the script:

“Hello. my name is……… [If you voted for him or her, say so.]

I want you to support President Trump and the wall. Fund it! Know this, please, if you do not, I will do EVERYTHING in my power, with my family and all of my friends, to see that you never hold any office again. This is very important to me and the safety of our nation. Do it! Do it now! And one more thing: We MUST get out of Syria!”


If you get an answering machine, just read the script once and don’t call the same # back the same day.

Do not engage in any conversation. Wait a few hours and call again. Call the Washington office. Call the state office. Call two to five times a day through Christmas Eve or until they vote. Start NOW.

Please ask others to do this, too. You can copy this and post it to social media as well.

Thank you.